Welcome to Nelly's World!

Rapper talks new TV show, music & sports.
10:12 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for Welcome to Nelly's World!
There is always that one song that the party that makes everybody wanna get up rather see into stands like this one. And god I love that video I can guarantee you that song will be in everybody's head all day long. It's that addictive I now like to welcome hit maker and multi platinum recording artists. Natalie thank you for doing his minutes and I appreciate it mindless there's songs still resonate to you. You know was home yet it does that mean does is to be with pink. Happy if you do things especially in this day and is there just to have something people you know can call their own. That led Dayton daily life looks like right now has pretty busy. Right now he yet out if film and TV shows. At one time. He also promote and you also gathering music. And material and preparing for a tour. The top of the years in those allowed one hour. How do you he put everything into perspective. You're doing so much seniority. So successful one venture now you're delving into reality TV is an overwhelming. On well I think I think he can be if you allow it to home. To have you store neglecting. Things that think the stores neglecting what. A meal I'm not gonna among the allies stuff you know I was just told him have my man happy. Earlier that day about this thing's kind of ballot mountain casino magnate known young almost lynching like and the Hoya value you go go go and has like me. Slow that isn't. I mean you know it beats them that liking you know say that all the time spent more time that doing things in my life. That now I mean you know and I want to be great example for my kids would hall work. Where you're enjoying the ride and when the first kind of things you there was real husbands of Hollywood tell me about that whole experience and doing what Kevin Hart Nick Cannon. Boards codes oh it's quite the cast. Man it's a great yes it's a great has great chemistry and genuine grief and friends. That's the thing I think that's what really makes it work as we all friends we all call you Joseph that we all told we all. Keep what one another and I think it it. It fuels to show. You know and Kevin has this been on fire so happy and you know he's everywhere but I think the show that allows us to. That freedom to it. To bring some new each take in owning and so is great. Give the audience will be inside onset cooler than black Mormon is that nick or is that all we all law we all I mean. Everybody that probably. Wounds it's all about like sports I don't think you let realizes. How funny bourses you know and we rag on him because he's come a from the modeling world. And Boris just does everything is a model everything as the polls you know you just. We take a coup that we've got a five minute break you look over he's on the phone just like polls. Is and that's all little boy you know we always driving and cooking wears women's jeans. We've gone away we saw let's reiterate that we Guyardo women's gene he wears women's jeans we caught them. Americans in the tech yes it of the things that have no say yell. I heard about those jeans he's on that it. You got a grin that's over again it is time for your own show now we're in no injured and illegal exits at the mayor on BT the sexy take a look at a very quickly and you know how little that's the class Judy get a blessing six. Yeah. He's if you just say no you don't have to worry about it that's it doesn't cover it is technically at the start off. How to how do you feel about. Opened up your life. I think you know palms I think what has allowed me to do it warned is that my kids a much older now. And I know we're dealing with this business is like and I didn't want them to be. You know. Probably caught up in the waves of of of the negative media will combine with this business if he's not aware of was 11. Pamphlets who I think you get a perspective asylum that you don't get a chance to see you know on the so many. Negative stereotypes about black men that are not relevant kids families and then. There for the children either one way or another and I thought being a single father. Also. Morning being being a single black father but being relevant in acts in my kids' lives to a point more than financially but also mentally lovingly. And disarmed I'm. You know give a different perspective of living what I thought was me she'll tell them. You've actually taken over your sister's house as well what little muscle a lot of people moments of the bad in 2005. And took her kids and don't get it twisted I'm not without help. I'm not without help my family has been unbelievable as far as my kid's mother. She's been there the whole step of the way it's been a blessing for that. Also home my sister's mother which is their grandmother. Has been also old soul I mean mop my younger brother Eric he's been there as well so. It is better tribe effort will you know I'm from the bottom line needed. For all your fans when those that are they going to get a chance to see the real Nellie you gonna be you on the show. Oh definitely. Definitely you know I think that's the most scariest four. I think that the most scariest public house so. And looking forward to that pork. You know so people can understand you know you are you are you on human you know you just like everybody else and for some reason people think fame and fortune makes you some Lana. But even though they may not make you smarter it just makes you aware. Certain negatives. We are making people aware of a lot of things are actually opening up your heating life as well. This until Jackson you're go for act that is intimidating that you're allowing people to judge your relationship well what I. The relationship between news sent one now is is growing. You know we we we're friends and we're building. This you know relationship to wherever it may go you know and you get a chance to see dad plea and it's you know. What we're doing here is for us just my everyday life and juggling everything so center as a sweet girl you know and she has a lot of dreams and lot of aspirations that now. You know we get a chance to connect. There is earning potential friction and we can see. Well I mean you know it's life so life always has its ups and downs so you get it has field and a. I got that you would sports now a lot of people. Don't know that your part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and this job so all the art show hornets have. This kind of OK you've would have correction. I know what. I know I did you get away as well yeah well apparently felt very congratulations on the big winless now thank you got beat the bucks what do you think about Kemba Walker and fold less than book characters you guys that. You know I was actually just down that we had on both lists the united get a chance to make that opening day because obviously you know we're doing a lot of work them into shows and promote and doing things like that way. The whole city is so it is very very very excited you know about the energy in the city right now fifteen. A home get in the new players and Lance and everybody in this just like. It's a new beginning and it's a good thing with the big guys happy to you know. When Mike asthma and everything goes well I got it yet but now listed in her view the other night that its own TV. Obviously your Beers it's got we get talked to Mike about wearing three exits on TV. That was all nominees are you with you know you got the confirm eskimo. He hook yeah. We let the other for the that talk about it. You know let. They he's Jay Mandy is it's kind of tough. To get around him. Uncertain things in the get in this these certain lights but what I will save men is that he's been unbelievable. As far as him open in his arms towards me. You know and that's a beautiful thing for me and I've been idolize and you know we did have a basketball team the Saint Louis and the bulls was that team you know four hours away. And I want to be like Mike you know competent and to have him welcomed me into his. You know to everything in to be like on who to me you know he checks on me kids need shucks he jazz with me and it's a beautiful thing man. I'm thankful would tell me your favorite Michael Jordan Millie story favor mileage ha ha. When he moved become a majority owner. When he is becoming majority owner you know and you know he was buying out what you need to back out to the commons committee on house like hey Y and let me. I'm lowest man on the total mall around it appears like no Majid Iraqi funny. The flag. Okay okay okay to say you imitate your game have to jordin because I've seen you play it's not every you know listen only a celebrity gains -- other than that I'm terrible man I don't want now and then these kids I'm terrible I don't play no defense and I shoot everything Michael Black hole. Ball comes at the bypassed the bod X lanes and exit bag around. That's my Q I'm lighted up some might you must didn't want it. In a football than you so much to thank you guys make sure you check out his new show called Nellie bill Natalie thanks for being here. And to be sure to check out our abcnews.com. For a very latest entertainment news.

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