See Some of the Most Popular 'Star Wars' Costumes Up Close

ABC News' Clayton Sandell sees some of Queen Amidala's many dresses and learns how wookiees keep cool under all that fur.
3:37 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for See Some of the Most Popular 'Star Wars' Costumes Up Close
And this you live guest is the royalty section. I you know. I'm a fan of the movies I didn't realize how many elaborate costumes -- for a queen on the dollar that Natalie Portman whose character but there's a lot she had almost a different costume in every scene and some of them are only on screen for a few seconds and they took months to me what's your favorite in this room in this room I you know what I think it's this one over here. The chapel. And escape Karen obviously yak because I liked the story that goes with the drying. The drying does indicate his artists and he was not satisfied so we kind of crumpled up the trying but then that eventually pulled it out and Trace the crumbles. With his with his hand and they became Italy's. On the dress I really like hasn't escaped him so that's from phantom and yet there okay. And moving economy needs classic. Seeing people here yeah the Tuscan raiders I remember being really scared of this guy yeah so that's the hope of got to beat up Luke for yeah. Hang opus carried. Amendment. Do you not creature sexton we added all these because creatures are of course an important component right right and. And of course this this one which has been the subject much. Speculation car don't take a look at this one. The princess lay it slave bikini which I've also heard. Lately sort of re branded as the the Joba the hut killer that the hot slayer. Yes bikini very good anyway that's a good re branding for the allies killed them with the cost in that he and determine sometimes the actual world this is awesome yeah and in return to the general yeah bank Carrie Fisher and she said is there a little surprising knew where this woman after wearing that kind of modest weight that's right yeah this is a total total of the part yes it's actually. One of my favorites here we have bove a fat who I believe started out as a white storm trooper that's. Back in the day yeah happens. Concedes in fact we have a video kind of old video footage. The kind of proto fat yeah what they call it. The weight bona fat yeah and then he added debts and kind of Wiki Peltz and you know his victims. And very different from jingles that his father who yeah if there is pretty Jane goes pretty pristine. Yeah and you know handling on his battle lines Perez as a blow back. And this is this is great if you haven't seen this this is. The size seventeen. Now looking feet worn by Peter Mayhew in Star Wars in 1977 yes I seventeen I forget exactly how tall he was seven foot 217. So. And then you also have what what is this here. This is I'm OK so those two baca has made up fifteen pounds of yak hair on top clubs like a wool knit. Lindsay yeah those. Hot and getting hot so for the pre schools they decided to add this cooling suit underneath because you know in nominee. Remember is that they've got all that we need more rookies won't warn more rookies how. How are these guys got to where. This mesh shirt with cold water running through the to take to keep them cool under all that yak hair was like an astronaut suit yeah true. And and he said Jack care so yes this is all yak hair as all you have to ask him here yeah. And by the way well while we're here with two buck I find it I think it's appropriate dimension and wish all you Star Wars fans out there. Happy life day if you remember November 17 1970. The Star Wars holiday special aired one time only there were celebrating the look he holiday life they so I feel like everybody.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell sees some of Queen Amidala's many dresses and learns how wookiees keep cool under all that fur. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43612011","title":"See Some of the Most Popular 'Star Wars' Costumes Up Close","url":"/Entertainment/video/popular-star-wars-costumes-close-43612011"}