Throw the perfect Oscars watch party with Etsy

ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets her own Hollywood star in cookie form and samples treats like "La La Lollipops" and "Manchester by the Caesar Salad."
19:20 | 02/23/17

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Transcript for Throw the perfect Oscars watch party with Etsy
And it. Live in new York and Whitney is in I. Eat. Up. I. You know well he's straight years. Blocking it. Now well that. That's right that's right ten. It's horrible it is my favorite days. I'm. A few options for three. Night come like that. And make your year. Like stars. Ways. It. With this ripping aren't here at each stop and that heart. My party if his mind yet immediately with some type right. You can use for either. The entry way at the deal where you can create a while back. Carpet as well. And it is just rip. Sequin right right and with. Its cost. And oh. I killed this black white Eagles theme because it's. It's for the right but let's that you cobbler for your party. Talked to the sellers. Are carrying. Here that's right. Act. Against also do. That's where what. An. Cobb with the statement. It's issued this year I'm doing the Ares. K Alexander at Andrea actually. Oh you have it. Right. I. Well. Here expert at appetizer right. It passed from mine yet. The party. That's. Okay. And eat participate right right so. What I want its pre K Manchester but. Licks play off our. Have a time it right. And what's with the seller is actually. Able to ask. It but you can't ask the seller. Either her eyes when you reach out. And charge a higher. You ask. Him. To print this sport but my guess a part of the party. I'm. That at all right so whenever people brain you can and that's exactly. I love that idea who works that that's very so simple but it's the tonight little detail right so to me without popcorn right. Not in north. You can chat your pop one bar. Art to the point is from what crate popcorn company also at sea islands. And they. Those different option and so I the cheddar popcorn he had this. Cease super. Absolutely get that part out. It may mean. I. So cute. And work has their own little just right and what about the also that you can just. An adult that this pop act passed for three months. So let's break it would not. I have yeah. Art. See. How. Later. These are so popular. Hair a side of the parts. You. People. Earthly. Eight and throw a party let that. Person. That's where all your ideas. Expert exactly talked about the accord if they're having anything. About it is all Laurie. Shilling and act out against him. It's art it. When table next year. That I think. What boxes that party. She. Called. Off. Your party. Which she offers. There. And we're talking about. Well. Stars. At. Me. That's all. Year. It after a long. Walk. But this is a banner that you used at the factory. Paper stars. In the gap. Bar if this he. The search. Principles but this. Was actually just print. Rights upstairs. Catcher and everything you'd just personalize it right there you can buy. If you. Have a pop art you can search on Etsy pop one bar portable sign lots of options will come out and and this one in particular is from the animal if you like this one. And you can print it at home and use of rain that you already have yeah. Pop it on your popcorn bar. Any steps it up but yet bring the whole idea together right back that you're carrying the popcorn idea you know are there right we're not done with operating and not yet what is this personal actor all. So Ballard who I love story cell lives. It still hopes bikes Hank and so what when you reach out and you're gonna choose between you can actually over 25 different seasonings. To eight. For thirty dollars and you're gonna die just some traditional pop corn or topix yourself. Pop point see so you're yes. And her lat whatever their favorite sleeper is you can issues that ever. Seen what lights at that halted care now. Vietnamese cinnamon and by ship there that I. Me yet and it is a couple that makes it is a couple we. That's it right yet so often. Painted be. This Koppel that you were they work far apart from each other for months at a time. And they tried to figure out how can we still spend time with each so they started to cook but through Skype. Insolent and their cooking day you know added this it. They came out of that meeting spice. And we're cooking together it's guy and then. A business is born. And now they lit that place together and they have a candidate picked up yet and yet that he got a lot of love is what brought you. Yeah incredible. Popcorn and seizing an elitist sprinkle them out you can't can't top give an attache at and that's what we have here that when I believe is our commitment to aren't. Buttery garlic. He went to the earth ocean. Undue. The layer. I I. I it is. Eyewitness tape it and it clean up its act pre movie popcorn it's loaded with all what you don't eat. So name accurate it having people bring their own thing that is if these people a reason and right there right to make the party have exactly what you you can buy. The popcorn boxes. Keep them flatten. And you can have this large rebels of the popcorn and they have their individual school but on out so Smart and that. So I had a little bit. Had some munchies popcorn out some sweet treats her. So. This Eleanor I've loved loved loved because it is just all perfect for imports either gorgeous yeah. Fueled is tied cherry avenue H tank. What's so great about this seller is that you can personalize how any one. However just it so perfectly Britney right. We even human to start by eight Atkins. Oh and I are equally delicious as well. But there urges I mean it just bring seen. All believe in the ideals deflate the camera. Actor's hair super here and hurtful but that doesn't pay thirty bucks for the and like I've said it these are not. You know all options they had me any other option. Just reach out and see how you can personalize it for even fifty stars in. That area. Oh. Exactly the learning now we have some cupcakes. Now if you don't have that they. To go bake cupcakes not a problem and I go buy cupcakes take heart. Is another credible ideas coming back to this credible thing you're running out of time Oscar Sunday hockey person part. You can buy these super super cute cup cake toppers yeah and making a print this out at home. A hot you. If pops. In and me. Except there cupcake. And and they just wrapped its wrapped around an ITP. Let's how tight. They. You aren't you are. Yet. It. I'm okay now we are actually. Start a new market but there. And it's coming out April we want. And it and why every day one place. That's all. Year. All of I'd say. Eight. Well yes yeah. And got some storm holes and Hank and some white chocolate. And these storm models here and into Sunday night. Nothing but it's just nice touch added tax the chicken and little thing you're asking grabbed yes we thumping yet. Exactly and how what's the cool had a song that credible. Confetti. I doubt there was such a thing yes yes and it's very now my mind is exactly may sell an unnamed a little Molly pot because again the catchy what the words phones. I. NN with a little gold equivalent out of the white chocolate to that and just yet and I just want it just ended with at city aren't yet you know regardless of what a big issue plating at your home. Stick with that theme he hit is that right so many great things out there don't jumbled up stickier they don't try to do too much yet another example it sees the blink one don't with a brick frame what you got whatever you want on exactly. More of the cookies and we didn't I think get a simple yes it is such an impact to me that yes so this is just. And that he all the parties got so many things here is Alex package you buy it either in gold or in silver. What about well. If you how you can sprinkle all of that together. And I just love and five dollars per packet that fit with great. And there's really no rhyme or reason to convey. Like that if you got to. Just just rally around the delegate give it your toddler and a bomb right exactly talk to me about that these little table yes I think that this came from the same seller so this is this came with a table it. It's different little adding bone and yes. Pop wherever it wants angles theme and it rock. Let it rock ever OK well. Now I mean to have a tale in my view us. And exactly filling right now what I. About bees. From Karen glass design loser parent it's so amazing. She hand hates each and every one of her glass that. Muppets that. What makes is even better is that. Oscar night is not going to be only if she hadn't right. Because that clearly if you're having an Oscar party you're a lover of film prayer so. Your movie I glasses will not just be used for one night and it will be used continuously for all of your movie nights to come right. But again if you just reach out to caring let's say sentences was your favorite film this isn't right. Maybe caring can create one look and design on the classes for EU that showed up for fits. From her but. A so what course we treat OK this is one of my absolute absolute favorites because the level of personalization. Is at these shocking view is just out of control. These are fun any ground. What you do with me brownie. We of course went with and the award goes to because why not back. But she even send in images. You can send whatever words. And they can printed right on top of the rowdy there absolutely delicious it's marshmallow one topic. What have we want. You want from life but a personalized Nady. Had no cute and it books you know. You know when they're out like at a yet it off pat. That conversation. For three. York. How. Obviously. Important. How ever yet. If you and me. The ash. The red carpet. Is just as important. At if more. Write. Apps OK well. In my mind. Away. Only here yet. Holland. And K these great table numbers here acts. News from. Mary. Again it's a principle so it's another example of a principal at print it's right on the spot. Asset most people use these. To go get reception tables at that way however. That. Always talk about the lot watching that show. Our own. Sexually. With a hot bat again it's just. You. We doubled in the act. And another use for the pop Onebox. The adults a lot of different things make different thing. You. Can make it work from your box of 20 OK you're in it how to make it work from for all the progress. Yes. At a few days left roster Sunday coming up. How do you prioritize what you do you try to get things together kept up with. All don't all the pressure on yourself that first thing because just hope that means you need to do all of the work. Hats to your friends. So if you want asked them to brain it should help supplement the entire make you. Asked them to brain. The bottles of wine. Another great thing. Used before from personal party. Are eight credible side of champagne bar. Guests bring the bottles of champagne you about the glasses but caring glasses and and sent out some fresh strawberries. And fairies that makes the beautiful presentation all you did with by the blast and outside. That it yet. And it's also. What. With sparkle that they can't get it. The Super Bowl it's part. Yes this is patently I hope you guys got 800 good at it and hear any popcorn along. After we think by any sort with that. You know what I don't be afraid to be creative. People come because they find that they can't find anywhere else and that's why come and why you. I. He's trend expert took that anger might hear that that Oscar watch party hosts around. That Laettner it's yet. Think of credit for it coming up its sister in the quarter apple ache averaged an eight live. Oscar hardy. You.

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{"id":45692445,"title":"Throw the perfect Oscars watch party with Etsy","duration":"19:20","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets her own Hollywood star in cookie form and samples treats like \"La La Lollipops\" and \"Manchester by the Caesar Salad.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/throw-perfect-oscars-watch-party-etsy-45692445","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}