Suraj Sharma & Irrfan Khan on 'Life of Pi'

Indian actors describe the process of bringing beloved novel to life
3:00 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for Suraj Sharma & Irrfan Khan on 'Life of Pi'
Despite the team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Please -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a terrific movie out right now called the -- -- and you've just seen a scene from it you've seen a scene of a boy in a boat with the playing golf I very scary very poetic well. Let's talk to the people who made this movie and -- -- what life of pies really. If -- con is here and its third Sharma. Stars of the movie and in a remarkable way you guys -- playing in the same -- yet so how do you manage to be in the same room to. -- Yeah -- that we I think for people that don't know young mark tells book and who don't know what it is it would be good. To start by explaining you know little bit about what -- -- and -- The child does that bother to the man I believe that completely. Philosophy. We'll start with -- one who -- you playing who is this. At this -- keynote Indian boy named by the -- who basically he grows up in this. It's something like a batted a socialist he grows up in the is who in on it say to that point -- the debut -- the Steelers but at the planes like. -- beautiful and then. He grows up and then at one point is found he has to move with of the DN loses is -- -- Canada. So they kind of ownership in this going to -- Canada and someone near the -- -- the ship. The ship sinks. And then buys stuck on a boat basically with. Initially weren't done zebra. Hi Nina and of the military the and then eventually only with a -- And -- to -- goes on from there. -- about many other things it's like so many in the uses doing so. Well let's have a lot -- has spiritual side to do it -- fund. You you're playing him as an adult your pie as an adult and you are talking to -- right. Right having this conversation about what really happened and basically narrate what it is correct that yet. It's right -- you know he he was looking for a story he audited note if you knows -- -- two. That didn't do and he was looking for a story which can put his life -- of some kind of -- Which can -- on defining his life he was looking for that -- of story. Because you wrote the book the and he reiterated. And he didn't like it is to a department. Was looking for -- story which can do something planned. -- -- You know guide his life. And that's -- he came to know that the guy in Canada. Month -- who open who has the story which can -- can be even -- And that -- that's that's what you know fascinated him and even then he. He hospital historian. And this -- -- He has this experience extraordinary experience. -- he had in his life. But he hasn't don't noted that experience -- the somebody else because this. Kind of unbelievable experience that he was looking for a guy who can really it is Steve. That experience. And so in the beginning of the phone book that this thing he's had a you know the right there is gauging whether he has the story this can -- him believe in god. And he hit by -- is looking for a right -- -- -- he has -- right was awakened you know. Download my experience -- him. Productively. So that's. That's how it happens that's I was stocks. And then. Opt for long time. He's also we can put -- The tiger and the boy and and that in the C and it's not coming is getting impatient. -- -- -- A distinguished career in movies he's done here in the United States -- -- them Bollywood movies. You've probably seen him in everything here we just most recently -- in the amazing spider. Yeah well. It's everywhere you -- -- Let's talk about your experiences in movies and that adds up to -- Yeah zero. Well do you -- The that's it type of pocket. Yeah I I think a pretty badly made Nike. I was an -- allegations that so. -- just you know it just in some ways. So 1 thing this morning is about is house and Tanzania and that's all the situation. Completely -- -- and designate you just can't do anything. You can have to believe in life or something above -- the kind of. In its only current loot they -- up from the bad situation but you -- -- what's funny is. Olives mindset unity we that I didn't want to do it in the one we're doing college -- -- -- at that point and I just some out Johnston on this whole thing -- -- some colleges you know life kind of -- and -- of just. Beat me up by that situation but in this most beautiful. Who for the -- so. -- It is a beautiful journey but. Also really difficult I would imagine since you are basically sitting in a boat in the tank right at that they've built in -- And. Reacting to something that's not there. Well -- it was and that is that the but it -- that year and yet as you know is not and we -- that willful has maintained as you know if you -- them. CCG act of going -- you need some sort of reference besides. The tigers being -- -- watch them see how they will that he had you know -- would -- like these videos listen you know. Basically in different moods different areas -- And you know obviously you have an incentive to connected through it so by the end of it when you get on the boat the -- days is not physically. Means of a very fortunate situation foot and for any act was -- who is in though. Given more than hundred million dollar budget -- and -- And various equipment 200 more than hundred phones and orchestrating movement that's been really really fortunate to. Who -- a further movement and and that these scandals telling -- institutions. I think that's them. It's in it doesn't come reason -- committee -- fortunate situation. -- get scared when you starting to do this that it averages. What's happening. I would its -- Michael -- do this kind of thing but. The things that we were doing. Was strained right there have been done is and you know items in the bank. And ended these huge waves coming it man -- Howell. And -- -- will be greeted the news. -- -- states but you know we've survived but I could tell -- -- It's okay. -- in -- in the quarter ended and old. -- -- -- -- telling me that he could live -- -- I don't know I could get from one the food for the.

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{"id":17779188,"title":"Suraj Sharma & Irrfan Khan on 'Life of Pi' ","duration":"3:00","description":"Indian actors describe the process of bringing beloved novel to life","url":"/Entertainment/video/suraj-sharma-irrfan-khan-play-man-life-pi-17779188","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}