'Sister Act' cast reminisces about auditioning for the film

Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Najimy and Wendy Makkena appeared on "The View" in honor of the film's 25th anniversary.
4:22 | 09/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Sister Act' cast reminisces about auditioning for the film
So won't eat when left and you guys all got together and how is this teen. Anti I don't know what that we've had a reunion. At all Tom. Just ten years dancing around activity and but it was really kind of extraordinary. Because we've been doing a little bit of rehearsed and then it was very wonderful. It was really remarkable but this is all really because of that cameras dashing. Whether it's who's that guy. I'm I'm not married whips come back to life I don't know you were gang supervisor on he had all out. It was my job to take hymns and turn them to grow group's songs and that the girl group songs and turn to him that's not you do know. No but you know it's showbiz is so they called a Zhu. I've got the job done. All caffeine they need this your first. Her role in a film for both the view yeah can you tell us a little bit about your audition ends and and do you actually sing. Yeah are using it well I mean I might think for money I'm I. Yeah I had done musicals throwing up then and I went I was staying the Kathy emotion it's kinda severed Cisco I would go to all of Whittle a Santa submitted an addition. And and mark actually he's responsible for my whole career. He he they sent me to his apartment head and laurel canyon in Los Angeles. And they said it's your final it was six auditions what is your final won the work with mark and I was like okay and I wet he said saying and I think as saying like. Way ahead of all isn't something and he said did you. And he's six and he said but can't anything else and I sent. It's funny opera voice I don't think you're gonna like he said he lets here tonight said here. He said. Dude that's learn. Yeah yeah. And so he's responsible you know for my and then we also did hocus pocus we did well. And. That being when he gives memories of sure aside from the song he sang it well. It might have mission was and seeing his. When I when I first read. Just read without singing. I'm it for Scott written a bunch of people there. I think it'd be easy clock seen and done Scott Gooden came out it to the elevators after I finish and he said. That was just terrific do you sing and what's not sir. You know I and he knew exactly so he said okay critic and I got a confirmation they want you to go win and I pretty good tactical display advertising some nice nuns on. And whenever that is and then that they should know you have seen a girl group song and I was petrified so I hired three backup singers. Might and unbeknownst to people in the man. They burst through the door which increased mr. postman of the postman didn't respond when they pursue the door and they drowning out. Yeah that's going to be in you work at. I added an Asian on the out and then it's avenue next to you you son a lot before them now now now I had no intentions aside and that. Take him arson and yours thing to them it like really. And he's had you have time and he put me together. That's my two Grimes Charlotte costly and Jennifer Lewis and Jennifer Lewis who plea was Rudy now on black on black. Staff and I knew that these two live and I knew that these two ladies had the most perfect sense of humor besides musicality. To make will be just feel comfortable. And loyalists dirty word but I'm theft you know that they would trade stories and us. And they drop you like. And manuals really learned that yeah Bailey actually written for some completely different ideas it was that written bet and it was moving. And that couldn't do it and so she turned it down and they condom. I just want to let a hundred million people and then got to make a half. Saying break that it wasn't yeah.

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{"id":49852815,"title":"'Sister Act' cast reminisces about auditioning for the film ","duration":"4:22","description":"Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Najimy and Wendy Makkena appeared on \"The View\" in honor of the film's 25th anniversary.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sister-act-cast-reminisces-auditioning-film-49852815","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}