'Star Trek' Star George Takei Reveals Secrets of Social Media Success

Actor takes his high tech knowledge and hosts new YouTube series.
9:38 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for 'Star Trek' Star George Takei Reveals Secrets of Social Media Success
Got. Am -- correct in assuming that you decided to embark on a rescue mission that's right. -- -- problem with Edinson. Of course he is best known as mr. Sulu from star track but all mine with a FaceBook page. A four and a half a million likes and 800000. Followers on Twitter George decay has become. Easy to say a pop culture phenomenon and now he is venturing into a new territory and we are very happy to have -- with us today. Thank you for stopping by today. Good to be or social media you are crazy big but I gotta be honest with you George 800000. Followers on Twitter -- your following only 59. A little endowments -- -- -- that particular district. Well it is but. You know Latin uses he showed that bit of media -- in the galaxies that -- going from the Dallas the galaxy now to YouTube. And today is a premiere of my new series called to -- take. On UT I haven't been -- where did this idea even come for. Well in others are a -- people that. Should save a lot of people there are some people like my sister who's taking the -- She is a retired school teacher or parent and she doesn't even -- the computers. And so we get got to -- on them. But there are a lot of people my generation. Who are actively. Engaged in this social media did you did you start at a later -- or have you been building up all throughout as sort of as FaceBook and Twitter -- -- -- to -- to come into existence he -- just about that yeah and like. I started in 2010. OK -- late 2000 -- And you know Mike base is made up of -- side by league standards. And I started working with them and dedicated and drew in a yes they are. And now it's become almost. Four point it's the six million but who's counting. You have a sense of humor that is so unique I think so many people -- all generations are coming to realize that -- that about it. It soon will we ever knew we had this kind of invented this this creative in this in and sell well you know you -- is the honey attracts people. And you mother is also what keeps you young. And going my grandmother's lived as I told you a 104. And she always had. A sense of -- she's -- alive. As a human comedy and was laughing -- everything and so. Partnering with that ARP. For this -- case take the series and we want. Explores the things that are trending in technology. What's -- -- school. It isn't of interest they take both ends of the temperature scale to to describe what is needed desirable what is trendy what is. Well I was NC cool but you know hot -- Right the -- the extremes but sometimes some and -- sometimes in the middle it can also be a fun place to check in it is it is you don't -- think you need for your show what a newsreader. Hey you what -- I'm just saying we Michael to get access to Diane stats what we do have experts have been on the -- OK -- the talk about a specialized area -- like C. Online date. OK or are you glad it's really gonna run the whole gamut is indeed I love this -- I why why do wish you a big congratulations for getting up to five year anniversary with close yes. Have probably been together actually 26 years when he thinks that five years legal -- -- We were to -- the 21 years when the California Supreme Court came down his. All right -- to anyone is aged legality let's get -- -- And so -- -- our views and data ourselves -- you were the first couple to apply for a license and in West Hollywood. And you look at it now when you see where we've come what goes through your mind. Well -- there's been intraday you know shortly after that proposition eight end and that -- stopped it completely. But just this year few months ago. The Supreme Court ruled that that was unconstitutional. And then the -- little lady from the Boston Massachusetts. Challenged the -- federal law Nuba. Defense of marriage act and she won. And so and now we have. Marriage equality however only in thirteen states and the capital of the United States Washington DC so. 13 of the country has -- 23. Do not. And so we still have our work cut out for this -- you've been very vocal and you've been very active in promoting. And you've you've come out quite strongly against. Russia's gave propaganda -- It's horrific what -- in the law that they -- beat its such as saying any. Propaganda. Against. Traditional marriage or as they put it -- that's -- way to put it. A tradition of marriage. Is illegal and what that's done is given license to the thugs and hooligans. To assault anyone that they perceive to be gay or lesbian it's. And here they -- -- Hosting the Winter Olympics. When they. -- made the a presentation to the International Olympic Committee. To host the Winter Olympics they said that they would honor the Olympic creed -- of no discrimination. And then now that we're about six months from. The Winter Olympics they pass a law saying that this -- -- -- -- -- -- And so I think that they need to be punished. We should withdraw. Support from all the sponsors of the the Winter Olympics we should do it certainly not go there. But I really think that Russian athletes need to be disqualified because they breached their pledge to the of -- IOC. And we had a campaign going to. -- the Winter Olympics out and put it into Vancouver Canada where they had a successful one. In direct contrast to what. Russia is doing they had a -- the pledge house rather a private house sudden aware. Gay and lesbian athletes and their friends -- that celebrate together. In complete freedom as The Who they are. So. Yes I think the as Sochi Olympics is going to be a very worrisome thing that we should not support would you support a boycott. I don't support a boycott because the athletes they competitors. Have been training for years and years and they should not depend on -- However the bush and athletes I think. Need to pay the price of what their government has done so. Ice I think they should be disqualified. From participation in the Winter Olympics you. -- frequently on Howard Stern's show. And I know you guys have a very close relationship -- it recently just broke that Robin Quivers. Had been undergoing chemotherapy -- -- to fight cancer. And I know that you're also close with her. What was that like when you have found out the battle. She was fighting was it was let's crystal -- I knew she was killed. But I knew it was a sensitive matters so I didn't ask. What was -- here and when she failed. Comfortable enough to share it because she who was told by her doctor that she was skewered. And shared her ordeal. It was of wrenching experience but I was also. Moved and impressed. By the strength that she had to go through that horrific experience. And still maintain her presence on the howitzer and -- there every day calling him and participating. Chris energetic the scene Robin that we knew before. I mean she is it true protection. And the other thing that -- -- impressed me was. The strong bond -- I would say between Howard and rocket and he was up to -- -- and she leaned. It was a beautiful thing and it was the deeply deeply moving -- Howard was in tears now. That surely if she is truly. Inspirational and I think you're right I think I think that their connection really was revealed on that because he is certainly -- very strongly on her over the years and and in -- to him and it's I was -- -- -- wishing her continued success and and good health and obviously continued success to you. The case take we're gonna be keeping an eye out for this because I I love this I'm hooked on a fan. A huge fan George K thank you so much for stopping by thank you very.

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{"id":20284989,"title":"'Star Trek' Star George Takei Reveals Secrets of Social Media Success","duration":"9:38","description":"Actor takes his high tech knowledge and hosts new YouTube series. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/star-trek-star-george-takei-reveals-secrets-social-20284989","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}