And The Nominees Are?

EW's Thom Geier breaks down the Oscar nomination surprises and snubs.
3:00 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for And The Nominees Are?
It's -- today Hollywood has been waiting for the nominations for the 85 Academy Awards were announced bright and early this morning in Beverly Hills. Warner surprises. Yeah -- where there's snub -- oh yeah and here to break down for us is Tom Dyer senior editor at Entertainment Weekly magazine. Tom welcome its 310 year -- looks with perhaps the biggest -- on the surprise of the morning which was linked in with twelve nominations. -- yes Steven Spielberg's. Historical epic swept. Pretty much all of the categories it was up four and. Really seems to be the front runner for a lot of the major awards and in this category that some surprises -- -- in silver linings playbook was expected to do well but eight nominations. He nominations is a lot for this little -- drama these. Very much a kind of feel good sort of story ends not typical Oscar -- in some respects. Look so we've got. Twelve. Nominations for -- an eleven life of high eight for -- is eight for silver linings playbook seven for -- Five for dangling chains -- five for zero dark 354. Or a film that a lot of lightning and heard -- and five for Scott always think these numbers and I think. This is sort of what we were expecting they're expecting Lincoln and to let the pot which are both very technically driven films to get lots of nominations particularly in the kind of supporting categories. And then. Yet to see films like. Are -- in zero dark thirty in the next. You know it's it's very much -- -- very much a race he don't think that this is Lincoln's to lose than necessarily. You know I think there -- other contenders in the mix here but the fact that on -- in Zurich after -- as a rock feel to make the cut for best director really works against. So let's talk about that's a major -- in this category Kathryn Bigelow for zero dark thirty what are we have to say about that. Yet it's a surprise you want -- were Hurt Locker. And was widely expected to be a strong contender against Steven Spielberg in this category. And yet she's shut out of a nomination here and then we've also we also have. Ben Affleck set out for -- he was also expected Ben Affleck Quinton Tarantino. Tom Hooper friendly news -- route. -- it works against them for the best picture race as well because no film excuse the only one film the last eighty years has won best picture. Without -- a directing nomination could you say this category was the one with the most surprises I would say definitely. Because bands nightly and first time filmmaker for this little film that he made on a shoestring budget called piece of the southern wild snuck in -- -- over. Really Hollywood heavyweights like -- and make -- lo and Ben Affleck -- and a lot of people haven't seen that movie. So well a lot people in rushing to meet on dvd they can they'll be running out in. Catching the performance of the youngest ever best actress nominee or Bosnia while I'm glad you brought that up let's move into the best actress category -- really really -- we have. The oldest ever actress nominee and the ever actress nominee in that same year. That's -- Manuel Riva has an 85 year old actress from France you. His work in with -- -- some of the great directors of all time giving. A fantastic performance in -- her first nomination at the age of 85 in a more in a more -- tell us a little bit quickly about the sound for people haven't seen a couple of hundred. Yes a more is a little art house film to French language film by an Austrian filmmaker Michael Chanukah. And and it's about which -- older people. Play by Emanuel -- and another French actor ends it's about the -- last. Last years of life in this couple that is struggling with. Alzheimer's and end of life issues black and popular -- is certainly getting a lot of love here now Seth MacFarlane -- have little preview this morning -- think he'll do as an Oscar host. It Suffolk Farley is not unknown quantity to a lot of people unless they watch gambling guy and or something cat caught him on Saturday Night Live last fall and again -- you know he certainly has a -- quality to them sort of Ricky Gervais is with an American boy next -- look absolutely will be fun to watch lobby looking forward to -- McIntyre thank you so much thank you.

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{"id":18184652,"title":"And The Nominees Are?","duration":"3:00","description":"EW's Thom Geier breaks down the Oscar nomination surprises and snubs.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nominees--18184652","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}