Getting Sharks to Bite: The Art of the 'Shark Tank' Pitch

Act 2: The inventors of Breathometer and Bubba's Boneless Ribs had successful pitches in the tank.
8:25 | 05/03/14

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Transcript for Getting Sharks to Bite: The Art of the 'Shark Tank' Pitch
My company is, uh... Don't worry. It's only your biggest moment in your life. My B.S. Meter is going through the roof. It's going, "Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing!" This idea has absolutely no merit, and it's completely worthless. You were lying to me and trying to sell me a piece of crap. They will scrunch you and crush you like the cockroaches you are! Yeah! Narrator: The sharks usually agree on the bad pitches. Hated it. I'm out. But rarely do they agree on the good ones. Hello, sharks. Narrator: And this season, one entrepreneur blew them out of the water. So, that's why I created breathometer, the world's first smartphone breathalyzer. It was a first, and it was actually a thrilling moment. Narrator: Breathometer founder Charles Michael Yim walked into the tank, hoping for one shark to invest $250,000. Is this already on the market? What do you sell them for, Charles? What are you gonna use the money for? Narrator: But then... All five sharks will give you $1 million for 30%. Breathometer was just a great product... Great businessperson... And great for society. I think we shot for about almost an hour and 45 minutes. The two Cans of red bull helped out quite a bit. What are you gonna do? I accept. All right! Greiner: Ooh! You couldn't have a better combination. Narrator: Before the show, Yim had yet to ship one product, but after... These are where we're shipping the products to. Yim: Wow. Post-"shark tank," we closed with a little under a million dollars in revenue just in a couple months. Greiner: A toast to that.charles, have a toast with us. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Narrator: So, how did Yim hook all the sharks? He mastered the art of the pitch. Charles, the C.E.O., was able to articulate the opportunity in about 40 seconds. Yim: You have some drinks, and the most important question is, are you safe to drive? I built and sold my last company within 18 months. He was clearly someone who had done this before. Check that box. Where the deals crash and burn... You fail on the Numbers. -Uh... -Um... To be completely honest... You deserve to be executed. $49.99. $50,000. $250,000. Half a million dollars. Narrator: Post-"shark tank," Yim has become a mini celebrity with red-carpet invites and nearly 100,000 Twitter followers. And breathometer? 2014 -- we're looking at at least over a $10 to $12 million revenue in sales, which is gonna be extremely exciting. Narrator: For many of the sharks, a stellar pitch begins before a single word is spoken. Corcoran: When those doors open on "Shark tank," we don't know a thing about who's coming through that door. Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo! I'm good. And that's what, for me as a shark, makes it so exciting. It's like, "What do we have here?" What you don't see at home is that that entrepreneur's paraded into the tank, and they stand there for five minutes, being looked at. John: When they're adjusting the lights and they're going... "It's -- it's uncomfortable in here," you'll see people who, they don't want to have eye contact with you. You know, their hands are very closed in. You'll start to read their body language. Herjavec: There's 25 things I can tell about you before you open your mouth. Corcoran: People start shaking. People are sweating. People can't even look up after two minutes. What an opportunity for me. I just watch and see how good they are under pressure. Grr. Aah! Narrator: And when the entrepreneurs do start talking... I think the -- the perfect pitch starts with somebody who can grab our attention. ? Shoulder, shoulder down, what's up?! ? ? shoulder, shoulder down, what's up?! ? the underlying thing that makes a great pitch is heartfelt enthusiasm. It's time for some ribs! The reason bubba's boneless ribs was getting everybody so excited on set was because of bubba. My name is Al "Bubba" baker, and I appeared on season five of "Shark tank." Narrator: Al "Bubba" baker is a 57-year-old ex-nfl player and now restaurateur who invented boneless ribs because of his wife's aversion to his favorite messy meal. Baker: I married a woman that didn't eat ribs. She didn't think they were ladylike, plain and simple. Gonna put some sauce in there. They're about ready. Man: Yeah. John: We fell in love with this big, giant guy. You take the bones out! And then to top it off, he said, "I have a patent on the product." Right here is the patent for the process. Bless me with the bubba baby backs! All right, well, we got a busy year ahead of us. Narrator: Daymond's $300,000 investment paid off instantly. The night "Shark tank" aired, bubba debuted a new website to sell his ribs. We stayed up all night long, looking at each other and going, "Wow!" And so, it was climbing and climbing, and so in the first 10 days, it did over $200,000 in sales. Narrator: Now bubba's become an unofficial global rib ambassador, and just four months after "Shark tank," he's had to hire 11 new people, his ribs are in 150 stores and growing, and he's in talks to franchise his restaurant across the country. John: I think bubba's ribs could potentially be not only the biggest deal in "Shark tank" history but maybe the biggest deal I've ever done in my life. Naorat: But for bubba, the biggest reward is, he can finally sit down and eat ribs with his wife. Sometimes, though, even bad pitches can get the sharks circling. Patruno: My company is pro-nrg. That was a horrible pitch. Is this like a Gatorade? Is it a weight-loss product? Am I trying to get jacked up? It's the only one of its kind. Narrator: When pro-nrg founder Tania Patruno and super bowl vet Brandon Jacobs pitched their energy drink to the sharks... Oh. ...Things didn't go quite as planned. Wow, why... Why does it taste so bad? I was caught off guard. I was like, "Tastes bad?" Tastes so bad? What? Then there was the confusion over the name. Shouldn't pro-"nerg" tell me that? It's pro-nrg. Pro-"nerg"? No, pro-nrg. Jacobs: Pro-n-r-g. N-r-g. Man, I wanted to jump across them like, "Dude, it's not 'pro-nerg.'" listen, it's all fun and games till Brandon comes over there and cracks your head open. I can't watch my show -- my episode. I can't watch it. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. Narrator: Even so, daymond saw something and bought in. Wait till I get ahold of it. Narrator: Now they've repackaged it as a protein water by pro-nrg, and it's available nationwide. We're -- we're wel, overyou know, 1.5 million at this point. Narrator: Proof you don't always need to be pitch-perfect when you swim with the sharks. Coming up... Johnny, tell your dad he's a great man. An emotional moment that had even Kevin o'leary tearing up. And the most successful entrepreneur in "Shark tank" history. But first, what do the sharks really think about Barbara Corcoran? Barbara is a version of Mr. Magoo and columbo. Oh, my god! Let me squeeze. Barbara will invest in anything that's quirky or doesn't make sense. Barbara, my friend, you made a horrible mistake here. It's not worth $500,000. But I'm rich enough to take that luxury. This lady will bring it in. Trust me. I remember what she called the barbecue-sauce guy. One of them looked like a pig. I have to tell you, I can't look at you without picturing you in a pig costume. I looked at her and said, "Are you nuts? Did you just say that guy looked like a pig?" I'm not saying that you look like a pig. I'm just saying -- oh, I thought that's what you were saying! No, I'm saying you would look adorable as a real-life mascot. Now she dresses him up in a pig suit when they're marketing the sauce. It's crazy. You've got a great sense of humor.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Act 2: The inventors of Breathometer and Bubba's Boneless Ribs had successful pitches in the tank.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23577142","title":"Getting Sharks to Bite: The Art of the 'Shark Tank' Pitch","url":"/Entertainment/video/sharks-bite-art-shark-tank-pitch-23577142"}