Former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and Dr. Jonathan Greenburg talk snoring habits

Former NBA star Shaq on paying for Jazmine Barnes' funeral, LeBron and the Lakers and fixing his snoring.
13:58 | 01/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and Dr. Jonathan Greenburg talk snoring habits
Hi everyone thanks for joining ABC Sports Radio we have two guest and armor aptly join buys stock we're gonna talk basketball and other sports topics but first we're going to topic that we've long been waiting to talk about. As long overdue to talk about. Snoring long signed doctor Jonathan Greenberg were joined by Shaquille O'Neal think you've all personality ABC news today. Are you Jackson. A good while my first question. It's about sleeping and snoring and we value added on social media you'll be huge presence and we know that there be as of yield. Snoring and you talk more about your experiences snoring and how doctor Greenberg has changed your life. We're stronger ruins almost morning. Moon. Mr. Green Hornet. And wooten if you do about it ahead do over stood your brother Lou grew more information. Stool ignored it. It was an interminable. And given notice to us. Doctor Greenberg counter arguments. You won't. To a conclusion as as you come over and and only to tune your boat. Snoring worst sleep apnea and it would use more. Rouge troops you're you're always just a little bit and when you're sleep apnea and torture orders and and I stopped breathing sixties at certain times a minute. When include and we also torment. It increases three times and Russo partners. And stroke. And ensure Murillo all the numbers amongst on the taken seriously. Solutions are doing this information immensely vulnerable and soon rumor. Stormy tomorrow mark my colleagues bodyguard. Ones who. Introduces two world to remove her supporting forwards and as suddenly we were wounded. Just when we give them that we'll give them that we do as we go to locals remember. Paul good news channel was just me. Release smoking. Stress and were equivalent would be gone through very dangerous. Doctor Greenberg concert communal and program. And intrusive do you wanted to. Guerrero where you can do you agree or legal argument yet only now and where you live liberal around California consuming and through a new home and is very reputable. Very on this very well known. Doctor let's talk more friendly move was talking remember him he's a man he's Smart he wants we can be sure that. You can do of course it was sentiment and so. Crew brought it wanted to work to produce bruises and news is doing wonders for missile for. Great to be here so. Shacks and snoring you know our goal is quite venture. Is amazing number ninety million people. Who snore and you have that another fifty million bed partners. Who interrupted by this nor as well as the snore themselves. And so what we create it was a snoring mouth piece. To stop the snoring can bring back quiet in peace in the badger. Which is what our goal is so the number the name of the company we created is Epoch. Which is happy easy spelled backwards as everybody wants happy sees 03 snore and a bed partner. And so that's were well within the mouthpiece is what most of the don't Wear oh are not aware of is now. Effect of the mouth pieces are to stop snoring there's a lot of mouthpiece is out there in the way they work seek its about the time. And most people aren't aware that you know at having a big tongue and a small mouth so you don't have to look like that retired football player. Dad is you know this known accuracy you'd be thin you can be a tri athlete you can be. Any kind of professional athlete. Or just stay home mom and still slower men and women and so that's the key in the mouth pieces. We created and what it's about is the town. As Shaq so accurately said it's tome for rolling back. Partially blocked near ways snoring completely sleep apnea that's when people are on their back. Mitigate global roll over because gravity is pushing that tongue backwards. That's what's so key so you gotta keep that tone from falling backwards to most of pieces that bring rich off forward. Funds attached to draw you bring the Joseph forward and that works well. What we created with the seep a mouthpiece is a strap. Kind of accept a seat belt for the town to keep from falling back. Interest. And there's there's a lot people don't know about. Most people there don't know about multiple think it's a joke you know. Yeah sure about it they're organized north Taylor Eisenhower. It was terms. I was programs along we're colon goods. And that's not good as it can be dangerous and notes. People literally sort of circular room usually from those situations so all the people who Simone sports there were Bernardin snoring department stores. The school did from local. You know people don't not aware that if you don't get a good night's legal called Rem sleep which is the deeper areas of your sleep now. Harvard getting a health study. Showed seven times more likely begin in a car accident if he didn't get a good night difference within four. And so is just so much impact of that goes on health issues and everything else. Impact as a plea deal making. Him you know adversely. Post injure career. And you went to us your whole project. The most moral among us now well. Thank you for this injured her talk about this and indeed doctor Greenberg on Jack while we have you here though I didn't ask questions Oprah earns Orleans out there. So. LA lakers is is this is as the remain lakers able brown coming to lakers they're about 500 now what are your problems. Only married I would he grows musical more pieces and Owens of I was marker so sure news and measured withdrawal from recruitment and here. As inducements or. Milosevic knew one or two more pieces. Than they could become grating and other pretty good Ministry's human and social. Houllier balloons. People understood him again and we do grifters this year and a bronze and excitement raccoons are meaningful. So all of next summer when the demise has to be and hold true. You played on. I a couple teams that I personally consider super I think both near Miami team and when he over the lakers revolt super teams like. All the definitions of Brito uploaded their missions are raising goats and storms. Burkle the rules and so in this. Ago although it is an. You former team through trials and tribulations and moves them. You know do your old school ruined centuries of foreigners are some who don't Wear awards she would. We've been doing me any funny business large oh arsenal oh decision over. Hopefully we'll. That we Google's poor because or to be good to secure would be programs and but this is because of nova. Charged no longer blooms or him or tomorrow. Unanswered question this government following question which is going to be. You put out super team that wasn't made in the way that's almost warriors were in Miami news years ago or even. Nor my words can you do want Seubert to remove Mercury and it was called him mr. Malone was oh on the Buteau and call. You premiums themselves Lucio Minko. Always loved the unwritten rules of future older player. And welcome to August of hindering. My version of Dominic who might. My resume limited resembles most of live birds as you know or local political interest. Good variables forces competition. To NGOs when you'll do sports and news. Next week ago and AMOCO ports. Competition. So you know us. Join not only do wrong with a book. When I came into the game on wanted to do with goes before. Georgia's of the also wants the older it's. But it hurts. Us missiles were Ozal. Appearances. On the solution through Google Roche talks Miller or Margaret. Russell. And I do it right but abilities as a whole. Was from. Answer more questions for each one of them being about sports and musical gets and the second. But while he was from this week he made headlines couple times sending a message to marine who was in an accident over Christmas. Earth the Christmas season and paying for the funeral has them arms and I know viewers so active counsels from media and your so active in the NBA in it seems like your face is everywhere. Are you have a lot of the where it's motivation by an variant fault and lot of different. British in net I just want to know what inspired you to do these. You sure motorists through while follows a military. And neutered. Police are also those teachers. Doctors and good enough credit. You know sound and the concerns. Of improvements funerals schools are people who are we should look at those funerals for us and dollar concerns lives. Loose options you people soon. Children's children. And moved her protect from world who like we should know who. Hulu individuals or Oakland Gelman give those guys props. Rose two and a little girl. More auction rules. Personal story. To social hour. And then I saw him do some of them almost immune to and the story. Terrorism money or raise money from funerals are that's so it is clear that part of a dual host Oakland this. This is still for no more grim for. Mr. read things do look funerals. There are blue beautiful golden question there were homeless or want to build. There were already have enough. Live in the Houston so. And I'm from new material from and we reward and Hoosier surrendering two over incumbent actually dormant for years Denton and over again. Four. Therefore a lotion. I've heard that's up again in your inner you what I school on time from that. And then. A transition just one more later topic you've brought a music and sports and I read a quote that you dominated both of them leading me to ask you about what is shacks on. That's one ounces. There's authorities. Include sort this docile and performance. Should solutions for world order. 21 and so Wal-Mart it was success. Do one this year. New goes from there it's beautiful going to be there. Tupelo. You carrying. Allusion more so often solutions or from from under two remove those who rule orders in the interest through. Just stood don't have to lose about. Millions forward to people Randy Jensen. But and you missed most leverage in Asia Wednesday. To open rules just as you'll see me do it. Doesn't mean I'm not a master. So. Some of for us smarter or tomorrow. In my enemy mixed review. Next weekend you know no idea as an assistant at a noticeable weakened don't know church where some borrowers and Landler from caller I'm. I don't know who assumed about for the go. Miami. Yes the certainly abdominal finance and and everything in between doctor Greenberg work and learn more product. That is he pod dot com which is happy easy spill backwards so to see what I PP eight each dot com. And you'll find everything you need the error as well as I can be got a picture of Shaq there and got super may dip into inquire. And good people literally took a sort of circles that really this. Question will perform list mold loosely of and it really has a life from the situation. Absolutely yeah I've heard that in and sometimes you'll don't take it seriously good points and yeah. Excellent link to global for sharing and Jack thank you for your thoughts on the NBA in other issues. Doctor doctor Greenberg Shaquille O'Neal here with ABC sports alone you. Alomar I am 26. Two rooms. Thank you appreciate it I usually order behind the scenes now thank you I appreciated that yet. And I along its news cycle the water is OK that I am. Hope to see you in the big room and I'll thank you which room you're rumors of air. Tomorrow. A warm and industry. She radio. Exports. You know we were just don't before you're on you're just a quick note lie about the DJ and you have a great radio voice tea which price surprises and no one. But you're doing some radio play here and that was pretty fantastic. Actor Greenberg likewise it's like your voice and they are idiots him. And I think you both for being here thank you so much for watching everyone and parties and a great day.

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