Pop Superstar Prince Dead at 57

Prince has died at age 57, his publicist Yvette Noel-Schure told the AP.
4:20 | 04/21/16

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Transcript for Pop Superstar Prince Dead at 57
This is an ABC news special room. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air right now with the breaking news that the pioneering musician prince has died at the age of 57. His publicist Yvette no sure told the Associated Press the music icon was found dead in his home Thursday in suburban. Minneapolis. Sources said he had been sick for some time battling the flu in fact last week last weekend his plane had to make an emergency landing. After constant Atlanta in Illinois so he could be treated for the flu but he was released sent back home but were coming just now that the musician prince. Has died born prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis. He came to fame in the 1980s without was late 1999. And purple rain. The songs little red Corvette when doves cry became one of the most commercially successful American pop artist ever selling over a hundred million albums. I'm joined on the phone now by Leah Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly Leah how do you describe the impact of prints on the music world. I'm human feel like you Kenny and calculate the impact. What he did for pop music for pop culture for fashion. For her I mean you know the additional reserve may be nice patchwork planet that by the U even still iconic visually ironically. Had such a huge influence and impact. And without pitching Reggie unique. Personality and factually unique song writer. In some ways his genius the character he created. Absolutely. Yes I mean I think and he lived inside that typical you know life you know I mean I think she really led. Living as an artist just. The right up until the end. Joined also by Kate Coyne of People Magazine as I said Kate we had heard that he'd been Sig battling the flu. This still comes as a surprise. I always made it absolutely does I mean I just don't think anybody was was prepared especially even after the incidents of last week when what we were told was well he just had the flu and he's okay now. I don't think anybody. Mind clicked it took this as a possibility. It's absolutely stunning news he was not known to have been. Battling any sort of serious illness she certainly. Essentially a young man. You know 57 this is just not the age in which you expect to lose some. Enigmatic figure as well armed changes name several times and clean that period were even had a his name was a glib. And they was none of the artist formerly known as friends. Yeah I I think I think that really speaks to the fact that as Aggies head George you know he created something of a character for himself I mean although prince was actually his given name it's. The persona of Princeton and no last name was. But how how sort of element of mystery built into it and that's certainly quite well because. He was a very private person he didn't care much about his his personal life and and in that entire episode in which. He was fighting against a record contract that he felt and played for him and he changed his name Q2 with the ball and then and then you know white as the artist formerly known as. You know that just also showed busy his willingness to really push boundaries and limits with his. Create a persona with its creative expression. He didn't the real well break. And jam as all from Billboard Magazine also a perfectionist. Unquestionably mean there are multiple multiple versions of a lot of his songs floating around on bootleg Chanel does the same time he often worked very quickly. You know the engineers Susan Rogers who worked with him behind when jobs because such cheated people never lasted desk I mean the song was done in a matter of hours and you know you also hear about things like. There were more synthesizers on and there was a big East Hartford he didn't like it's really kicking out he worked incredibly quickly each and incredibly literally I mean he would do you know he was an artist in maturity that's. And that's what thanks very much again. The news that the pioneering musical artist princess died at the age of 57 in suburban Minneapolis. We have much more tonight on world news tonight can follow us any time an abcnews.com. I'm George Stephanopoulos in New York have a good day. This has been a special.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Prince has died at age 57, his publicist Yvette Noel-Schure told the AP.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38574970","title":"Pop Superstar Prince Dead at 57","url":"/Entertainment/video/pop-superstar-prince-dead-57-38574970"}