Sooners Are Ready for The Orange Bowl

Students from OU rally outside of Sun Life Stadium ahead of the Orange Bowl.
5:52 | 12/31/15

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Transcript for Sooners Are Ready for The Orange Bowl
We are gonna take you live now. To Miami where Oklahoma student Hayley Healy joins us live Haley are you picking your. Indeed as your I didn't traveled all the way to Miami. And and. See it front. We are surrounded by what he'll Clemson fans but he definitely selling out we're excited we're ready to get that win. Four yeah any. Theme and ink plant again. There are very excited. Yeah receivables. Sold off. The ball then we'll make the ride that trip what was that troop like the guys. I mean. We have they actually traveled in bay and we need five hours silently did get a plane ride but you know it was only worry then I love my any other name. I'm helping my image. No I have not. Never done. It can sign up later thank you. You can't have it there. Again that I was right thing in the I expect that the beach yesterday and and it's I mean think about. Dug into the game wanna be there we want to feel what it's like to be down at Lawrence bold what's what's the bet your life. Winning. Hartmann Clemson then I'll know where you guys out there. Right now. I think you the players are excited it's totally different feel from last year I think last year it looks down. Obviously 85 her 84 time but I think this year it's a totally different ball game we have. Are eight national championship on. Hard on everyone's mind I think every all you fans are prepared to go to Arizona get what I think we. You it's a different feel absolutely accurately Obama's 800 timing street going human. Crushing eight count I'll play out like that again. He crushed by 34 points with Gary Hart runs hot I'm certain that you really big win. We're bakery building and you know them. Walk on transfer and exactly but really it is an integrated he's getting hurt aren't after Texas labor ready to win and I didn't arrogance 88. That we've gotten. Yeah and this is completely different BO baker brings excitement to the to the game in. You know we've been reading get a lot on the social media for players practice this week it's just being physical exams electric I think the players are going to be ready come out today and take their business. The only at this bakery in the finger in apple baker at that's excellent and that he does right the celebration and yell at that and baker. V did it big again. Let me add everything up and you let you know I'm the bigger the count. Yeah. Coming out here. I. Spray just like this. Does is based on what has been. Yeah. He isn't clear he's good and it is signed a contract that. Love that the wedding that what pregame rituals about going on what we do get prepared. Staying there and back. You kind heart and I. All. Atlanta game. Yeah let's go after me. You know what happened against Texas and that it did not meet your rental from a growth. In hell no. I didn't act that cut you know I I just. Hearing that it. I didn't like angry. And I am right now looking Arctic. I. Not right. I thought. Still don't have to learn about football so expect with they aren't the ball and aids. Of the university. A mess. University. Who doubts. And horses. That's right. That's like yeah. What are well I. Homer motor vehicle at Wellesley holdings OK all of that little Atlanta and it's just greatly advance. They're great at that hearing. Well thank you guys very much take a look at what they think what you enjoy the game today live in the mail him read hey that's old boomers' lives and that's. Thank you very much because thousands have a good time tech doesn't want. My guys thanks for chatting with us.

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{"id":36034186,"title":"Sooners Are Ready for The Orange Bowl","duration":"5:52","description":"Students from OU rally outside of Sun Life Stadium ahead of the Orange Bowl.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sooners-ready-orange-bowl-36034186","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}