NYC kids Get a Chance To Go Behind The Scenes of Broadway

Cast and crew of 'Finding Neverland' host Inside Broadway.
20:16 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for NYC kids Get a Chance To Go Behind The Scenes of Broadway
Hi everyone I'm Nikki Batiste that our ABC news digital studios here in New York. If you're Broadway and your unlock we are about to take you behind the scenes of broadway's Finding Neverland ABC's Charlie James is there are. What's going on here today. All part of a great program run by. I'm Broadway in the nonprofit health treatment and life yeah. And they not yeah park. Now but they get hot and make it happening all of this program creating an accident. Heat hit it. I talk to people. But often it. And the Jennings. An audience all of that is not. I think it's kids are very excited and I knew I can hear them. I don't know if you've been able to talk to them at all but are some of them think you want the theater is the idea the Senate's car creative career. What isn't good. What's the motivation behind anything inside Broadway doing the program. Family. Fearing that every family word and note it out loud. We might have never been. Mark I'll love of Broadway and Tanzania and yeah neon robbed him. Them in here and I want him to not let. I am. I I added. About a and and now. You want me. Any idiot I thought about being on Broadway you're not. Yeah I'm Karen if you can hear me. I'm hearing is if they had any of those adorable students. It could speak with any of the cast members were the customers what anyone else. I I. Okay. We've beaten them and not. And think I'm. Yeah. Well. I love Allen lives. President Jimmy on. I'm every parent's. Yeah. And we aren't even going inside and now I didn't. Can you tell us a little bit more about exactly what they're saying. Behind me. Technical work on economy from a bit. Hannity that we don't. You clients. At another. Number from the snow and and they all know it's hot. How do the August. Colligan who might. Throughout the justices seemed disinterested in participating. Everybody was you know like the have to show showcase. I only have three we have three programs to work. But incidentally you know this is only one of the activities that we do it inside we'll. Because we have beginning after the first year we have our own production. An equity production. But major fluently musical which in this this year will be duke ellington's sophisticated ladies. And that will be touring to schools for about two or so months. The winner here is playing directly in the school. You bring Broadway to Broadway tell you not wearing them and that's exactly right there. And it is the kids an opportunity to. CC and two years. The music of Duke Ellington but also to experience one of the really great classics. Broadway shows because you know Broadway. It's such a part of American culture. Please don't American culture so children need to know about this thing needs to be experiencing life theater actors and you hearing about these. We're in the theater and and his that's part of what we are about it exactly what we. Thanks so much Fuller speaking thinking yeah digital information on the front end happens made into its I think yeah. They're also going to other backstage here we're gonna speak went. Stage manager as well. Let's grab him is so cool executive you backstage in CD. How everything looks. Or in the show begins looks. Whole other level that's exciting for us to see how seriously these past members in this statement and everyone behind the scenes what does this day mean for them to be able in her after these kids. It must be exciting for them. Wendy got these states manager Finding Neverland here Matthew stern. So we can ask him that directly. It. So let's. Mean. Studios just asking what would mean. You guys. To be able to. Bring Broadway and it and. It's a chance to open up our. But being backstage you don't think about him taking care involved and so. Understand what it means to be backstage to be a statement stage and efficient. Such as open up that were. There's lots of other ways to. And live in the theater it's not just that you see on stage and most of us access appeared from an act and the first thing I started. But he would take you to open network that share we do to create an act is this really is really. And you guys had a program. Meaning. O'clock lovers and the big question that you guys got from it. Look we really need is the technology. The intelligent lights leaving the ground teams color of the automation. And they got a lot out of seeing. Out an accident he really loves me and understand the science. To really understand the technology. And one of the major questions put out. At a time outside what they want to see and one of the big question how does the flying hearts and are they gonna get supplies. I think it's the second part of the Oscars they're not gonna get a chance to fly but I can tell you outwards. The actors it's like to Wear a harness and that's kind of stick to the cable. But since there at the back that artist comes out and really listen right up. So they get to feed them. We're going to be supplying seemingly actively. Flying and it. Looked increments and speaking with us Nikki and any other questions from mount he had. This morning you can make you laugh this new flag. Now I think just 1:0. I am jet that. I do want to from ethnic you can give us. If you can give us a behind the scenes secret what would be most surprising audiences and Finding Neverland. That goes off that goes on behind the scenes with doc everyone. So that's done quietly even on the frightening thing. Our people in the audience that happens backstage that they don't get to. All right. Don't realize is happening mother watching. Up to the camaraderie. But this is the theaters into welcoming and friendly place to live backstage technical data they do. Seven snapped turn around and writes the scene. But we're on stage it's the it's up to him backstage scenes like family. You know the good and the bad. Thank you so much and we got about five. Yeah let you finish in Atlantic gulf and Nikki we have another. A special treat here's though we have an actual member of the cast your feet but this didn't he likes. And you. Anything you bet your mind right now. I'm sure that there are kids in the audience on a normal performance but how does it feels he. Perform this many hit. It's really glad I may say it. I make this feels that because the kids great effect that such a high degree anyway. Acting like. Embarrassed song here again whenever Alley is like self can't begin to add the onion is acting. I like sonic it like meeting on the extraordinary dislikes I felt that makes us very quiet. It's got to make it kind of practice. You know that you perform eight. Any time. No but thank you answer questions and we'll. I think innocent and the highs and that I can't read from part of their own is the get past this it's yes I can't just. Think talent. Little bit more about what it's like you think kids. Beyond Broadway and be it Kelly yeah but it but yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Gary set up today and is doing it and he's tanking at school. Bad job. Like today at school. It's wonderful. I guess I can. Tomorrow I'll have to go back to schooling at lunch here. At different times that day I have it's. Plus I'm it sound like it definitely worth it though. We'll tell them. A little bit about your parent. You eat it. At the Brisbane and inspired mr. Barry Q I. It patently and that mean buying. And at first. He's just calling the bullet. Not a name that. Being at a time fans calling it he can't. They I can't hear it. There's more pleasing in the shadow act and John. Jerry and Mike. Last thought there. I'm in tell my mom. I accept and Patterson. Son and snow. I am ten Mary. Snagging the Faggins. Because of my plus my. And says. I am I I knelt around it just sit there read without my brother is our mission like people like plane around. And snow. A different. Every. It is happening. And then. Lots of singing and beating him. I'm decades that the lights are out. That did it look like an starting momentarily the program thank you so much for speaking style and good luck. So we're gonna head back to the audience now we're we're gonna bring you the program as well. Note gonna sneak back out big time. Then his. Then audience. Wow I mean I'm. Yeah. Yeah. Well I had news. We're. Home. It's me. Reason I. Yeah. Need. Yeah. Lance. This. And hands. Yeah. And me. My. Money snow yeah Marines. The games. Okay. Okay. K gains. Finance. Yeah. This man. It's. You. Saloon. Finding Neverland. Collaboration with inside Broadway the front 15100 students from New York City there to see. A great at great informative show you know. They itself from the performers sing but also they learn about life and learn about sound effects they got to speak to one. Members of the orchestra Charlie you're very at a faculty but of the kids' reactions like. Here are their reaction. I'm really happy. A number. Lot excitement and you wearing a little bit when I. Where the active in getting loans. And almost hit ignorant little bit like. Honesty of kids if there aren't accidents thank you so much for taking a fall behind in science diet hopefully all of you at home. Enjoyed it it was a treat breast today. Again one. Are full collaboration between anti Broadway and Finding Neverland and we hope you'll join us again soon for more.

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