Real Housewife of NJ, Siggy Flicker Helps Two Singles Trying to Find Love in 2017

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Siggy crash a first date and talk top dating tips for the new year.
44:04 | 01/14/17

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Transcript for Real Housewife of NJ, Siggy Flicker Helps Two Singles Trying to Find Love in 2017
Hey what's up everybody I'm in the live here in New York helping you out track New Year's resolutions and it want to let the fine. You're in the right play no one knows love. Better than this woman right here eighty Flickr so much for being here thank you thank you for having this is going to be. McNabb sucks so let you back to Britain over and other like endangered species also released. Expert to. Make that would just to get together. Over and yes people together this week just people who are. Living together or together. Just LeBlanc and I think that there's at least for every pot there that the and you together. All your guidance with and into. The this is my hero fairy tale of the people like when you order was placed at Pete's reply comes to your house thirty minute. Today I'm urging people to go right the wrong theory to get out your comfort zone pop global. Don't stay hole don't spotlight eating is fabulous lobby. But nothing can determine chemistry. Like getting out there and writing your own fairy tale meeting people face defeat so you know something right. My mother I mean issues would reap purse on the F. Five. And impersonating him to that we early trips and says a lot of outs so today. So convenient. I'm telling people. It EC also. It's not worth at its heart is well worth it. Get out of some east peace. Iqbal you have to work or at lights it's worth it. Without struggle you know that there was no vote so why it was in no more. I preach to people know you're worth stop yourself on the clearance. Just behind the glass when he finds -- why if you eat with your authentic sound. And you know your work that you're citing the press that you won't tolerate anything less than. And once beasts things oh lead with your true self. And not trying to be anybody else are not trying to be what you need bury your mail me next want to. That you actually we are. For example if I was to protect white girl and didn't want to sound of my own voice. After if you think it. Right so I say this it's like and finally found it to might. You know and fees rule yes that's you that's why. I work for him yes we wrote the book together. There is no guarantees that relationship is at work right by first marriage didn't work. It ended in divorce attitude all over again because two of the most kids the world Sophie Joshua. And when I found the love my life my ex husband was my husband's best man the and frankly not a class act like my ex husband but. Pop. You'll want to do this so why not do it right and it is not working my message to. Viewers out there is light poles after divorce divorce you fail they could get all over again to my ex husband up those children. So there is light out there yet after divorce especially if you're single. And I. Siegel is not the worst thing in the world don't agree to discover what it's important to you right it's a great and we don't absolutely it was being single isn't gonna kill a human being in a relationship is that he don't know you're worth. You know yourself first you love yourself first. Being in a relationship is doing. So figure yourself. But moved forward. You agree with you if people every time. The couple live Earth Day how hot it. Eight Gina and Manny. Things. Hey hey yeah. And with you being here and the times that I actually. Lost touch it's time for good luck to get you guys get an app and it does not live to her that it does not happen every day as graciously agreed. To walk Gina in any birthday the day as the don't. The picture you do eat please picture you don't. And they reach the agreed to let you ride so burst up the greeting guests not. How you approach that was comfortable Brea. So act. Blind there's not highway. UNC. And met someone on an app and we've been talking for her little or mania Okajima right. And AM siblings like and she just its affiliates currently offers its commitments and and actually. Sell out his client architecture and on the hunger now crier but I don't. Do you what ever makes you feel comfortable at the end of the day if you put your head on the pillow and say I was actually know quite what's today if somebody turned out because you keep them a hug. And you'll warm and kind person he frequently. There's only write in Long Beach yield that's so. So far so good out of this exhibit tells the that actor's. We're telling each other as that the first 150. Purely. I am warriors isn't living in Manhattan it travels quite fit and I call this my brother. Comments on one and two Brothers. And it's in the craft beer world title of the year and and there it was mechanic campaign city and its. I'm very busy work and it's good dating street. Full time at full gospel from Thailand Britain we'll time. And have family members in my family taking care of my mother taking care we've been raising and success so. I barely have signs lately so that's why this is a degree experience like it narrowed down. Logic to this. That comment to Conakry rains so right away you have a heart of gold. If the heart of gold he of people listed your clothes your brother your clothes your family I loved what's going on here chemistry is a mystery. Right now what can determine we have to have chemistry when it's all you have to do is put yourself out there but what I'm sentencing is is a lot of excuses being me. Everybody has a job and everybody has to work but at the end of the day. You don't want to be 95 years old with your dentures say don't like I never gave up the chance you have to if you want it bad enough you're gonna make time for. I'm asking for two days a week. Two days a week to go out and meet somebody. Thank you want today to be a cup of coffee can be an appetizer can be dinner or can be dessert I don't care could have easily for brownie. You have to meet that time no excuses everybody's been seen everybody has the story. But if it means something to you when you really wanna be in a relationship you gotta go forward and it's time for it. OK so you're at it why is because I. Meeting in person it where it's what you suggested they're still. It's just saying it is very -- it's a very very much. And I believe. If the man is asking a woman on the an inch knows that's just my belief I'm very old school I would never take credit card and I would never eat for me because I wouldn't be sitting capacity. Eight. Down the road if you're in a relationship phenomena relationship that you lost your job and help bouncing toward. We're in this together. But in a bikini. Men are hunters by nature of the challenge the woman makes it too easy. The most interest trust me I'm gonna be fifty years old I know what I'm talking I think it's. So now however because I meant and I feel for a lot of men today because a lot of women can be very to be anti. I don't care if you going to apple peace Cheesecake Factory triple play. Personally I don't cue creek telling. You ask a woman uncle what you're comfortable budget ones who. But you should always eaten meal I have clients come to CC I felt that I took credit card supply. Why do you keep clients why can't it wants you happy. Yeah. So let's ask you out and then feel like I should page yeah half an hour I think currently. Justly proving that like I felt that things and I I don't yeah items and a lot of a lot of men Klein sees me I want to feel like on the me. And today women are so powerful that we're no longer in the kitchen and here on out there changing the world we are out there actually moving and shaking the world. And we're bringing going to be a frying pan critiquing our kids to school breasts feeding doing everything at the end day a man wants to feel like he is the man. Let him lead and me and wants to lead. The feel good about themselves when they're leading to be in front of the woman who has full time job and powerful into evil that let them take the lead and give them the respect. So it sitting at nightmare and female ideas as if someone in my cell tracked right there's. Eight I would like to host you. Grammy. Rhetoric that. Now if you're asking somebody oddity. If you say hey I got to CU and I know that excellence is your day off so do you mind if we get together. If you're inviting somebody out at you wanna treat that person there's nothing wrong with. But I very old school I believe it takes six months to a year to really get to know somebody. People go right away chemical on Islam an adult son they get sick and that person is taxing you feel that our I want to me and abuse over the possible to. To say hey I guess if I'm thinking about you don't wanna get sick and acted outside your door whatever it is. It takes time ticket to go some. In the for the first six months afterwards you CE my actions speak louder than words how he treats you. It's OK to say hey you know what I got this one Taiwan issue. I'm asking for the beginning to let the man Lee and they're asking for them for the Whitney took the number one thing I think you'd get my friend I am. I am I need someone in charge and hurt only time I need to act and how old they're okay. So also another good tip or Whitney now Dearborn in your thirties. When you aren't your twenties it's easier to eat other people in your twins Collie each school made it easy. Want you getting your thirty's my rule is always did two. Yes I don't look at the number it's not about the number it's about the maturity level. You should payment worth 35. Authorities are looking for women were a little bit younger. Nothing. They feel like that you want to be with somebody you could go from women also linkages that they want to be some who takes charge. And it's enough capital that pressure on the young man was in his thirties. Date older. Always date older because you want to feel like how would this person one growing. You know from and you know went out with my husband he teaches me so much I always feel like ten years into it I I learned so much from him. And it's such a turn on you could happen but somebody you're honey I'm just as a rule of thumb it's about the maturity. Not the number update each. Are. You what's your rage. It's ones. U standard. You're doing right you're wrong. Sorry it's not a simple. I thought he added I. Cross it why are there I just doesn't just because I don't. Michael is for this beautiful girl to actually comment saying hey everything's going rate and I. So what you're angry you're basically taking on each time. Altered well I'm just say you which you want somebody who was shaker and there to somebody in your twenties. You know it's just starting out. I'm not judging each. It's amateur. Experience when it not really track nine year old cash management and you can. That's it point could go back because of icy because like with lighten. You know life has been es me what you wrestled. Ten but because he lost his father believed his mother to cancer he suffered a lot of things in his life which he's very mature person. So to me being with is perfect because he's mature it's about the maturity it is. Aren't you where you're not isn't. Until it's the rich city here sipping their coffee you not let them two readings and at first that would not need any orders here's if we're in. We of course would hat leader a mover everybody's hire. Or. Menus being you know homers and one doesn't children's friends. Don't always. Pretend like we're not yeah. So oh motives are elements. Yeah OK let's restrict as they went right to water that's right it's good percent yes. Not your you guys were on the lunch date right yet so would you be literally you can order alcohol I was definitely program and it beautiful. Or how are you aren't talking let you have a shared interest you right here in craft the Mariners are ten that are in its natural right yes we and that definitely. Absolutely acting having a glass of wine having between two cocktails easily you don't want to leave it the date while a loss Laurie your words the united. I the end of the date what do you have chemistry and optical it is at the end of the day it was nice meeting you. If your reason enough to say I don't think that the chemistry there may be when he clusters and I I I really enjoyed you. Your creek any chemistry was there you act like a lady you never know meaning you have an uncle and next door neighbor a friend at work today. Your class act Gina I know the chemistry it was a gift for us but hey my friend which might he ended up my nobody. Might well ask it's all about building. It. Your network of people it's really good. It's not just not making a good impression I hate it that's the whole network now only look at it as I have my friends and I might work France. And not have my life it. Built up my social network. People who work this might look like right here and if it's just as important as my work life and I personally think it's so important because we worked so hard on professional network. Hate him and internships and look different Ike. You think you have to do that would do that sticky. So every person as a person of value nobody should be judged if you like if you went with man in Mineola Saddam was was. Whatever it was he was not your cup of tea you never know will Manny knows so unless he was due to. Ron is your name right ot. I don't agree we're just talking about Greek means IA Arlen. So if Manny was Rhode Island you would say not for me not for me so I don't care about his friends because she'll be your friends are showing who you are. Goodbye but. And he's going great. You never know he knows it's always leave that apple and use it to back is building your social networking York life. All right tonight got what you look at the yeah write letters. Let's face it between Kuwait coming up which. That. And to secure it's going to Cuba and SUSX. Box. So for how well okay so what's next malt while it would have been an eye and it got you it. Knowing that your partner it if start asking about. Your background in the barn Sunnis and specialty cocktails network or get. Outlook that might act out there. It's okay see it happen I would negotiate for them questions. Emma is very important what you mentioned you wouldn't quite rate wearing gophers and. Perfect. Perfect to stop. No sacks you don't talk about sex politics or religion on the first date nothing there is no talk about Donald Trump the Clinton is the Obama administration. Politics you because you want to make it light what you do for a living what he liked to do when you're not working. We have you traveled to be an interesting places you want to keep it light there's a song that used to be on things that make you go. Are looking for it. Not be here gonna hit you think they are accurate. Old. It's just. Trustee. To connect Steve chemistry. And keep. It. Talk about those we talk. Politics. Or or yet. You know what kept him luck kept up come before politics sex. Clubs and when you love somebody. You listen to their use you respect. As a right to hear it and has a right to judge and on the first day. Are you. Just keep it. Fresh. Out lots happening it's those. Jack and you like and eight are now. There where Ed. Breaker right. And expert. And it's like yeah you're single because it's a lot of pressure on. What. I. It puts you start to work. At the in the mail do you expect this company. Day. Offers it challenges and thinks she ultimately. It's something well. Connected. It's. Oh act. A story for us Michael he said. I went through horrific divorce and I'm not looking African again at the EP he. The most wonderful things people. To start ups. So that they hide your area three if it ever okay. For the man to order for the woman. In fact a little slow yeah we're just ask you liberty and that's because there's no hugging no. She's encouraging something I items at airport. Ready to order that. Actually do. See you have none. A few well I mean if anything I would get an appetizer kindly don't usually goes through mostly let me guess that they heard it at the end. He's been. Perfect and beyond the I'm sure animal cues like 90%. Yeah that's it really seen. And he's sorry to tell I would what I like I personally would like to lean meat dumplings spring rules here it's. Let's Dublin and house. You Booth. Kid. Tim when than. And until mind besides that I hated them and recently. Jeff. In Egypt in thank you. The order. So. But what you. Should it. Me. We. News there. This I got on what day it went when you. Life via a wonderful for you hate you. I only. It but but it's like. He's he's into it he's happy and grass he built this. Mine water even if she might be he would expect our. The order that needs it makes you happy. He's a quality. It. Us oh. Act. And it was a eyewitness why. The salute. Is it good to pick that person. Well heart council. On its. Nice guys finish last don't see it first. Because. You want me. Sick time being light. Says he's caught does it. What happens is when Michaels call call it when Michaels shop he showed up and I eyes sparkle. This tight end once the one to recognize. It's fine. The top it would go. Jobs would eat. But. It. At a sports bar. Side. Truly to a at a school for an athletics that's pretty much island due back fourth school. Street. Reaction to work. If you Rico once allowed two before he's we. Usually like to forward heavily jobs that's currently. In Iranians things work out. It's experience fitness. I am IA. My brother as a rock agents and reasonably well in the past and answer congress. My new obsession on. It's gas knocks out through. Yeah not the top one some military. But on at least fifteen below wall and it's a tough road. It's in your hardest and and you have someone bullying you buy it I just can't so I purchased. You don't have any partisan thing. 1516. Eyeing his client. Again it's not if you're having its largest of these. A if you're talking about things like you're getting to know she's extremely competitive. Race more. Smart she likes to check out he's not going to be happy with somebody just constantly around she's not cheat sheet days and that's likes eight. This match this would never work. Or you're too young for her. Eight and she needs somebody who is older for her but I love the way that this is doubly. But she went people talk about themselves and what you do for a Livni would do would not. Politics sex religion. About the fine had a lot. She is go getter she's going one way quickly boldly the top she'll work her bottle until she gets to where she needs to get. And that's an. I'm because. I know I can only you know yeah. But that's why did this was born killer was more a little bit what you need some news aggressive in and that sense. But at least you guys are doing it Kenyon perfect scores are. Kenya air. Some common eating. Like here's. Where and what not. What I get the most disgusted with it is ordering the most expensive. Virginia. If you. I wouldn't hear yes. Wouldn't that lack trial in China speeds is something that. That any human that's it hit me. Yes it's your sweetheart I know they took me Aum Iowa's of people illegally firstly be respectful of your out to dinner with and that doesn't need to register piece of lettuce. I just say dual gold flora. The lobster tails and unless you really want to saint -- respect it's a first date you're trying to get to know somebody you don't wanna you know. What are the most expensive thing on the menu. If a lesser of children and their sick and you have somebody home you know. He shouldn't be all time like I checked my messages you should give that person your full attention it's called being respectful. I don't like people who were only people who actually speak about the other person. And having it's very easy got put yourself first as athletic preached love yourself for our first but what you are in the presence of somebody else. Show some respect so should show some class. And can't get people on their phones. As good as it did this and that people should go to dinner or drinks but ever and that goes right next wanted to know shot at a high. Facing me just went up and wannabes who is on sees this policy at the children. So he's not feeling so on and keep my phone on the tape apparently did he get out he might be circles. That what you're saying to the person I respect that you. Got dressed in keen not to any and a tiny. Yes and as long as your upfront and you see this people just appreciate somebody else's honesty. And let somebody really looking for something is looking for that person with a heart muscle. Was not gonna adopt them and leave them and keep count me was going to be honest and missing seeing. I'm not really feeling you at least you're walking away. You were honest person I just don't like when people mislead people or disrespect but. What. Check like he let go into that date thinking. Only to be with someone. Mosquitoes got this in this age range lives around here it does fit. He doesn't know I mean very minor the and you as far as it checklists it would definitely be minor things. Please someone who's established early cuts their life together. But I'm really feeling I wanted it flee corners I turn this kind of going with an open mind. And did not have bet. Yes because they think some people get caught up and that you know there's a whole you have to have this as a medicine I think hours against. I tell people to get rid of this writing it in 25 years of doing what I'm doing I've never happen but content partners. Everybody wants me and wheel arch its person. He shook up his mother he shook his father he should want kids he should have. Rock climb and ski and have got to children. You know whatever companies seeking please I want you fat slob was captured the back to chip was knowing that he might break but let me just study the rollout that list. It's about chemistry. When I was getting going through my divorce. And following the rules of this book. And putting myself out there. I did not have my I want somebody who doesn't on top of his head cells Jeep cherokees for a living he watches. My husband has no hot topics that is the most beautiful humanity ice are gone by his his press it's his demeanor are. He can't talk about it some aren't. I just hate it it's there until they eat. Everything about game. Makes my my heart there's chemists to me is there. It could you don't know who it's gonna be somebody's lives could be that we talked its could be. The lady you don't know when or clinic but there have chemistry with. So get it your list this was not. Structure it was cut. Choice to be somebody who's ambitious west that's fine but some people I will meet somebody who was six feet tall. He should have a full care it's like ridiculous but it went. I was okay with it's a peak. Checks even at a. And then jump. I. And that goes message goes. Accident. Has shut applicant. It's. Huge bang. Out. What you think the question is what comes next. Being. On them to announce the date where you read it. In Iran and you're talking right. Yeah. I'm content anxious. These movies. That each. Adds. That her. Apple. An. Important part. When you're. Out. Earth and action it. Just likely effort. Here on top. You know slippers. I. But US. The best possible so you can't just this case. Hostages all your jokes are you it's. I. I happen. They get so nervous it. They talk too much and he. It's our it's like and he asked. It's. She goes. To calm her down but out at day. Don't put about the other person when your honor this so what you do. Traveled anywhere even when you're nervous because a lot of people like this have to talk about. And adversity comes to seeing you just had the worst date with this girl all she there was talk about herself. But it ultimately not about girl she was just sonar zone. That you are getting ease I don't know. You name it I mean that I've been on QD eight. I'm. And it's. I thank you if you change your profile Eugene bull. And you change the each. You would ya opened you're buying you're right this current lot actually if you Gina. Date up to put that they hire just yet and sent I have as we hear him and me meaner now that are you know why. Try and move him with what its passage and perhaps what's. That. Let's let us now she took a higher. Your 31. Between 3540. Act. And let me just say something I have to take some women also tend to line up there each. That is to be no puppies gonna find your driver's eyes on it it is something it's 2070. Today I think he's in new twin IPO I happen. Here's 84 months two person my birthday. He's fifty years old I've ever looked so good a felt so good you. How she thinks. We should all the equity yank out there and today. People like a lot of wanna see somebody older because it takes the biscuit coming with a keen and skin that after they now. Well do you think rich Stew was you know. You could walk out your fingers and toes you've got nothing to sit in the welteke. Bringing your poll out after the you guys dig and something about this. Rod. How engaged keeping people should be on. That meeting if it and it's that the virtual world. Online. He. Capacity well I mean. The eighties. Sydney correct that you need to use right we discussed. To build up your social network. You. So somebody reaches out to your image to your profile. So. He wouldn't. But the answer goes back and forth. Online hotline at turning it never lost more. A couple of weeks OK why people because people use it security plea. And people are like it. Is going package put it for six months six months. Now I might mean to each other out there after turning active. Security. First even exist to. Yeah us. Eighteenth they don't look like it Salt Lake City. The conversation flows. Getting messages from you it excites me look for Q. Do you mind have to work for turning. 45 minutes is. Earth that they that's it to say this person really use you. Contain unique continues he'll. Integrity to eat there still people are using laptops. And to hide. Why because number one problem with people in their life it's. People the year rejection. And I went on me in rejection is God's protection. It rejection of protection. Yeah. Companies rejecting you you're gonna find out later that the U one Q it's. They aren't about use in Europe meet the opposite sex that's our. Job is to take rejection learn from me. Out and when all work. He's got trying to see from an unhappy situation. So because people view which makes it recovers from their laptops. And staying online for six months to a year like her dad. Yourself. US has it right so think about all the people that you admire your life. You think Oprah would people without taking a risk. You think Michael Jordan would mean Michael Jordan without taking a risk. If it without rent a house last did you see. A toothache so many people doctors. Steven Spielberg. It's California. Each time he was rejected. So he stayed home. First and now he's genius mind. Steve Jobs. He was hard sort. We. This technology. So they back a lot of action yes this people actually look at which action Wednesday. Bring it on and color are the people who actually succeed and my point is that he succeeded public. The district or eating. It here at AB inhale it offered no. Asking for the check. With the ethnic. She's not say anything. I don't care if he's kept for eight hours you are not. If I want you know you're worth bill your war. Know your worth your mom's appetite seeing the up telling you don't I'm sorry. If somebody invites you quantity. You can mean you're not putting yourself on the clearance. Unless you last update the rules change. This year not to speak until Manny asked for the check. Check cops he would not say anything you can protect chuck is and with spectacular any credit card. Do not on offer. If it's. Like usually my movie is that it is and equipment it skipped them. Just constantly snapple moment like. Sharks. Marching for girls and present. Any girls out there and each. I well. Gee what it would act to split it. Well I I appreciate you asking me but I don't hold your crown this it's somebody it was. If somebody came to US Gina t.'s and open up like street which your brother and open up and partner with me. I. Know. Am tired uptight. Q you're set you know you're worth you ask this past ID if he's asked you would you like this it I appreciate you asking but once. Won't play. You know a little there is. Something you'll be thinking about for the next thirty days. To get it to me and mine to be just what any just odd man out there are begging for men to be allowed to be. Their backing for that Julie. I want to me. Stupid rules for men and it's its integrity and that means that if my clothes are such powerful features. Mean but the world. So yeah. Solid. Yet. Evelyn and let's eat it or not. That there. There. Were lingering over. I heard. Could ease when it's time the high. More than. Low since I think hope is those things. The fast act if you're not a hugger don't hugger but. I think you should each relatively large European Chicopee and shakers you know that your little bit colder than a hug her. For me somebody treats me to dinner or an appetizer they. Pop com. Keep in touch to see you again to me. Chick you. Know there's. Some. You I. Speak. At UF. XE. Call me peach chutney. Eric I. Check. Out person joint. And ED. Just the person that's basically what it comes to. You. Hunts. I. I. As. She. Europeans. Accurately do it. Away. Directly. To me. It's yeah. I. He. Ought. To. Work. But it's. Day eight. If it would difference. It tasted it I. Thought it. The your work. Cut. Out. A cute that you. He. And desperately. Such good. People he hates me. You look fresh on our. Minds are. Yours. What is it you guys happen. And it. It's. Trust me. Esther hi there wouldn't even fit any of those. We've done those pearls of wisdom that all of the book you guys richer and fairy tale. He went there that you are incredibly. He's saying he's there was so much Nancy Keenan is here kind of hanging liquor. This in my mind that my work. All of you out there thanks for joining. Helpful in the wake and find you guys 2017. Acre joining us with the on time.

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