Sept. 11, 1981: Olivia Newton-John, 33, discusses her album 'Physical'

Newton-John credits the up-tempo album to a shift in her personal taste.
2:52 | 09/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sept. 11, 1981: Olivia Newton-John, 33, discusses her album 'Physical'
What you're doing you're new album is called physical. Right and how was this album different from an and we know you from country or what I'll call country. I'll call that it may be wrong and popular music or whatever in all these things should. How was the stiffer action room. You know my its moral canal an ambulance and then he's just created because it's my taste has changed a lot since must come examining recorded one Petit tuna teens. And I guess music has changed in my tests this change in the sunset pictures have much more coming up ten. So it really does reflected a personal. Techniques will change for you not just upload to stay alive in the music business. Notes that it's a change I think it can. Pickup contrived that change has to naturalized us because. You what 3330. Street is just coming. Just coming up from the publisher attitude changed about your career centrist and here you've been a real superstar for so many years now. And it's as you said you change and you have we your taste changes of on the kind of music you want us and soulful. But how much is your attitude changed at all in terms of ambition what you wanna do how 41. We only wanna keep it up yes. Well I think that of course when you studying at the very beginning in my small. Keane and it because it's allowing you to you and now I feel that. Kind of achieved everything that I haven't sent out two and more greeted hasn't even get the puck send everything's kind of icing on the cake and the things I do. I'm more for myself now because it's not like consisting of very fortunate than in the position. Half due to and I don't have to. What can thank you some place like that so. The past year they have taken. Kind of the grip on the situation on the Anaheim discovered that I read an odd thing having normal life so. I'm not killing myself and rice to be on the six months and experienced unions and its net fracking tune and it's exhausting. Mentally. It is the competition. Must be unbelievable because I mention of from the store to hear about looking at the top twenty albums or something that recognizing a lot of maintenance a lot of people could pay ten. Salute that it must that. Most they had to the nerve wracking quality of whether or not you're gonna have a hit the Middle East selection who now because it's like Larry coming out of a couple of weeks him. But you don't know how people are gonna react to. Arraignment in in Evan that's the thing that. It's weeks it's exciting and that ranking the same time because his anticipation if you want people to like you know hasn't spent a long time and six months making album. Picking the songs and you just be happy hope people like it but you. You can't nonsense things as that's the nature of this business harmed his trailer and hit so let's talk of doing news so you lose sleep between. I don't think the five Poodle is actually.

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{"id":49853615,"title":"Sept. 11, 1981: Olivia Newton-John, 33, discusses her album 'Physical'","duration":"2:52","description":"Newton-John credits the up-tempo album to a shift in her personal taste.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sept-11-1981-olivia-newton-john-33-discusses-49853615","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}