Oscar nominations announced

The biggest surprises and takeaways from the 2019 Oscar nominations.
30:06 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for Oscar nominations announced
Wow wow I would love it let's talk about picture is that there is the best picture we have LA so what we believe isn't the prediction is that you've got a real route. Yeah. And I and needed so excited for them I'm so excited for kids at Lamar. To win that's a real quality nominees for best drizzle score he a couple of surprise winner and Oscar nominee in the same year that's reliable. High. Hazing when the soccer Szczerbiak sitcom that documentary could be my neighbor did not get nominated and I thought that was I mean that was when the sabres are happening. They had so many people talking about that's and that made him cry again advancing into a disconnect yes his stock has risen more sin didn't get nominated for a best in the photography for nominations resident Zachary I was will be shocked by that one. Ask them actually there I did audible gasp as we were watching did it having what gases that bit is built to get talk didn't really get mentioned that on nothing but. And I. Net state screenplays nothing for best picture. No director assembly disappointed and that one. Does a lot of soccer is not enough and but Adam is a movie that's getting all the buzz leading up denominations that. Totally ignored and that one is socked me out expecting. At least four when the screenplays maybe category. Had death via thought best picture showed a nod for best picture but for the get left by the major categories and barely get left out for best directing too as well some but that was interesting how that did get a few companies announced that banana of the big cast no editing category began ones that our that was dreams on the Sacramento would you files on this. All down slightly faster yeah. That's an idea here is this is crazy never donated by a threat thought. That at my outlet that's right back again buried in sting again on the recommend things I for the past actors cast agree that have been thankful that had been seen as locks. Flanked yes including a Murase Lady Gaga. And an idiot komen for the favorite. That angels sing me Anthony actually wrote from Roma went in our as well say that. Yeah that. Hats of to ride Tuesday they had a very good morning. And picks has Barbeque but not not only to best practice is that also want to ask mavrinac hear what he does because he considered a lock in we think that he was Jeffrey receiving. Favorite to be nominated for best director actually thought he would be in a conversation into the category so that was just thinks we also made history too as well with them with a concurrent on the first time ever led in these. I fee now has been nominated for a film. With her work and the concurrent I'm Nadine is actually amazing and I had talking up this film and I don't have that is as interview Nadine is he's fantastic in the way that she cure rated this moment win as she put this them to grab it and directed it. Is revolutionary it was innovative there was genius and gets right to buy your heart into the soul of like migration and really what it is and so cheers to you Nadine I'm so proud of you. And I mean Bradley goal but are not predicated and he did get three nominations was on the trip I got to screen make act analysts say it's stars bonus self. But he was looking at full with the best director which would be contend with Olson miles as Omar and eighties records yeah messiah that was going to hand the main well cannot expect it fast and god has raised few eyebrows. Does stars voters have governments in the real food it would the Iran in the season's Yale all the way through move you know some these are Muslims than a comment and I'm not pumped out one point two billion dollars the box office yes Jeff keep sonar nominated for an Alaska. Great to see a film that everybody actually watched winds. Me his yeah. Somber founder doctor and not him and yeah the shape of water. Wasn't every guy on this it would academy not to with doing this most popular pick the top talent you and had a degree in an April night ankle biter of it. It would she be lovely if bitten but once I'm drafted. This I'm glad they didn't put that into the category for most popular film whether it indeed that because he wanted to go to the merits abandonment of the cavity Sam what's really give it back gravitas of what it is. I'm really rooting for a black panther or for best film again I can't stress enough how incredible. That film was beginning to end in how we lived up to the hype and then met expectations and exceeded expectations isn't. I've had the and I nose also and they were nominated for bests aboriginal song I believe you resign. Not tomorrow he also had a great gas yeah. It wasn't a shock it was up hey you asked the asked not the only. Has he not only get sued the best actress category even if you would begin to give Melissa McCartney a look. The curry and partly so part of things was incredible it's really transition from this kind of grow and I didn't care. Oh yeah. And he I didn't blank on yeah. You know what had not she. Thought yeah the 37 other nominations went out a way. Not because this is amazing wins and an optional he's an analyst Oscar nominations never winning an inch money did house on the I don't let isn't gonna let his young but you know kids see I mean losing people yea it instantly but Mike and knows what if someone. Hasn't been when he is that a reason then that they and don't ask getting the awards are not going into the wrong thing Diane. And I'm eighteen with the case going and he wanted to send the Roman when he wasn't spice remic you hold indefinitely I don't want some. Ideal and idea Harry he wants to training day with. The hurricane or from mountainous so right yes we could expect wife isn't very it would which sometimes and is that she does know is that the line could donate a hundred. I know that Omar and adding. I that I didn't cover that is demanding that close you're amazing a NASA needs England you're free they get eight I. I know how you look back at this thing into the existing affirming for a guy got a CD oh from what I ate meat dress says it Oscar. And he did. Just on the this Liz McCartney I think you're underdog I'm rooting for you wow this is not as her performance was really really fantastic the limits I acting out another competitive category as a best actor. I mean is down you write down what an amazing M bohemian rhapsody in absolutely fantastic. And then my guy there as 1 morning Danielle and that I oh wow trans let me how he was Dick Cheney went out like all of big saint. I've forgotten his prison advances like private within the first fifteen minutes outlet or you're Dick Cheney that it was uncanny Ronnie not a. Has older man tonight it around egging him rhapsody which to me either radiation promised a hundred million dollars well why would I box office had a very troubled production very uprising was right to go up throwing off the Belmont breakthrough yet doesn't lot of Chris isn't around it that it's. They use please eighteen trashy opener how how to how to pare it actually want the real story. Yet crowds loving it and Randi money suddenly. Has government tomorrow Michael and yet. You're happens. Was about in a grassy too as well I think a lot of time bio picks the you know people. All of that pull things apart and informing them with a buyout fixes can you believe year with the story Friday because you wanted to cover everything and then he'll be eight hours after a and so I think Wiener wraps it is something really unique and on the Kevin Berry went Linear. Very contained tonight this emotional dynamic of will mount a someone coming into their own. Suffering and in owning up to our identity what does that look like ends I thought that was really powerful and even two what you're missing Bobby and a whole notion but the director got fired and so this film actually went into post production without having a director. And I think that and of itself is is absolutely a man and out again nominated yet than actually gets nominated and so I think. It's going to be a really exciting Oscars in terms is in a how to on these films saying about how was going to be the social commentary going forward in what does that look like and we have some very competitive categories this year. Do I mean it's just have the systems are does he cries you wish Asians nominated I'll. I wrap your room and even think about that. When I'm not going to nominee still I eat what we pickup somehow made it such an important cultural moment in our lives. I thought at least for best picture. And winning got picked up for best picture and it can't ten nominations Atlanta hate they anime but sometimes I had attacked and of the and of an advisors and ten this year now because there was so many great while I'm down and such as McCain's new I didn't quite. Oh and a and M trees and you talking ailment about. Who votes on these movies and an engineer same tiny sore that they're trying to become more divert out with who it's actually decide what's the best picture nominee. So when you mention is cultural moments that get mixed. How sad and it's not is quite the bait he asks and maintenance. It is I think is on the interest saying now we have a nominations are saved doubt to what you guys are looting issue. Now the last two years ago as last year we've seen the most diverse new member inductees into the academy. Until I think what we always seem less formulaic in terms or what will win. Now I'm curious is seen without his new inductees coming into the mix school will actually win and it doesn't surprise as a circle and basically for best picture because normally freeze category is industry specific gets a sensible for that. But for best picture every member gets support for that and they are not as in new diverse membership and that is I just don't know if the traditional ones will win might resemble the favorite. But listening to traditional academy film that will win or Willis found my black panther con man and take that spot. And I think is going to be really interesting to see. What you'll say about the favorite and where it is different is how three strong C mounds easy easy to say that whenever an aspect of my goodness what are they gonna put a Molina to task he's not jewel industry pacs is what nominates it's I mean that and the style and image of isolated best supporting yet. And then best meeting for David Coleman diesels are going to be in the who's playing queen on the arm is going to be neat yeah queen and her friend and a crowd yet so it got but did. Very well that's a Vassar much if female dominates its Baum none I was I was on some levels not surprising to see the best picture nomination I did I not the main things the move. Test their right to nomination as well I'm I'm not sure we rate the on another rehab center is named because I'm Lewis and get it Rome and they did get it on our announcing an numbers aren't you feel that yeah him. He added that he he he got nominated where try to keep the signal to in the restaurant transcript. Yet but I think the favorite at it was actually a really well made film. From beginning to end about the pacing of it was absolutely fantastic and how they did that. Patsy when I would have been surprised they didn't get nominated for best picture I think that is one of those films of the academy's class of the it has reeks academy spray them with bad ends about this curious is it right how does that say about and advice was really. Insisting done to his life how was constructed as I'm cares a C I'm so happy to do a dynamic the best editing. The way they added that that movie was so different and how they threw win right. The friend and that doesn't say NCAA Ed had no idea yet what's vice ad and I was system that us I think and so quickly I had a screener of it yeah it's a fake and then complicated and I loyalists of the strength and editing habit and it really is a different phenomena hounding facet hobby piece it together as I'm curious with the academy give that's into the consideration when it comes and Siemens and editing some of these more technical on nominees since and they go through I think sometimes people. You know there's won best picture you have actors but what do you think some of the technical ones. And editing and sound mixing it and besides any of those that were of particular interest Caesar stood out. That's that's a good plan as you raise now believe that rivals categories don't get enough attention and they they shed in particular when it comes at editing. Editing to me as a most underrated and most under appreciated it role in a film without and it editors control that pacing of the film they can draw the sequence of the film they control what order that Eagles and at any means so much and sound mixing it. And sound. Editing is really get key component so it's hundreds of as some of the differences of its youth. Think of like sound editing as like the composer's those sexy right ending a sound mixing as like the compose the conductor right who's standing up and orchestra aren't really interesting about sound mixing was that black can't there was an ambush Kimi rats in a star is born. I think that really ghosts youth films and had great music coal content. Right and really drive the narrative and meticulously bohemian rhapsody and star is born how to p.s are met together. I actually think the Virginia wraps the in my accede take that away with the sound mixing. Founded the EA and rats and sound editing and or accident black panther may take that it is that they were gonna see a split. Now we acceding to see stars born gay nominee for sound editing as I thought that was interest and nominating get it so my pick for a sound mixing as Mimi rhapsody and every sound editing is any black panther. Again but again the music of the Oscars I think that's going to be once we stop talking about the act. There's nothing the next the second day of the run talk about the music and the scoring I mean these scores are staying in the past stick. And RB stones I got out of the best score the songs are incredible as sound as. And when that order Atlanta this is me last year ahead and then they lost and almost sound allow patents I think is a good Martin says it is gonna take it star is born I think they're gonna do you gonna walk into suicide just too much hype going into this is that people think oh. Sargent horn's going to went on to vote for them. That's a really liquidity adventure at abbey and is it may not stay with has a comfortable everybody go that's immigrant Shimon everybody was saying that some nonstick everybody who is gonna win. And in the end the Disney song walk again. I'm even that Bobby at present it's not a select has suspects them off to about it I wish out yet anyway not yet anywhere you know and yes the. By the Eagles do a star is what star is born with shallow. And then to wit. All of the stars with Kendrick both are very popular radio songs. And we listened Timbaland and a lot and so I think a lot of people already know these songs and so. I'm chairs this evening readily go with that but an incredible nomination morning. Very steep hillside just just got about two rhino which is just Netflix found in the gulf commented both the best picture on foreign language yeah. Thing ends I'm really is understand. There really isn't state was I was fighting for a good part at the end of the this for best film doesn't I can't David not. But there was even talk about lagged does diversity. That is his films I have been nominated in terms and identity. I thought as you mentioned lots of strong female leads lots of strong female centered movies. A multitude diversity about it it was an easy Q a I characters and actors and story lines that they in this film I never now made itself that's also very interesting dynamic to his that we're seeing. Mary we have been printed out now dining join. An apartment on to keep. Reading innards are known and up as a funnel area there is OK thank you. I say thank daily mass out of we have of the real print out in front of us. Please series and do an act best picture of it. Let's see what it refined. So we have no interest and they plan lays yes. Aisles I haven't seen it a bag and the scary Kat. And you know my hair up terrifying. Forget it than usual for a horror movie did get nominated and also harming does. Silence has got a nomination for best sound yes that's what I want and even a guy on that he's. They see as a news oh because I thought we seen that would get out. Followed their nomination and that's it to a now I think we're seeing more openness to the way war is done. And for no longer exist blood and war if you well there is like this unique cultural. Social construct half that over the Internet that his horse coming out IMAX and that's shocked that axial corps has been. Those that I see this many yes Louise and I dad I didn't so afraid of but I'm my last yea and I just I get scared. Don't be scared to be skinny and think about a whistle superstar OK and the that's what the so relentless was so some united commentary that's being carpeting OK again. Yeah analysts at numbers as enemy gone other kids is competitive player except I want until work. I almost I love Dan I did not cause now I'm on all class PriceSmart conference didn't was let me it's gonna hang out at the box office and a balls a little bit of a disappointment. It is on the it was. I'm not stocks not getting out I sock nor my upset. I enjoy my that it have been great that is CNN you know army's acting too much from it but it but we were visible the reason why is because it seems like the traditional Oscar so happy academy would love you know the return of Mary Poppins and I think that is something that. We have asked ourselves as these new members are being inducted. You know I have a play in his say within what is happening with these categories and nominations and then really in terms of who is actually going to be nominated and in terms of Latin. Now what I am I painful and I was to see you online so it's we want some numbers like and how we haven't actually in a mime and god how many. Nominations each films picked up. But you're no sooner does not release this now doesn't really they're getting red wings have kept hearing black panther that park everything run and a and a growth are going on a favorite unhappy era stars. A romantic favorite title and you that the stars pull one. And singing announcing there have been three other fashions at seven nominations last time around six nominations the Judy Garland fashion. We'll nominations for the bumper strides in 1990s and six earnings to see him in April this time wasn't exciting we have an arena data Veron was nominated for best supporting actress on the. Loan so first off can grow only sit. What is exciting morning. For you know keep all my god. I I don't even higher award I really never ever expect that this who come oh my gosh thank you. All of this so well deserved what I want to know first and pharmacist real wake. Because being the theory people say they're not awake but they're really up waiting to hear we're gonna get nominated. While I watch awake because I was I mean he wasn't like expecting. That that the stadium could get nominated but nine court stepped up foreign terror but it is far and maybe daddy but there really isn't absent from the to rule. I never ever since he did an estimated period bell you and I don't I mean I. I think at I didn't need to wake up I think I'm you went with Anthony kind of blaming. I don't think so really this isn't real. You think Oscar nominated actress. A. I've already dry lab. I mean only looked at have go to school. Dual boot my oh my gosh yes. Marino this might get their. Referring to congratulate says and re absorb Friday congratulate send. I know your socks but after watching your performance I didn't definitely see why you were nominated. As us miserably in his cell a big fan and new lines and the way that your hand on the new want to be cared turret the evolution of the strong wife being their first family to complete vulnerability at the end the beat cnet's you have with your family was absolutely incredible and the way you brought on the seventies said that. Had a major impact on this sounds that you are deserve being so in Joliet know these deserving and it was a worthy of a burglary and I have a question for you though what is it about Rome that has a track this so many people at this film what do you think is a secret sauce of this down. Well I think he's because we all county inmates still at me they like because it's up about something that we humble bit true it's about like. We we wild children we'll have carte Bremer. How could we all over the lot someone is in the back in the way of becoming an adult. And I think everybody can ruby they. It is really present are coming this this same federal become universal is I think we all can relate to it and that's. That's it it comes under the hot summer for saw like people are very very special place that we have whole bean took. Yes there is using Manson and Abbott asked the question of what is a secret sauce than ever that data from that wins. I think your character particular marina it goes to being able to find your voice not figure cared chair she was able to find her voice and the C that was lost its feed her children man's in the house so menacing her husband and her boys got lost and that an even in talking about the career shift. In or the sacrifices that so many single moms and abroad have to really make so thank you for highway and and that's something I never thought about but again. You're acting the new ones of you home for a so cheers and salute to you my friend. Thank you so much and I really want to thank my mom because she she actually did that for a further me and my sister and my brother silk. This is for her and of course. Well purpose mother Christine. Yes it. Do you have a busy couple weeks coming up now my friend yet again and ran as he got to get ready to go to the Oscar as we know what do today what you do now if you wake up and here you're not need to learn Oscar. I am I'm just walking very active I woke up my firm and I was yapping at him militant attack I got nominated and you look like why does he. We're expecting to be able to get nominated mating. They'll and you look like but not gonna need me get you are not well. Is he going to be a case yet for this program back and forth with a twenty he'll take the author is Marino. We'll Sunday on stage to be Oscar is that I I I certainly hope so yeah. CD and a toxic. Well marina thank you so much we noticed on your phone's beeping is that there's so many people are trying to call you right now that we. Like this this this is an anti down you know. Didn't and. My grandfather. My family. Nobody can only record I I still can't beat you at night I have to say did. Really I didn't even expect this adult. We felt a theater. What we're designing got a radio and also to out of marine that is loved the wave that. This so betrayed Mexico a different light I think we always have a way of looking at maxim is very one dimensional one class migrant workforce and so is really beautiful to see all the different classes on the dismissals economic structures of Mexico. And to see really Mexican and says striving professional lights and settings in particular as doctors and hospitals and so. Again cheers to you for beings as a part of a pivotal found there may help shapes narratives and change in mindset on identity in class. Exactly I think what do just that is the important thing that we look at each other than that we acknowledge alcohol. I mean up. Makes it can. As elevated indigenous communities that we have here that it's so beautiful and that has been suffering for ages realizing that at this film may help. So that we can do in thing in the start so to repair old oh quote damaged that things aren't. Very true now Maria again thank you so much Albert would you go because if your photo still beeping. Go into your own thought dear family talked dear friends and huge and Andrews from a and Diana think. We're supporting the film center because all the awards that all the bad could turn it but it is means absolutely. Important reports. Well that's been happening believing kids' parents aren't I would get my marina. But we will devote on the line nominated for best actor for at attorneys gate well I'm so excited wonder I think Chris you can brats and second glad you're there to talk to you in general because. Something like a hundred movies at this point I've seen you in everything. So without immediate attack this morning I think I am just. Really exciting when you be delighted pathetic as your nominee that he you know I'm taking their especially. Like. I was going great number are shaking with excitement that I hurry up. I'm very popular this Barbara mentioned you know who we're happy for you as well review surprise this morning we were expecting this you never know what to expect that these things. Not expecting really hope things. You know ally. Aaron chip every update 08 I don't Nixon Deborah. Pressure trump. From the actor's branch brought also. Both in what they will be more widely seen because it's a movie that I'm very proud probably like it great view it's. Unique movie ever you know Julian Schnabel made a movie about an artist something he knows a great deal about not only just illegal artists are. American problems figured pensions or go. Aaron good it's a special movie Aaron this nomination will help the figures seem more widely and of course I'm. Happy personally for myself but really it really makes it special is its. It's. I'm eighty action movie that people really respond to when they ghostly. Then. We mentioned Vincent van go ever heard of them and they will not like to ensure I didn't get Clinton character how do you. We're well on the way out that the character was really through the DK and Julie taught get a penny couldn't really changed. My way of looking. How electricity thanks. Matt was that was very important as well as of course the screenplay is very beautiful. But also. That relies a lot on in part. But on via letters that of their gold wrote to his brother which I'm very good expiration. Q and is Mike we have a Santa talk glass every nominations those it is our view again this according to like we're becoming fast friends checked out. I'm happy to hazardous or going every year. Next time we need to meet over beer coffee your choice I'm happier side. It is one that your vote. I love that will let you look fantastic on on this down you've you have this very powerful striking get. Here's seeing in this when you're on camera I think is really dynamic I think that really couples posse widely considered youth because that Vinson and go was going to says like mental anguish. I'm just curious in terms hot is you have to prepare to get into the men's us like Cole says. That troubled bids and angle on the ticket his later years and really how that relates to our current society in terms of the disclosure had it about mental health and mental wellness. Right I don't think so much about them he is is mental state I really got more about the treaty more about being your nature I mean. This movie. Really talks about his experts Ito is Ecstasy in this way of saying his connection to what he doubts. Our big unite chair having no spiritual connection with through his work. I'll see you third period that we deal with this toward the end of life yes she's been very troubled guy. But he's also very productive and he's very turned on so a lot of his bid for copies were how he. Reconciles these ecstatic states. We have daily life. Senator and are already you know I don't judged. What this state of this miracle how was I did because I didn't need to because I'm not telling the audience really was I'm turned experience. Or imagine are getting sleepy experience in our scenario. So. Miss doses I didn't think so much about the IR mental health as much as. His level of intense engagement which work he was still read how he slipped. Limits on the image and hand I'm just doing what you hope audiences will take away with them from and it Tennessee's gates casesa many even you say will now be seeing the film. Yes are well. What he did for me and I think it is attracting audiences see changes that are perception out. Are creative process also what being an artist there is. All of soul. When where that impulse comes from. And it's not turning about someone petty things it's not about career it comes from our beat their place Arab I think Velshi back through beat sincerity of I'm Bernard go in his views letters to eat his words are faction. So you'd really have to deal with a different way of seeing a different ways sank. Will before we let you go you are talking about being an artist now. You're an artist and he learned to paint in this film are you couldn't keep painting is going to be aside big preannounce. I'm not very good that shagged. Me and I love to work discipline former and so. I don't surround he allowed to work on location so it's a little hard to be taking public and to our beloved colleague and it's really hard to calm. Go it alone because so much in my taking experience this couple to be experience and Trotter did have a back character and also being taught Aaron Aaron duck bay by Julian it was a great stranger in his own right. All right Julian Schnabel the director. Yes that's right well we'll be waiting for a gallery openings from villains in think he's done and I have a good resident Jake and again we can I direct produce and marched into banks by now. Our rights have been a lot we have a lot of work coming up president Hillary wants all these movies yes we have to figure out if it's real momentum or this just type yeah and you have to eat a lot of popcorn we do RA it's got advice and dot com or my plays. Lots of movie is happy to get any exciting and I would ever want to hang with us today so much about Oscar nomination yeah I'm also going to be really busy now because after the watts like half of these movies and I haven't yet. Yeah yeah yeah. Like they do that and we end up coming alliances and did you Valencia. Fire I think so much guys with your ads take care of it.

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