Steven Spielberg Talks With Whoopi Goldberg About His Latest Work

Whoopi and Steven Spielberg sit down for an intimate chat, talking all things "Color Purple."
4:18 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Steven Spielberg Talks With Whoopi Goldberg About His Latest Work
No we can't which is Oscar week and I had a chance to sit down with wind Steven Spielberg and my dear friend. At Amblin Entertainment offices and that we shot a little bit of it to you on Monday. But the common sense and continued so please take a look. It was really odd coming in. Because it just felt like all have been here before I know I know where I am you have been there before it. This was your launching pad this was influencing. Rob thank Al walker because I heard about you from out. Who had seen me it's right. And San Francisco where she lives. That is total content comes avid if they got like high. Who is certainly not read it like this have becomes president. I panicked I for the high he's that kind of contact analyst. Called me and told me about what she'd seen you do. And I had been considering a lot right of actresses of place Sealy and and I never heard of Whoopi Goldberg I didn't quite believe that a person existed nickname and it was Whoopi Goldberg. I invited you to come down here or not to the entire. We don't show but I guess it just it just to pick some segments. And and I invited some friends notes Q whose tradition Bouvier. Michael Jackson who was close to being here. And we all worked in that theater and you've got up there and you didn't seem nervous at all you just did your show this is the actual apron. You got up on. And we just sat there laughing and having tears in her eyes and suddenly feeling like you know a stars born so. And I peeked from the area and it's like this and I think. You know look at that thing get away don't look anymore we have just pretty much moved in and you're addition was averted if it ever been used. For anything other than seeing movies are seen dailies. This is where she got her star witness I knew you were stealing. Probably before you took your fifteenth breath. Fearing yet. And all I need to do it then was to get you in front of the 35 millimeter camera. And do a proper test. Which was the next thing we did the yes but the reason I saw the ceiling in you because of the first few minutes of your act. Was because of your strength. Continue to correct me if we use think just. I would never hire Sealy who wasn't strong because you've got to get there that have to be in her in in in her makeup of have to be in her DNA. You did something I tried to encourage other directors to do with me and they didn't understand it and I understand now it's because they didn't have that love of film right. And so. For you to be able to communicate with me to tell me what you wanted you would suggest. Part of the movie and for me that was like a revelation beside dot I understood what that man. It's I don't think people realize how much we love each other and I help you make your first movie. And you help me give birth to my first grown up movie. Because I had never made a grown up movie until the color purple it's. Actually true view and Mike Nichols are. My two tax time it's whenever I'm not sure that I know what I'm doing. I think well they knew assumed put me in stuff so it must be around so. Thank you for where you can still ask both of us. Any question you want Michael get you theft because he'll get you in your dreams yes he I'm a phone call. I love you. That Stevens working on a new movie called that good. Me every G and it stars a man who just won the Oscar mock Ryland and it was written by his dear friend and she's passed on Melissa Mattson who he also wrote ET whip. It's so exciting it's going to be so fantastic. Will be right back.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Whoopi and Steven Spielberg sit down for an intimate chat, talking all things \"Color Purple.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37344715","title":"Steven Spielberg Talks With Whoopi Goldberg About His Latest Work","url":"/Entertainment/video/steven-spielberg-talks-whoopi-goldberg-latest-work-37344715"}