Paula Abdul and the Performing Artists of the Future

ABC News' Serena Marshall meets famed pop star Paula Abdul and the children of 'Turnaround Arts', a mentoring program for budding artists from low-income, low-performing schools across the country.
9:27 | 05/25/16

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Transcript for Paula Abdul and the Performing Artists of the Future
An ABC sir re Marshall at the White House where I am joined ballet. Singer songwriter choreographer extraordinaire Paula Abdul while gun thank you for joining I'm speaking thank you I have to admit before we get into why you're at the White House and having a bit of the anger on moments used. Dancer your music videos and my sister and I even great after and skating so you then a big influence and my personal life when I left stories like that. And see here at the White House saying having influence and a whole new generation of kids can he taught me about that. Yes I think so the First Lady and her support there's turn around arts and with turnaround artist bringing arts education back into. School of especially high risk schools or six million kids don't get to experience arts education and because of her support re here today. And I adopted to school and it in Brooklyn PS when sixty I've kind of class snacks and a lot of the Brooklyn kids. And work with are here and their team pregnant talent show and they're incredible and it's awesome they're so excited and I'm excited for them. And we're gonna see those kids in just a few moments but first I want talk a little bit more about turnaround arts on this First Lady initiative. Was it came up because this six million kids don't have access to arts and schools. I can even imagine. What that would have been for me because you know having arts. Believe part of my school it allowed me to first discover. Having an alignment with passion it only fueled me to do better in school. I had. You know the ability to to see other kids who shared the same passion in sight and and you know. With dance even in a dances that one it's the mother of all languages you don't have to dancing creek or. Or Italian you just dance it's a visual medium NIC it's single handedly what it does for these kids because he's the ones who have. That social awkwardness and communicating. They don't have to worry about. What we're to coming up right they dance and able to communicate NIC. So much with the enrollment raising and each of these school I see the camaraderie as he confidence it's it's really. And then some studies that show that when these kids have art program this once and started a few years ago actually increases. Reading math and other sounds ax and most importantly enrollment. Note that they're actually spelling. It's wonderful and so un part of this question has the obamas have. Are coming up on the end of their presidency our legacy questions about what would happen to programs like this one when they leave office so. We've heard it today they're making an announcement at the Kennedy Center thing Citic pennies this initiative with First Lady is going to. Last week beyond the administration. And guidance and when you talk to these kids even working with them for awhile what is the one thing you're really hearing from them. What I'm hearing from them is. The fact that they're loving what they're doing they're excited to be there when I'm working with them you know I and Steve are you having fun. And you'll meet one of these young kids high novices dance is my passion and it keeps me motivated let's. Are these kids then and how that little chat with them come on our guys. Come on come on come guy isn't he didn't start here. Up. You guys are hearing DC from New York yet and so let me give us your names and. And what school. My name is now pay enough. Brooklyn in me. Living east the united. And auto school you know senseless he. Back. My and then this time of rob banks out of the vocal in the in my school SP inside insulated from. My -- cost without a lot of in Brooklyn new rate and my school it at a Stillman school the 52. And so you that you're standing there with an icon of music and dance what was that like for you would you remember the first time the U Dotson meet her and dance. Well we met her at the Brooklyn Museum has that we face and pass me. Where I think that it was at my school sixty. Make an inning. And and what is it mean when you guys are out there dancing what does that mean trio. It's like. And opportunity gay scene like guilty doing you know like you Aaron so. It feels like amazing passages go on the stage and edges. Live life and dance and then I'd be happy. Did you ever think that you aid did you ever have a passion for dance before this programmer think that mean that was something you wanna do. I. Oh. BB far sighted you know it's. Molly used to dance in our party and everything. And so. Does not time I saw my brother dancing and he that good dancers so he encouraged me to just debts and in schools and stuff and so. But it's our show that I'm a school I've been dancing singing of them I think onstage. And yet it's not that my brother. Yes out of blogs and so is our smallest much since I was doing usage doesn't run abounding danced. And at that Soledad the flow to canonize me and my cousin and I am will be useful. And I can go back to make of this and choreography. And stunt. It is is really fun. Ice to do that TO. And so on receivers are going to be performing at the White House this evening for the talent show did you ever think you're gonna be able to dance here. Well. Net buddy maybe there. Eight we leave any and all was immediately it would. Surprise was. All week when it came down to school clothes we got called down the main offices we had to bulk of those semitism school. Atlantic select before it. And and I think he'd ever get to dance here at the White House. Alan Alan all maintained single hive that Alan A Allen Edwards again dentsply. You know but since I'm guy since Diane Ahmad black should remain. I'm performing at the white. TC also. In music that you read. In produced. This everyday people and there absolute stars and is completely see it because. So tight with the Korea if it couldn't it. I think need to see some of these enhancements skies an ounce a small space but let me get a little shelling. And I. They get a preview of this White House Ellen show right here at ABC news. Let's see yet. They. We'll until like a little. Little talent a little. But let's get a preview Callahan. It. We need mile mark in it we're gonna back out of this shot here for you guys. Let's go to live sit says that age they're. The eight floor one. And instead those. Against fungal PE and the islands and yeah right because it. Not a lot of them just giving you X like mark the end Nagel apple. Or in this beautiful thing. And so have you met with the First Lady. Act alone at night yet though only own Nancy Levine right. A anything that's in there you seem a little nervous Diane. Is is eight months on. The the. This. Is there. After in doing this is today you know help you with not just. Incorporating the arts in the schools but increasing intend and increasing. Pretty performance and other things did you note this year and performance increased because of the arts in your school. Yes yes oh yeah here. Because it's a solemn neem drawing is and being like overwhelmed. And his wife dancing so as some like encouraged me like apple does this afternoon back into all of this occurred just lives. You confidence. And right here yeah. Low. But I mean did not not summit happen but they. I'm getting its buy it you know the last and steps and if I want. Think you guys for joining us think you marriage joining us and bringing these kids with Theo and you might catch it talent show you can watch on Later this afternoon and tell that answering emerged. Oh.

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{"duration":"9:27","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall meets famed pop star Paula Abdul and the children of 'Turnaround Arts', a mentoring program for budding artists from low-income, low-performing schools across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39372686","title":"Paula Abdul and the Performing Artists of the Future","url":"/Entertainment/video/paula-abdul-performing-artists-future-39372686"}