Sept. 11, 1987: Faye Dunaway reflects on her past characters

Dunaway talked about her old roles and the kinds of roles she wants to play in the future.
2:42 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Sept. 11, 1987: Faye Dunaway reflects on her past characters
I read somewhere that you that you felt doing my leaders who Pergo and that was that those weren't really doing what's your best suit goes badly advised and I listened for the advice and you know once responsible oneself but. I've I've said many people that that the one part I shouldn't analyst with cross. Really want to paying a and inevitably sink. I said that is to James Brooks and that the phone and he said none of them was broken you were incredible about. And I said Internet cannon Paramount usage and I. Because it creates. If up a press on is created and the charisma of a person is can it is part job goes into the persona. And that's created because of the the work that you do you know who have the films in which are seeing the parts and within the cheap like. And it it's it was so it's it's an amended the last part I did that was close to me and that I felt really good about was funny so when you say. The persona comes into it and they're there for a role monitor yeah where you wanna play. Regular folk I want to delay. What what has not been touched enough and it is almost the last time it happened was Bonnie was mind vulnerability. And my own I mean I am a little girl who sent a you know who who loves the big city granted. And I think what happened was that I got you know you do go through star machine quite you know and his killed a lot of us you either there it would go you know two liked it that you. What you have to prevail over it switches. As Hemingway said hunt and they Barrett they. But they know what but what can happen and I parts of atoms are complicated would take longer than we've got but then what happened to me an and then it was that I went. You know. You know like that run Bonnie and then I became sophisticated urban Thomas crown an erotic have to you know all of these things. And then and from that will net work with for which of course you know the Oscar was there and but in a funny way that was the downbeat. Four. For the rest that other little section of my career body of my work that I am now attempting to let off and I hope with great success. But you've got a new movie bar fly which is certainly. About your do you play a drunk. And that certainly that was smaller version that was a gift from god I mean I really want to play. Send it touches my own humanity and war and that in my own vulnerability in mind and gentleness and in got all the of the stuffed them in Armstrong as well things. I think people tend to think of me is overbearing and you.

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{"id":52308965,"title":"Sept. 11, 1987: Faye Dunaway reflects on her past characters","duration":"2:42","description":"Dunaway talked about her old roles and the kinds of roles she wants to play in the future.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sept-11-1987-faye-dunaway-reflects-past-characters-52308965","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}