Raven Symone discusses the upcoming musical episode of 'Raven's Home: Remix'

Raven Symone 'Raven's Home,' acting and what's next in her career
11:52 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Raven Symone discusses the upcoming musical episode of 'Raven's Home: Remix'
It's can't slammed ABC radio now and I'm extremely excited because I add a beautiful talented. Unbelievably. Well accomplished young woman sitting right in front of the navy one the only raven Simone our youth and wealthy so much for have needed making not as. DCO. Talk about rated home this is the second seed. And you have been doing wonderful things with the show you we love seeing you every week every Friday on the Disney Channel and much in life and energy to the role of Reeve acts there. I will admit when I was younger I used the V watching. You don't ray then. By Friday night that go around accused him out it's Arabs and I used to be the raven Simone who didn't know. It was a lot of fun and and it's great to have you back and I'm glad that your home once again and am glad to be back and in the talking about the upcoming app at the cell. Ravens home rebate now everybody tuning in and watching. You know that whenever raving gets ready to do her choreography. And thing it is going to be a good old time you don't. It's no accident. I know what's gonna be risen original music and choreography. And Eldon a little bit about. That SOK so. This episode is extended episode we have will the beast is choreographer the heavyweights is producers Anthony Hill wrote the script. And we have the magic of Disney coming together creating any episode. Centered around music. Friendship. And understanding and Fam and so what happens is there is a plane that is about to get produced in the kids' school. And there's two people that well there's one person that really wants that means. Character and that's my son and then my daughter feels like her best friend. Should have that role so we're also didn't dealing with gender roles in this episode as well. And as the story progresses. Even Baxter metals as her her on it. And she has a musical. Song is well in there too. Push the story along we have a little bit of R&B funk pop hip pop than Kate pop. So we are all over the map with this but I think that. Being that every single character has their own musical style it blends in a cool way because that's how family is everyone's a little bit different in many -- altogether it's like the best number you can have. At least a wealth that I I think one of the things that we look for a Q. With this type the show is just the fact that you hit on real issues it's not like one of those things that's kind of like oh far fetched. Even though yes you do have this gift this vision we idiots act but it's real way there is no ground data due Gypsy. But I I I loved me the idea that even though technically I think it's a show for all ages but yes I know it is gates towards younger audience but. It's still being there are timely and important that you that you bring up on the show and I think people gravitate towards that as the climate angry. You know you want to be able to have these conversations and I think that's very important day here at these shows able to do that. Let's talk these fans because I feel like like me you know when I watched. And accelerate in so many little moons ago. I became a and it's instant fans so all the fans of today because you have not only my generation Thursday but yeah of the younger generation you hold different audience now. I have to say I am very very lucky to have been in the industry since I was three years old. I'm 32 now so you know your generation the generation before you and the generation after year. Has been. Watching me grow up. And so. For this and actually give credit to Disney Channel and many give credit to. Entertainment. For always needing that Miami based show and so with days everyone can sit down. Mom you're Graham Meyer on teach your uncles your Brothers your manager sisters your best friends the downed as we do have a dozen different seasons and he might making its. Anyway. You can sit down and like he said talk about issues that are happening in today's world you know before you might have not. Touched on issues. It. There are more issues to touch on this time apologies. They're more issues to touch on this time because their social media and I did not have social media when I was on that so read and it was just starting it wasn't. As important and so wing you have. Device like mind just went off that is our hallways on your hip my mind. Changes the social structure changes the human structure of how one looks at oneself in how you deal with issues so the one thing that I love about television that I. Grew up. Using it for was. Problems at school problems at home problems within society how do these characters that I look up to deal with. And what can I take from them what can I say why didn't like how that turned out unlike honey did dampen they defector at this helps you think. And when you give a top bake. You know like. Likes and self confidence there hand in hand for sure in today's climate. UK and give the answer with a spoonful of sugar why not laugh. A little bit but I can't. Eat with until they saw this. Future but at least I learned something from its own. It often offers that teaching element to duke you can learn said. On and so you know I think you sit so much right there and I want attacks on the idea just how interactive show is you know again this social media people are watching this. On line because we'll air where. You're tuning in on your television but you're looking. Online you know all the hopefully hopefully here on Disney go alone hopefully you screaming you do Disney get a light there's. So many ways to see it. Which is another reason why if you don't stay current with what's happening you'll foggy mind. And people see that in their social numbers they seed and movies in sequels but it's also kind of you know a little bit of a paradox because we are going back in time and resurrecting these shows. Willing grays and and so many others thank goodness That's So Raven in the version of her character because I'm able to have a job. Going back because you meet talked with those people and in this. Weird. Drew only stage of the future we need a little comfort. You've been able to bring a lot of comfort through the different. Characters you've played throughout your career you you talk these reboots I have to ask you because I feel like a lot of ninety's shows have been re booted. Don't hang a mystical all track I think. Why have I was left to do a reunion of Hingham mr. group Bristol talked to pretty much everyone. Prom that show and and those and I don't talk to their either working or am Mike I change my number. But could you imagine hanging with mr. Cooper a mcinnis. Of it mark curry Holly Robinson signs a quarter men Omar getting. Mark peace will saying you know back in the day that show it people like Don Cheadle and rests in peace no Carter aaron's all many other people blank. We just resurrect for like a month. TG IF within 1997. To 1998. Egg EG family matters step by step. Hanging mr. Cooper. And I think it was two others. I can't remember but those are the ones that I was filming around at the time I would left to repeat but they do avenue T. They do it then we are thankful for that but yeah I think like you said just Karen time. Just do those show and I ending people would love it can be found it very nostalgic you know so many great moments that we had. Home down angry moment. They get and imaging brought them it's covered because I feel like you've always been able to. Drink so much life to your rolls at just laughed but also make us think a little bit too don't you go that's definitely had good at the a little bit about just. We are you see yourself because. You know you're a young of course where you were young youthful but you you've happened his ability to gravitate towards a really great projects. Film wise are you. Have to mentioned you know we senior and a half hour at that time. I doubt and you know you you you've done all these amazing things television whenever I mean you don't live for you. I'm very lucky. To be a part of productions. A movie that I really enjoy doing is actually a friend project it was called a girly grace. And it was something different than I had portrayed before a date for when kneipher. Lifetime. Empire lights he says and my age and I did masters of none I pay. Love a good character and love something backs. Brings me joy Ayers and that I've always wanted to for train. As I get older I'm thirty to use as I get older I definitely want to make sure that I make choices that I can be proud. That it's. Fit into the scheme of my life comfortable he. And I'm gonna be honest there's so many talented people out there and there's room for everyone that I wanna be able to eventually transition to him. Place in the industry right can offer jobs to people so you know more on the east side more on the running the show and creating an. And searching out and new talent to really represent these stories. You know afraid good character comes up I'm never gonna turn it down because it's when I been doing for my entire life but you know. Safe we were if I was in a different industry. And I said I've been working for the last thirty years it's almost time for retirements. I am just kind of thinking okay how could I usually I've learned for these past thirty years what can I transitioned listened to to where I don't have to. Re learning in high your new career which I'm also doing because I'm in school for art and Trenton and working towards my actually isn't finer now. An arts now but. Within that industry MR yen. Canadian what can I do to get back. And thank so much for Disney Channel giving media Bertini executive produced the Chenault. To learn the ropes to be fully involved. Not just a vein eighty symbol to help choosing cast to help issues with sex directing to help choose the directors to help choose everything. So that win. I moved to my next project and well versed and well prepared and how to run a show and hopefully he. Havilland more to the industry. And absolutely and you will because again you years years. As much as Ike Ike keeps saying I only let you all the tenure. Oh you've been very feasible and I'm just thankful that you're doing these things. On. Exciting that's bringing us in every week on Friday. Could be ten only break and then called an of course ravens' home remixed. Upcoming episode. Very excited to see it 8 o'clock PM eastern standard time do not miss it. I'll be watching and get you know not be as combat related. We brought some ninety's moves back I don't Larry don't learn then that just added. How about adding about and that of course they used so much for stopping by a unique top what's upcoming episode rated remake element that. It Easley in signing off.

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{"duration":"11:52","description":"Raven Symone 'Raven's Home,' acting and what's next in her career","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58418854","title":"Raven Symone discusses the upcoming musical episode of 'Raven's Home: Remix'","url":"/Entertainment/video/raven-symone-discusses-upcoming-musical-episode-ravens-home-58418854"}