'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' star Mark Hamill talks the return of Luke Skywalker

On "Popcorn With Peter Travers," Hamill looks back on his legacy and shares behind-the-scenes stories about "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."
21:37 | 12/15/17

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Transcript for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' star Mark Hamill talks the return of Luke Skywalker
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and people. It really is only one. It's called Star Wars last gen. And there's really only one group Scott Walker and he's our guest today. Mark Hammel welcome to think that I'm I'm glad you've what you publicized. If she is and she's gonna watch. The she's in her famous and I am she's been in Vanity Fair and he's been in New York Times and she's the rescue dog actually blocked my daughter Chelsea bit. She has a path toward she can go to England and Japan and China. It's great in your family I think it's great so he will. Help me win you're not helpful at all about easily active she has spoilers galore I she was there she sigh everything. Ari what I'm gonna start with the title itself the last Jana because we've all seen the trailer we've all seen. And heard you Stan. The time objective. And it would easy is it over it was shocking to read that. In the script I only know one truth it's time for the jet. Are you kidding me and I just don't quit they never give up. But you know part of this process is. Understanding that it can't be the way it was in Georgia's original movies. It's the next generation and I have to accept that now we have filmmakers and writers that were fans themselves that have grown. Brian Johnson was a little boy you GG it was a little boy and grew up. That loving the movies themselves. So I find it really interest in some times to. Seeing how they see it. Because I don't want it. You can't help but become a little possessive of your care would think so and to say. I wouldn't do that I wouldn't say that. But that was I'm glad that came out in the trailer because that was one of the things that was really troubling me and you know Ryan pushed me out of my comfort zone and I think that's a good thing. Because if I were sort of a benevolent than nine Jan I giving advice and nobody could do that better than Alec Guinness and we've seen it before and I think the real challenge for the filmmakers. Is two. Deliver the kind of film that has the elements. That mark any Star Wars film. But push the boundaries and try and surprise people. Which is getting increasingly difficult to do because they've seen it all the easy considering material that novels the games. A role playing games the comic books. Summit some of the concepts that I favored. Remembers saying. My son Nathan was born long overdue and empire strikes back is probably the biggest. Real Star Wars but he said to you know there's. Novel where they cloned Luke's hand and in and and grow evil Luke. When that. The plays on the evil twin so liked it's that Iran he said the only problem is it's been done and they wanted to find a way to not use anything even. I guess it's called the extended universe there's all that material that. Is no longer can write. Can you keep up with no no mite mite tunnels say daddy smoking hot wife but it looks marry it. I'm far edge and you've got kids came I don't you remember. Access to leave the George to wait until after I'd finished my role to get your girlfriend. But I a it's true you know poor Luke. The only thing in those original movies you've got to be attracted to your own sister which was a terrible shock as well because. I am not sure that George do you that they he was gonna go that way. Maybe he did but she plants a kiss on my days in empire strikes back. And when I'm in. In the in. Robberies so. We suspected that may be was a later development after the revelation about my father but you never ago. I think he had the ball sort of plotted out but the details. It would came into sharp focus only when it was time to shoot the movies. But now I mean in the force awakens. You had what I would call the best and strength of any actor in film history. You only show up at the very last minute we'll you know it's funny that you should say that if I thought. This is the most elaborate entrances if you cinema like that you know what. Some film buff is gonna come up to me and say you're wrong and here's why so I'd change it to its the most elaborate entrance of my career certainly. And you any actor loves it when the other characters talk about them. So I started marking down in the script every time skywalker must be stopped and the sort of skywalker is powerful. There's got to be more than forty references. So we won't. Spiders are brought to you where I thought I came in his when that. Light Saber wiggles in the snow and flies out I'd say here I am baby and it flies in to raise that what outs in the mean she didn't even have any training. His fans tell me you quit your training that's another candidate they're just watching you'd say no war about these films and I do gekas. The last time I saw them was in 97 when they do the special editions. And and then I didn't I haven't gone back. So. I'd make terrible mistakes you know white you know I'd lost a trivia. Contests who have little ten year old boy and that. I didn't know Lakota east will what was colored light sabers did you moments green. And he buzz and he said no it was blue and you only got the green week after Hancock. To be humiliated dominated national television by at and you know it and because it's smoky they sit there and quick here is one idea questions now about this. What was the model number of the millennium Balkan. It's never mentioned in any movies pressure skid. It was long 1158769. Or whatever you gonna get all created this well ice asked his father afterwards. How did he know that he does well Britain reads he got the manuals that vehicle manuals and you know like a sapiens Hillary material they add so much. But new shed to the tune to it to the movies and I've learned what his music as they conflicts excuse me. What what is sick and they said that's when the will keep. Islamic Hamas there. That I don't know. It's spelled you know it's one of those George Lucas words desperately in need of more vowel a Y a ZZX. Care where there. But I love it I mean it's all for fun. I feel like I'm in the business of escapism and you know the way the world is today knows we want to forget our troubles go to. To that galaxy far far away just through its therapeutic we wanted to mark were wondering. This is like 3334. Year we haven't seen right you're on two and you're supposed to be training other jet. And may be I may be re named daisy Ridley plays is somebody that you're training him my. You know Billy's really bored she's heard this question way too many time. I think they feed that. Moon. I've been at many a junket the I can't Leo I can't really do it must funny that you mentioned like Lou never gotten there yet service -- life you know. There are thirty years there are unexplained. I said to Ryan I have to have a back story for my own self to be able to play the part. In recent five you can make and nice that you wanted to place in listen. If there's anything that I can usually wrong I'll point out that that's not right. But the point is it's not important to the audience in this story. It's no longer and stories it's ray's story she's in new protagonist sometimes forced to weekends how Long Will you actually working to do that minute. Well we we went to England. There was table read there was a party unity get together. The Greek and a party that we had to fly to Ireland. Then we you know giving up skelley Michael I remember the last day because it's brutal to get to the top. And I thought well I'm never coming back yeah. Washington if they know I know I urge anyone ago which is spectacularly. Beautiful unlike any other place I'd been on. Ever. That. And when I read it for the first time I sit Ol this'll be green screen. JJ as a studio in Santa Monica on the Malibu it's ten minutes from my house. I'll be done before launch Alec Guinness finish his whole part in empire strikes back before lunch. Brought me to dinner Brecht needed lunch. At the Italian restaurant across the street from how's she studious he's do you. News Maloney. All. And you dessert. Because he had did all that he had trepidation about coming back he Watson really happy with how commercial and over merchandise it was in I asked him one time message you know with one thing that was so wonderful about. He was that once I got over my off a V in his presence. He was so generous with his advice. And the stories that he would tell. He. It was just such a generous and giving actor and I I. Stay in touch with him might have letters from him when I was in England I go if you in the west and I'd see the plane we. Go out to dinner afterwards you know once I got to know fairly well I said well it isn't about Star Wars that attracted in the first place. He said. But I always wanted. Tuesday wins in the to its. And listen Wilkens it is less than people forget you know. These bands that you really angry though I didn't like that prequel I don't like charger beings. These guys are 45. They remember how they felt when they were eight years old to do and they grow up and they're saying why don't I feel like I did when I thought. Richard of the genocide Arroyo went app written. PN and what I'm trying to say is that. George. Always meant these to be for adolescents. For children. We wanted to be on the cover of highlights not the cover of time magazine. It's if they hit that sweet spot where. It was appealing to the child in all of us. And that's that the child but also there's a darkness there's always this darkness that mean I've worked with and each of these movies with another direct. Yes George is the first urban Kirchner an empire Richard mark wrong. Then JJ Abrams and now Ryan Johnson what's. Are they all different are they are there approaches completely different way George set the tone. Well I think George was really sort of he lit urban. I know that cause. Friction between him and hear Gary Kurtz is producer from American graffiti in the first you Star Wars films. Richard mark one night I thought George was very much more present shoot me now one. You know because I thought. You know he wanted to make sure that king and on budget on time. He couldn't direct I wanted to direct all three but you know Lucas film happened he. You know is it surprised all of us. Enormous impact. That is and he was busy building his company. You know because we thought he'd Donovan is like dad in the news walls my Obi wan in terms of my relationship to the project itself. And then suddenly was gone I mean. Irvin turned out to be a god said he is. Empire was much more cerebral it it was much more spiritual with the introduction of Yoder. If it was more challenging to the audience you know Star Wars was Monica amusement park right put on your seatbelts and back yet and opted out. At this one I loved the empire loves so much more because it was the second act of an opera where. Terrible things happened to the characters in there are tragic consequences. Mark you are. Family you aren't the original Star Wars fan do you fill mania the do it. Now in the last one we lost on fellow you know no more. Here you're saying goodbye to Carrie Fisher. What that plan it's tough I mean. First of all I was frustrated when I read the first shipments if we don't have any seen even a brief reunion at all. I objected that night said I think the fans are not gonna like I was wrong. As it turns out there was no backlash at that I said you JJ incentive. Finn and ray. Coming in almost eighty on what obviously and I you don't I said he out of it like you want to the very end. She's trying to contact me all through the movie he has he's unsuccessful. So she goes yourself. And you know she's about to be abducted by two. Costin guard's one guard turns the other guard shoots the guard takes off his helmet and it's me. That I did get her message that's number one it's Alleman entrants. Number two it's this direction that the gives delay is gonna get it and we feel we got to go get and we rushed. There back on a death star very similar okay. We rushed to his aid we don't Alter what you want to do. But if we witnessed on die that has so much emotional resonance that will carry into the Nextel. That was my suggestion. And as you see you. Get this and an out aren't all that needs change is a wonderful director one of about. That and and Ryan as well but as I said the mine had many many really terrible ideas but I would love to share and from. 400 of them maybe you'll find what you like. As a matter of fact Rob Ryan is highly collaborative and he did incorporate some of my ideas. But it. At the end of the day that's not my job IE people say you know you own accurate you're no I don't. I'm the host body that is they rent the character out to mean you have but the out its view and it's yours do you I can't control my own fate. As I say that otherwise you would at a girl think you have a minute with you see if I think each had a and I hope that there is may be in that third part we get through that find out a little bit what went on in the thirty I think it's okay. But did you have a last moment with carry on this the well it wasn't on said that. One of these it was great about coming back wise. We have a certain comfort level after all of these years and we know what's and I was angling to get anything out of her. Somehow. Take advantage ever she was relaxed around me and we word. We had a really mercurial. Relationship and we blew hot and cold she could make you feel like the most important. Person in the world. You the funniest you're making her laugh years. Delightful and then the pendulum would swing. It was like a real sister we would have fights and writes oh you're so full of yourself I mean you're overplaying in this bipolar thing I was crazy as you Juarez. I and but I just don't write books about it. And you know I'm thinking you're using that crazy as a tool to get away with murder because you know when you do these bizarre things are it's always she's crazy. Now having said that she'd brought so much light to the that truth. Mental illness and so forth so I want people getting upset and each was brilliant man. Fiercely fiercely honest about herself. I mean each I couldn't believe you are brutally candid she would be the first night I'd better. I should lift I called on opponents and well let's go to dinners and we get to know each other we went to it. Restaurant London within twenty minutes she was telling me these hair raising stories about Debbie and Eddie. Like should I be hearing this. I didn't know YE what is happening I know just like she I don't know I don't know Lauren it's first avenue meter she apparently did exactly possibly admits it was so funny and so the last time you saw. Well Lou we. I went into her trailer. Does whatever she was on. On the lot. Had to go to or trailer and she would do crazy thing is an example of one thing that she's she's exasperating message was we were in sort of unofficial. Contest to get to one million Twitter followers birds. If she was 63000 had a meals that gay bond girl. I served pulling all these ridiculous stunts I'd have to get them cleared with the front office that but I think my. Can I do this and this is the punchline in my joke I'm and a probable that on Wednesday and the real deal on Sunday a real Sharman I would build up. This Sunday night 8 PM UK time an exclusive look. Episode eight trailer. Which if you logically think about it we're shooting the movie you think they're gonna let me even show what's still now. Well I played the Joker in the trickster so nobody takes ignites and seriously. But I would probably you know 4824. Hours tomorrow to die you know two hours away. And of course the pictures in the PE out the door of my trailer on the back lot. Mike is saying that's. Dad humor that was. But it's funny. It's well funny view but you know dad humors really lane. So adding some of the parents of both parties reversing cut it out it's not funny but I was gaining gaining gaining now. I'm Guinea's closed her. And I sit here first of all I feel bad it's I was really gaining she was only jingle of 11100 I go up 121000. So I sent an email and I said look my daughter called bad. And dale leather and we've never seen her wax figures and that it is. So irony it carry you want to explode the Internet and really. You know challenge me. Gaining on you on Twitter and I explain the situation and will be so much fun. I didn't hear back from or. Three or four days later look on the unity there she is it that a because of posing with my figure posing with her right. It was cool it'd and I we got it when I'm glad that the studio the next day I think Kerrey. What did you do shoot will be talking about I said. It's. We should go to and that entries. I'll pose with lately you composed with loop in the throne room shows that's good idea we should do that. It. I think that the whole relationship is that Ed what would she looked up to me is that that you could opting out of your Peter because she. She said it lapsing while we should do that I think. You did it it's like it was my idea for a party you threw the party you. Didn't invite me. And she goes oh. Should mind. She made everything fun. I mean we look at the schedule. You know the like those press junkets and separately. Might look there's 35 in one day. That Arial B there care you'll be there won't have lunch with Carey will be an internship in my room arbiter of you could it was impossible not to have fun around here that we end this show always ends in the first time you've been on rise. The master voices year Alec Guinness is great well. You are minors and for word. The by the building about how Bulent about a voice actor is that it's a character actor's dream come true because they cast with their ears not their rotten. I never would have gotten to the Joker physically I'm not ripe for it. But maybe that's that's on we should see maybe we should jokers say. Jean van loads pac man's metals rob me than me hit the bat mobile and ultimately the joke that the law delay he yeah. How. I love that left both enjoy you had that left in on the day yet I remember I and worked on with his rating that couldn't change the dialogue. Eight I'm glad we let you could play with a laugh at there at the heck they're gonna pull you out there aren't they are here comes that threaded coming. That was it'd have to end Smart. Thank you so you are pledged I movements.

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