'Real Live': Celebrities declare stances on religion

Celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Justin Bieber have recently declared their stances on religion.
7:47 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Celebrities declare stances on religion
Hello and welcome to a special and the summer edition of real live on Mike Roth and the David Caplan and I'm joined as always by the stars this currently in its Frederick. Like you brought you guys. Dominated every time so it's not an Oscar yeah you can't rid of but. Yet we're some fun topics talk about today yeah to get off with celebrities and religion. Oh yeah yeah. Oh. Best thing to talk about anything. Lot of them in the news these days you take it back couple months ago Justin Bieber is. Take some time off to you know find themselves then. In his store we talked about school couple yet again. And then now the big discusses Jada Pinkett Smith and Scientology's two very different. But also tied together. Concepts. What you guys think about this is it do we need to know celebrities religion is an important what is a factor in your thoughts. I think people just really wanted buying our. Understand people Anderson celebrities as humans and they want to kind of mind connection between them and some that might be some other people's them you know their fans might be fine colleges and their fans might be religious so. To hear that might be of comfort to them. But. Particularly when it comes with Scientology. I think there that might be a contentious. That I have a contentious reputation in the. And yeah. Very carefully. Accurate yeah. Apartment it's now I. This issue with religion within celebrity. The right guy gets presented at every awards show whether the ask here is we just had it needs right god is the first person with thing. Said it would economists who. So every religion becomes as polarizing toxic being. I think the issue with science can't be beat that's become so contingent is. It's at the seeker religion at we just don't know a lot. Science the preachers on how to preach sir and as you do other images if you. Until it comes these conference issued an air rises godsey. There's no official response from the Nazis and then we're left to wonder what it is as the winds levees due come out or not come out at their house is. It immediately think them that negative things hear about. Right despite deep ball and I think that becomes. At issue. I think guys weren't so it kind of again it's really comes to politics. I think that we and the rubber pad and meets the rule with lie. Politics and so that the politics religion is a must large year did this sadness in that space. With beaver and and G-8 is that they're very they're vastly different that right so beaver. Is to differences within within two different kinds situations of beaver he did cancel storms are fans are upset about that but the same time it seems like he is. Using that as a way to better himself against says the united been performing and touring since he was like 1213 years old one ever. And now he's taken some time off to to kind of do its thing the G-8 thing is adjusting and only your thoughts on this because it almost feels lake. Psychology aside because I don't think comment on funding I don't know very much about. But it seems like she was almost called out by the remedy and has been very vocal against the church of Scientology's. And she took it upon herself which again it. If it's true. Go in or do you she tweed out this series of tweets saying I've done all these things I don't need to identify as a Scientologist I just. I've been you know I've I've tried you know she Sybase and buddhism christianity. GA is. Happy. Now here IA. And so. It's weirdly you don't wanna judge based on a religious original aside almost seems like she was called up for the seat being call what do you think about that this is it. Easy target to be caught out because Lina is on this quest almost seems like to really exposed. And it is is in Scientology's. I don't understand what the motives of it is behind her mission if you vote. I think Jake has been so out front invoke a lot of issues when it comes to diversity in Hollywood you know dismissed advisory is examine what if that's how they read their children right and this is chores are buried these three. Individuals who grouped differently because the freedom because their parents or this this has always had this intriguing notion of that it goats a larger question guys denizens of the role that religion is playing in today's society. I think is as a culture as a society we're trying to figure out what is religions a lot of individuals he's that individuals abandoning the traditional structure of religion and seeking spirituality. Well now we're hearing a lot more use in terms of my energy. Insurance and that we're hearing more about the universe like instead of god and I think as we have more information out the side ages those media I think everyone that was this. Questioning religion and their position which ended. And the dogma it verse the spears out tennis I think that's what religion and celebrity has become such interesting topic. Does this I got. You know I just say I think that in today's socio political climate that people kind of really resorting Q. Religion or spirituality or have they want app however they want to Freeman and so I think that has become a comfort to people including celebrities though. It's it's it's a really it's. Thin line to trend right. Is that he's. That's an. With the poker player I've ever gonna get a guy you gonna win it has yet here. And not that evidently what makes mourns this the Pope. This Pope is very act by the Twitter rant to the Pope was almost a celebrity it and south and so as it began to have the discourse urban lives and the Pope when. Really go with its back into the middle of it because even pick up cues of his new source of a legal term minimalism ranks of the Pope is as minimalist poll now he doesn't want to live in extracting as the pass is right he went to keep this month apart. He you'll foregone their rates use that we are very wit and so he's gonna hold reported minimal is them. Different way of religion and I think that's going to be interesting as millenniums now partners at that point as hurt as often as they like. This Pope is finding new ways to connect and identify its I think that altitude makes it the conversation more dynamic when it comes even individually the Pope. I think sorry. I mean a lot of people are also a lot of celebrities are also is almost become a me and they in Hollywood that celebrities have this other platform. Whether it be religion whether he. And now animal rights are whatever it isn't I think religion had their religion and spirituality or have Rainier for emea has become another platform. That audiences can identify with or not I'd. Interesting point because you know that I thought about that now Rothman an alligator take on this is that not remember about in my whole raft race I remember it became this great trinity eight and at a no shots fire took about and I think that's anything but it became this pop courtroom home and we became cool to Wear red string. Around your rest Rite Aid added he began to qwest they come product about it is as though studies and have a way of elevating its friends. I creating trends to Mosul and me Regis it highlighting. Things that may be more. Obscured. Before move on though. I do think it was in Jimmy brought the Pope I thought it was. It's nice to see him and then there's nothing to discuss here but it's nice to see him he seems more open I think if more people are or open and and. Not dogmatic with their their religion it seems to be more accepting his mention millennial some Woolsey I guess only time will tell to see if that has a better approach where it's not like. If you're Catholic you have to be Catholic and you can kind of experiment and find what makes you a better person more peace.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Justin Bieber have recently declared their stances on religion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50032170","title":"'Real Live': Celebrities declare stances on religion","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-celebrities-declare-stances-religion-50032170"}