Tour the 'Pawn Stars' Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas

ABC News' Brad Mielke goes beyond the showroom to see the hidden treasures at the famous pawn shop.
17:48 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Tour the 'Pawn Stars' Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas
Well good morning from Las Vegas, Nevada I'm Brett milky from ABC digital and we are here getting ready for the big event of the day it's debate night. Yes the heavyweight fight between. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It's all happening tonight we'll have live coverage free threat today. In the meantime we should take take a few looks around Las Vegas right see what the surpassed our pursuit of the city has to offer. And where better to start your day you guys. And the golden civil punch up the home of the pond stars. From the History Channel we are around here today and as you can see from just behind me over here they are all getting shot. Ready to go for the day innings on their inventory as tourists and locals alike sort of flocked to the area every morning right when he opened at 9 AM local time. We might see them get opening get selling earlier typical for the do we getting a sneak peek you guys behind the scenes. We're day here a little bit about some the items they might be going up for sale soon. Will see what happens. I want to go right you're simply whose blossoming for sale this is Mike Mike Butler got good what you might Wear. You know we're here time at first. The third presidential them. Today and you brought something that is very specific to a debate today what do you have here. V Ronald Reagan. Foam which. The 1980 convention. In Detroit Michigan. This thing this gigantic. And being debate we figured it was a perfect time to come down to news be gold and silver costs are straw. Well tell me this story here how do you how do you come to have the straight Canty Ronald Reagan handed. From 1980 great little story a friend of mine and I when we were nineteen years old. We managed to speak into the rents and to the convention center. Aaron acted like your part of the group and walked by the tables. Grab the foam hats off the table and walk right into the conventions or. And while we repair we were throwing it up and down and included hollering and about ten minutes later we realize how boring the convention was. And we decide to do is go outside to the streets of Detroit. Walking around with our own heads and we went home I've kept it all these years and I figured it's time to us all. You big Ronald Reagan fan I was this is something new were sent out about doing that was so not about to do indeed try to at the time. Being young we were just fans of everybody at that time. If you just joining us I've ABC's credibility. Joined here by Mike from by the Nevada area ordeal of going I live in Henderson about who just outside of Las Vegas right outside Las Vegas is your selling this digger Ronald Reagan had known for somebody who hasn't been -- upon choppy what have you done this before you. It walked into apostle and try to sell something before no I haven't been into upon store before to sell anything. I've been and to look at stuff but that's about it. And we are back to guys sorry for the technical difficulty here we're just surrounded by so much cool stuff I suppose that probably interviewed with the brain weighs around here let's get back here to Mike is Mike. You got this huge Ronald Reagan had. You've got this in 1980 convention and he did people see this thing that your family and friends that they constantly wondering what you had a big foam wreck and had yet. They always did I had an on display at my house in Detroit area. And they always say it would be keeping that part says as sentimental reasons at the time it's something that we had fun doing what we were kid. And when I ended up moving here to the Las Vegas area 26 years ago it's sad that back in just takes traveling until I finally. Decided it was time to Salo with all the big hoopla going on here in Las Vegas. I'd so now your job later today will probably be to actually see what price you can get where you're hoping for 500 dollars in debt. Million dollar question here do you have more political paraphernalia hanging out around your house your some crazy old souvenirs I don't know about. Now this is the only big souvenir that I have nothing extraordinary other than this article thank you so so much I got to ask you have you watched the debate tonight. Of course I'm gonna watch the debate everybody's going to be watching the debate tonight it's the big one here in Vegas they do it right here in Vegas. It look at us and we've seen the anticipation around the city growing even taxi cab drivers who you know had seen it all asking me. Prep can this. Series of debates possibly get any nastier we will see later science. Thank you so much. Good luck Mike and I will actually make you take a little luck jogger on a store here and shoot we got going on when to bring in right now one of the defining employees. Other articles or parts of personal commitment. Kimberly is still. You know into the area here what can you tell me about about this story. Stores and ears is 98. Streets. She. In here. And please operatives islands as a started. And it. Fifty employees voted for the ponds are smaller yet yet we use that if you. Want now anarchy. And just outside you can actually see some rope set up front lines for crowd control parking attendants outside. It's a big business that's usually not as such for. And I'm. Practically daily yeah and daily different on the everyday that you're that he's planning. Is doing so for entertainment she disputed check. Or. This we dishonesty head. My offered he's dying to check out. What other crazy items that you've seen over the Yankees are and that. It. We have campaign poster who see. Him. A huge my showing us around absolutely. Are we turn the camera around here. Want to get a sense of the so can really go ahead knives Shimmy Shimmy was obviously he has extended its not just. Pawns to cheer you guys have your own stuff yourself yeah. We don't actually sell bonds. Because it. He's. He's very. One of the big star strongly on the Lee T shirt I'll ask you got an act. So this is. This is political as part stars get right there that's vote strongly. Excellence. And it's almost art shop. That. Our record. Because a lot of stuff that isn't and takes an. Act and Chad are you. Girl relied on ABC digital. On acting. And shops makes it Atlantic and we don't mind. Either. Side are. You. We get Ali yeah. Here Max what you get Rembrandts. The people this half is laying around our house once again. Of course the Jetsons yet. Yeah I. And in it is at several experts I guess on hand right since you not taking an art taking several to protect. And jewelry what else we have seen practice cars signatures are ZU. It. Fisher expert we have Jerry Brown who does better. Sports memorabilia. Cars and something. Back. Street. NHT. The beard and he does all of our antiques and something. Crazy will keep yet. Gun man shown us what else you should see here you're only behind the scenes tour of the gold silver punch. Any. Hair. Here here. This is classic desert right you're here in Las Vegas. This. Ten behind a life size artwork. There have been. Me oh yes minister result he's stationed at their balances system and it is this is this for similar outrage. For eat them. Oh dollars. And hasty. Warner own. There are 1940. Cynthia S sold here. Oh my goodness. Are here. It. News we recently so. Yet. Let's get this pitches and get. Or. In this see the statue of liberty right behind you. And that's here mass. She has a lot of you. Getting a lot of sort of election theme suffers this he said I sort of a one off. It cigar box which. And then and witness it's. Actually just trying to hammer out. Day if you're just joining us we're here to gold and silver punch up here in Las Vegas I'm getting behind the scenes were just before they actually open up for the day behind us. You can see people sort of getting the shot ready for the day they have hundreds of people come through here on a given day sometimes. And we're here is Kimberly beautiful behind the scenes tour and anything else you can check out while aura or back. I. Al second house let's go to it does he with a magic happens we're some of the bosses actually hang out when they're not here working the floor. Haggling with people one of those women sales pitches of getting it come here to Las Vegas stores you can haggle with the people who practically invented this process. Of course. Got lots of stories behind all these items that you see and so we're going into the bowels of the gold and silver punch up right now Kimberly where army right now. Right now we're just in the faculty and view is the well everything animal cars motorcycles are kept simple Angeles as we get it comes Julio. It's got accidentally hit and get a lot of cases and is responding and spend your part by how often do you think. A. Daley's summit is coming in Nevada wedding ring me you don't have a need for anymore following goodness truth biggest stories and your things. As of this is mister h.'s office. One of the stars of the show this is that share oral the thinking happens role decisions happens I think that it. And so do you know anything about the obviously what he's got your own rules. And. You're getting and got his retirement plan at variance and people drop us a pretty convinced that where it's time. And. Alec Guinness classic he helped and this really is replaced its traffic's and memories. I am let's check at the warehouse is via continue to sort of go. Behind the scenes of this expansive property considering people brings stuff in it. Every day now. Is as far as the percentage are most people here to just check out things into buying or older are large group of people here's seller. We get it. That on Connors constantly feeling you have numerous people come here on Hannity and palms and fingers on something. The majority of people come here are tourists and yet they're likely to see if they can get it at Clemson John Mark are wrecked. I'm old man goes out on practice giving morning when he's here for about an hour's Grassley takes pictures Toledo's and as the same thing it. And they work on the floor at this point are these guys it's kind of been destroyed eighty can't really doesn't despite entertainment's the end the fans were exists. They'd flock to them. Eight. Guys out on the floor and is. Now there's behind you over hear it like there's a whole another rack of paintings these things that aren't even on the all these pieces of artwork. That you guys just have. Brass dress here we get so much are my goodness that's very fast and and we we need somebody cities rental car work so it becomes a hero takes very easily guerrillas in south grounds and then then so be alone so. Ends when he and his green. And we animals action I think this won't hear about something Friday's sell us or on in the coming months remaining in London bureau they had they had ninety. Yet decided how it works in opposite if you had upon something before and you're just confused as to what that at this all means. As is what did he ask you don't want to bring an end what our economy bringing McIntyre at. They want 500 dollars or anything I'm sorry what could be a hundred. So getting on an honest beings aren't we hold onto it you have to pay interest monthly. News after three months you don't come back any interest in the government could earn at least. So that doesn't sell quickly while knowing they have to come back if it's actually an applicant us. Eight initial hundred dollars plus interest. And as they Jones after him after ninety days on they did it in 2920. Degrees here. They don't come that we interesting meaning. The harsh life of the pawn. The sun as you guys have failure sheriff like lemmings with customers you get upset about things things hands. It's tough business. OK. But it would anatomy as girls there's lines remains of nine rooms. Apparently went to inspect VS store listening once sort of last candor here as we continue giving you this behind the scenes tour. All honor debate date you guys and again we'll have live coverage for you throughout the day throughout the night going to be checking out more Las Vegas sort of sights and sounds. Throughout the day lot of political. What a political activity that town sort of hunting. You know humming with activity right now and Kimberly what he got back. Campus today. And amending its currency during says Tampa Bay Rays yeah. American League pennant many members. Why outs of that is. The championship ring right if it's him to be released. Promises could go forward. If that. Fifty 50000. Dollars only ask that you had to suck your guys back second I assume at some point. That when it comes. It is Phoenix's. Radio. Go Israel. We'll grade it may do list take one last look here as we see people. Readying the shop for the sort of the daily influx. Tourists and customers desert the Pentagon is doing and did you have any favorites here I should know about. Sixteen countries samurai sword went what. Sixteenth century and you got shouted come on please please show us this sixteen centuries and writes an act legit you know that that's on the sixteenth century bringing food like. Bikinis. Are wrong. Good. So who constantly who of these people who come in. This is just too much power these collections aren't tentative peace and vibe in here in the have been. And he doesn't even like. Oh it's don't wanna I don't make you break the rules that closer look at the slate I mean you can see the markings here again and then you have to look like through here too as well. Loans that are sixty treat. Soliciting been on an interest in compounds probably art. Bob Pickett could talk. We want him yet six these things have seen so much and that is Indian side opponents. Everybody asked to look. We're partly due to use it all so. Pretty pieces markers. While. All right well Kimberly thank you so much anything else one of the shelves are you get it we were talking to us via credit. But it went Cox's and the wings world Paul aren't yet. Are. These aren't as he was actually taking things that people bringing that have been sitting ducks actually making them sort or selling its. A local experts Boris. I will thank you again for showing us around as you see just over the shoulder we have things from. From different sets from different walks of life. And an easy answer all the things you've never mind anywhere else. Except perhaps. You're young uncles basements where he's been keeping it free Paris finally you know people end up bringing them to places like this. And we will grieve with you with more live coverage throughout the day at a presidential debate. Hanging out Las Vegas you guys what could be greater so next time and ABC spread.

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{"id":42911528,"title":"Tour the 'Pawn Stars' Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas","duration":"17:48","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke goes beyond the showroom to see the hidden treasures at the famous pawn shop.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tour-pawn-stars-gold-silver-pawn-shop-las-42911528","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}