Sam Claflin Goes Hungry For "Catching Fire"

The actor, who plays sexy Finnick Odair in "Hunger Games" sequel, reveals how he got into shirtless shape for role.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Transcript for Sam Claflin Goes Hungry For "Catching Fire"
Countenance. -- -- -- -- -- Mean supposed to -- for the horses but. Who cares about them and they got years to reach your resume and I -- -- -- some -- photographing. Shame about this -- thing. You you couldn't make out like bandits in the capital to lose money anything you want it they don't like tools and -- have more money than he needs them. Did you do with -- wealth in human and they'll -- many -- comes many years with a hundred people paid for the pleasure of your company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any secrets worth -- time. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening -- the movies and come on there's no other movie now. The and the Hunger Games catching fire and in addition to Jennifer Lawrence and all the people -- on the first movie there's -- -- this time there's newbies and one of the ones I think that's really making an impact dissent -- when who is playing an -- there who is described by most people as. What does it it's it's tall the line and hand. -- got right my right Sam welcome who raped a secret at all blonde green sex got. -- laughs out while I'm kind of average size -- -- and is added in -- And I'm definitely not a six -- my wife can attest that but I really don't let your newlywed yet she's attesting to it yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what kind of pressure do you feel when you get a part that's obviously fan favorite the books this season -- -- -- -- He hit all do this I'll be everyone's idol well I think -- -- it was a no brainer for me it's mean to be apart something that was units. You aren't as fun fest film and found -- the nobles. -- have the opportunity to work with incredible cost of his already established in. But Frances -- an incredible direct it and it was something. -- the bits going to be Adam. Bought united if you couldn't help but notice that is that is. This negativity -- towards my -- It is talking about the Internet and -- are just that there's any negativity -- world -- -- -- I was very surprised. And there was there are I think guards as surprised as most people that I ago -- like you're from August the united I've had remains -- the people who. Being seen Britain. Are deafening and so myself as one of the front runners to Ireland the guy who's gonna get the cool to say congratulations -- -- I was surprised than. You know you know I don't look like the -- -- it on the exterior -- there is nothing compared to makeup CGI. Working out a car and engine that will you know. Good parts of the Caribbean and snow and that's when you weren't exactly. A troll and you know exactly I don't know but Wendy loves somebody that much. There's that I'd I brought this copy of the book because that was just one -- is that about right -- been accused being introduced to world yeah yeah let's very short you won't mind that it says. I can't argue that -- and one of the most stunning sensuous people on the planet what else is one -- when I say it won't answer no one -- And this is cat is talking but I can honestly say he's never been attractive to me maybe she's pretty or maybe -- too easy to get or maybe it's really. That he just be too easy to loans. -- nice. Yes. That -- out -- did add there it is at so. Had anybody been playing that part they have to say what -- -- ditto. You've had to be saying to yourself. There's much more -- -- it isn't so could you describe to those where people and I don't know who are and how they get on their daily lives but -- had not read. Any that advocate who is that. I mean think of the Phoenix that idea Ikon agreed to -- Athens is that did this side of him that I I sort of sort again. Was that he's very very incident damaged soul. Yet -- -- good -- in -- -- the good looking and confident and charming on the exterior but the interior on the interior he's he's a very damaged he's lost. He's -- and -- fights it's very sensitive. He's basically acted -- learn to adapt to survive. Since he won the he's the youngest passenger medal in the Hunger Games -- sports -- As you can imagine not fourteen year old going through that experience and then coming out -- the sides. Yeah I mean that the united. -- traumatic stress disorder I mean muscle -- -- he's very -- I mean we. Say that in this to those that don't know what's happened is that just this everybody patents impede all think. If -- it -- -- presidents and decides to say we're gonna do an all star. -- everything is -- there it is the Harlem globe. I'm gonna bring all the winners so we could kill them again you know when you approach this one was the area of playing him. That most concerned that you thought was going to be the big challenge for -- And I mean it wasn't it wasn't his personality acting I think honestly I felt like it kind of get through that quite easily Adam to me it was -- it is physical. Transformation -- the challenges Tina as quickly as possible. That you have to. Well -- -- the -- -- CAR I was in the gym like three hours a day Adam -- to Heath. Every day from a pro say -- -- -- two days for weeks -- a five time five days a week for about four months. Three hours today and an an an hour now stunt work on top of that and then. You died sitting on top -- the united it is a huge huge that if lifestyle change means an englishman -- announcement Aaron I -- by bankers and efficient chips -- -- Their burgers and it's that it did not on the diet and they didn't know what I'm and I eat chicken and asparagus was well though that's really. That was -- her. It's -- on the last day. Did you just -- Dotson gets well what's what's great by. That's a start weaning myself off a little bit let me go to Hawaii nearing a concede this slide into the tunnel. And -- -- -- getting close to Christmas and but I kind of want to save myself before -- -- that myself. Wait until Christmas Day my mom's home cooking. I am and I think Google backed my mom's -- he -- Christmas Eve -- So -- -- CR's Sarah physically drained I think from a city where a couple of lunchtime on Christmas Day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For what's going to happen the way in this movie opens and it has already in some places around the world. When people who on the Internet said I would rather have anyone else I think now they will say. I love him states it's -- worse we. -- -- -- I mean I I I heard people are having disappointed in. I've heard from justice. You know. -- of a change in in -- in a lot of the women that. But it's gonna happen I don't matter it's going to happen -- announcer why -- -- how she -- deal with you getting this attention. Internet guy is she's she's sort of been through with a film that she did quote deem him between his main engines have huge -- successful in England and. It kind of from the united just -- game together and I remember we -- this festival ran like. At music festival and all these young guys that can command picture would you go -- -- -- so I was like -- -- that's over for for the day. Within these guys like that you want my case yeah I -- this. Can't do that went on -- -- vocal. But sought experienced a little like -- with -- or so -- art -- what -- in -- have been through the -- -- yeah Aaron. Adam -- but it's pretty easy can't prepare yourself I think. They are they'd say great example. So I have. The right people to two men and you know in contact that supporters if it for -- needs to them. None Clinton you know next time I see you I know it's going to -- where my body guards. I -- I don't want any of this known what a gravel -- -- -- -- yes OK it's gonna get it. So why in the -- -- had the experience of having done catching five. -- your favorite story of doing it what is the what is that memory. I am so there's a data -- Having big big monkey fight scene and I love monkey bites yeah it's well considering as we spent I think it was. Seven days straight fighting imaginary monkeys and clean them konduz that they look like I think they meant to be -- of these have been mutation. -- designs. Monkey type things that. A congress that point where we -- fellow record going quite lean mean it's a loss then this sequence and the month and the terrain was treacherous and -- kept falling rocks about -- news and -- opts out say it's not what is really brutal brutal experiences. Day seven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who have fully during for an analysts have -- -- it's called only screen I mean Fulham. Let cities several awards -- happened -- at some interest at least something bit me. -- was like you know this there's nothing in hand right -- -- -- -- -- trips around from funds snake or anything. -- just so assessing its spirit it's it's it's this one's spirits and that if kind of tape -- -- -- -- -- little she started charity stuff again leave them. And as these poisonous -- -- -- she was like. Convinced that -- impeded the irony -- Eventually and as I was getting out toward excellence of sound the end you Triton scum off. And on site. And you know obviously the full -- than the other and this is -- -- -- keep it. -- on. That are that did -- -- -- where weather and yet part by wedge and wants. Something tinted together -- oh guards. -- -- -- -- a group of tight -- ethnic if you. -- -- found the end he Ivan Stewart to video village where general isn't -- to prove -- sit down. To see what it was and is this how effect in print like the end of my Triton. Like just slap buying right on the end of. Rocks and she was like. -- I was. -- me he. He tactical advice and kind of catching fire activity I -- -- to -- -- -- I don't I don't know anything I'm next I think did you try to stay -- it now or in the court. I mean really Phillips in my announcement. -- is that mr. Clinton would Seattle -- happens to whether. Movies back to -- and that's -- we end this show to decently in song. It's what we did and you're out of who won the academy of music and dramatic. Bernard that you even late -- How to do that. This is not a show that we do. If you -- degrees -- It's. The that -- them advocate you have raise -- musical phrase timing. That you could do for us as we go way out that would be applied to catching. Come on one doesn't quite Thomas -- station. Well I'm for any. -- -- He couldn't read it's the summer handwritten. They got to think it hasn't -- -- needed. What they had -- the movie we don't do that anywhere are assessing and Kimball was it but some resentment that would relate to -- games. No this -- my -- and everyone at home can sentencing involves I don't know that they recorded in Britain -- on the that could go out there but should they will her personal by the talking to that -- They have the right thing to certain speeds -- capacity as he is there are.

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{"id":20980227,"title":"Sam Claflin Goes Hungry For \"Catching Fire\"","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor, who plays sexy Finnick Odair in \"Hunger Games\" sequel, reveals how he got into shirtless shape for role. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/sam-claflin-hungry-catching-fire-20980227","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}