'Real Live': 'Game of Thrones' S7 premieres Sunday

FiveThirtyEight's chief culture writer gives a run down on "Game of Thrones" ahead of the Sunday premiere.
7:16 | 07/14/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': 'Game of Thrones' S7 premieres Sunday
It's years all of that one of the people meet me cameo in. You know throughout season's seventh start Sunday night for we have our guy while here you gonna take it away yeah everything would have expected then it's it's going to be a real shot at it over the big war I think you don't like about all the drama and violence that we forget Alan dragon rage yet went to fund says. Not congress at all costs. The started immigrants is again it's a modern. We telling really just a classic. Fairy tale. It is at the hyper realistic. Medieval world that has dragons and you know hyper realism so. It is that there's this whole world what stress in neighboring continent at Texas it's controlled the seventeen. Over here we have this one tactical there start here twenty years ago her dad was the case. In a nineteen year old. Nineteen years ago asking that murdered HEX islands and so she's been spending. All this time building an army liberating slaves cities learning how to lead. Becoming a better person recruiting aunt and eventually. Getting dragon's to come back to take over her ancestral home now who's currently occupying the town. But blasters specifically Ceci announcers Bannister was married to indicate that overthrew the next spot. What impact on her kids took over and then eventually volatility and so now she just kind of loop eight C that city got bombed and charge and she is kind of don't belong with the evil right now we sweet. She's got a brother here in Manchester he's played by the well known actor Peter Lynch stars show. And he's had a fascinating arc he and started out teaming up helping as spam answers in such. Then he was accused of killing her son nephew. Exit exiled and he ran over to help the next target and he. Is on the votes come back quickly western us now again we are getting into the end game here so just said that there were gonna get the spoilers and talk MacBooks. It's happening up north is a huge concern everything going down it's not just into serviceable it's not just the invasion from the continent. We have brand stark he's one of the stark family leave the family that controls north. And he is up north of mobile. Bidders the lines of always winter is coming apocalypse are lights monsters and was gonna die the only thing standing in the way. They got small man again in Johnston case. He's intrigued. Huge ice army coming. Full of ice monsters they want everybody to apocalypse. Huge army coming with the dragons also ended in the south everything is coming together is an eight variance in. But he ethnic. Satellites a great job that's a great the before it down we know that your game aunt and and we keep. Yes behalf that they admit he can't as the months now we want to welcome you it's a real lack of credit parents and by the house of great joy and not. We did you the pirate house right there horrible people. I don't know I don't immigrants have been you know I love them but what other. The report. The record straight party get better than a real light a program it is if there isn't a question I think you know now with CNET but who will. And ridicule in the prevents game aren't it's good to give us an. There aren't yet what's your prediction was my prediction the first episode. Not super bloody if I remember the last episode of last season. Involved. Basically says they'll atmosphere bombing. A basilica built with all of our enemies it was a very very bloody ending to that season. And you like a call them what you need to check second OK back to me and we're good. So in the north again we've had people consolidate power a lot of these are are really just how we gonna figure out gets in the next steps I think. First episode knocking knees are bloody third episode because now I'm that his age Galati yeah I think. This soccer it is an artist I'm right and ethics Oakland and back. And my prediction when it is that scenario. Yeah dragons. Better or how to speak eye exam so I think the fifth Cesar Pickens weren't as good they had some rough story lines in there. Especially that they are based on a series of books and the books. There's five of them out now. And then there's a planned six of the plants that. And we've waited for the sixth book since 2000 let. Which is considerable amount of time to wait for for an awful. They don't really know book readers how it's gonna end we don't really know what's gonna happen next a furlong time where. That middle junked there on how they went from the beginning which was very well planned out in the books to the end which is very well planned out presumably. That middle portion got really rocky for but the quality shows only been going up. The investment in the certainly been going up they caught me last unit costs. Which is a ridiculous and punishment. Wait what you know whether he would intimate experience. Guest spot in the show that easily he's with the rate girlfriend go right into the film theme the theme that he's not the first musician to come on immigrants. Typically they're actually musicians in I believe the study was on different episode. Bomb cedar Ross I believe cavium wants and a lot of times they just say hey we got some guys when it comes in the corner let's just make them like that let that utility acclaimed band. The hold steady so it's. Ease brought going to be some musical capacity again we. Have coming up. A lot of potential battles coming up we have a lot of potential. Murders coming up so he could just Kennedy you know quick Guardsmen in outmanned and that you take scale to rate for buzz for the show rates are up in the audience a little bit. I think game but there'll is that good exam. That you can spin so eloquently HBO as an act the budget. Vote. This great example was among current players at you can have a high budget enough. And still make quality content they narrative. Development of the show its own line so spectacular. That Hollywood and big studios that it was Morton air with a big but it's with the actions. We will be fanatics as we are now anticipating. That coming. Books which if its at all exactly and about adapt its. That it is well out that its record some liberties certain areas in panic connecting dots I think that's. Is that you can't take liberties. It can be. As Linear progress. But are you traditional and if you wanna see the little treated at a. And bread and no light. Yes I'm expecting something yeah like completely different direction with mine. I think that a little refresh rate going back you know you don't expect to volatile climate has changed but the bad you know currencies for the west completely off the rails which often. And he's the Clinton years ago it. And it's C onscreen has been a huge delight. Seeing them deviate from the books has been actually sent a different experience rated these folks that they were started in the ninety's they were clearly pleased to improve at certain points. We've reading them for for decades it was so so any opportunity to expand and grow. On certain things involves fine. And also the deviations are very lightly again like this is a different. Stennis that we see in the in the book stands and watching the differences that you characters up highlight. Without the chorus and so are they though in group a hooker life going to be live tweeting on Sunday I think we all of these senior like Lott area.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"FiveThirtyEight's chief culture writer gives a run down on \"Game of Thrones\" ahead of the Sunday premiere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48648921","title":"'Real Live': 'Game of Thrones' S7 premieres Sunday","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-game-thrones-s7-premieres-sunday-48648921"}