Shows ban White House representatives

Some are concerned that banning White House reps from television and radio shows could prevent an open dialogue on important issues and prevent information from getting to the public.
4:58 | 02/16/17

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Well. First it was that you know little brand that was facing a ban and a boycott and talents of members of his team. MSNBC's. Morning Joseph says they will not longer book trump spokeswoman. Kelly it. While I'm it. And should the media have been Manning was silencing these people off are they suppressing free speech or. Isn't such a thing and in look at. I'm make abrasion skis reasoning got a quote her every time I've seen on television something's askew or offering correct. And yet they bring Sean Spicer there who also was incorrect to skew. A truck goes on May he's also incorrect to scale Y they pick on Kelly yes she's not any worse than the rest of them. I think they feel like she's not a good representative of the administration and I think that got a I think had administration. And isn't a good because I just. I'm Daryn is not I brought on yeah but I admit that that Kellyanne is the reason that he won because two weeks before for the election. She said to have act presidential and fool everybody excited. And normalized timber you know I'm only Strobl. By not having a seat at the table like I struggle with this because if you don't have a seat at the table you can't pick the menu you can't pick which are eating. And so if if you're not going to meet with the president if you're not going to see have a dialogue with Kellyanne Conway and you're in the dark that I just I know what they're saying I need to do not my eyes she's not at the table right they're saying that they're not bringing your income they don't feel she zinni's meetings especially bite they can -- I would say not I'll sit with her right before Michael fan sorry wait before Michael Flynn resigned an hour before she came on the air saying as the full support of the president right Allegheny power would support probably what he told time and I don't. But I think that's the mentality hitting -- his mind's eye they're saying no they're not gonna have a representative from the administration I think they're saying maybe this isn't the best person out on because she's been proven to not be credible reporting so why are we interviewing someone it's making these mistakes and not according Sheehan is representing the president and I think like what he's never that it is and is probably likely the heat through these things and she. She is in his interests are you know what's funny about this is whenever we hear. Folks who come out and speak for the administration be it Condoleezza rise so are or are Colin Powell. Or are. Mrs. Clinton you know folks always or lack. Well not you don't you said it was as you said it was so we hope people to a very high standard. When they aren't just giving you from an instant that they are getting and banning her on banning anyone not in a way agri what do you. But when I'm trying to figure as you know you see these she's shown on sparked some talk that apple. But he only speaks to bride art as a senator Allen bride part and him and how all so I wonder why we continue. To give them the space out to do stuff like well something interest. Happen this because Bill Maher had booked a bright Bart editor and op island monopoly is very controversial right wing guy and Jeremy stay Hilton was the co-founder of the intercept was booked on that show that basically came out and said. I'm declining I'm not coming because I believe that it's it's inappropriate not I'm paraphrasing that you're giving a platform to this got. And don't responded in disagreed defended his decision instead it mr. you know Indianapolis is indeed the monster Steagall claims and might be. Nothing discernible liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night I really happy I. Steve Harvey. Why Hawaiian no Steve Harvey met with president trump huge backlash you back our sport and his response was. You see you need to have a seat at the table and I just I think I think there's something to that open dialogue about Mars an entertainer and he knows conflicts rarely these little. The present Martin brings an eyeballs and believe me he will eviscerate this Annapolis he is so brilliant they'll mark and this guy's an idiot. That's how do you change. That's how you change minds when I took this job I remember when I took this job I got so much heat from Fox News people from right wing people saying you're gonna go you're going to be talking to you let's liberal media you're going to be talking to liberal audience and I said you know what. It fight the power at this table to convince one person who's watching at home we're change one heart or mind. Or how she'll people that you can have a conversation. Then I'm done my job and that's then he'd listen to this husband doing manager when he gives that sit this out was. You know. Folks at fox you know when you only have one. One thing that you talk about we talk about every weekend and we talk about everything everybody and we try to be fair we get heated sometimes we're never nasty to each other. We do our jobs because. We actually do a little bit of a hallmark you know unlike a lot of folks and I'm box. You know I'm just saying I'm watching all too.

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{"id":45545940,"title":"Shows ban White House representatives","duration":"4:58","description":"Some are concerned that banning White House reps from television and radio shows could prevent an open dialogue on important issues and prevent information from getting to the public.","url":"/Entertainment/video/shows-ban-white-house-representatives-45545940","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}