Trump Surrogate Omarosa Says Campaign Is Keeping a List of Enemies

The ladies at "The View" discuss the shocking comment made by a Trump surrogate.
5:56 | 11/10/16

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Transcript for Trump Surrogate Omarosa Says Campaign Is Keeping a List of Enemies
And now so we just gotta. This piece on a tweet that came out that on the rose supposedly put out when she was asked by the independent journal review. About senator Lindsey Graham who tweeted that he voted for another candidate. Says it Graham felt his interest was with that candidate god bless him I would never judge anybody for exercising their right to the freedom to choose who they want. But let me just tell you mr. trump has a long memory and we're keeping a list. Now now it seems I don't know if you're talking about you are the president for everybody. Should you win this and it's have a conversation with the people for. Perhaps or rounds and other core and say you know we don't want to put this kind of thing out there because this is. Is very eat you know McCarthy acts at McCarty and yet but those who look at what happened. Right of way is when he started blocking press from his events that was a scary precedent to set because the press represents. Agree with them or not a checks and balances to the system. And make sure that information about there's that one thing that does have to changes they cannot be using language that is ominous yeah his MO this is his MO I mean I did a piece for Nightline where I went to Atlantic City and I interviewed dozens of people. About Donald Trump's. And and how he conducted his business and he does keep that list and if you go against him he goes after you that he takes you out I interview people where he at they lost there. Businesses lost that reputation if they came out against him and I hope. That that is not the kind of president that he will be mine my mother often told me people show you who they are you believe them I believe what he's. The maybe races and maybe they get it he baby. Maybe you know a misogynist and I hope I'm wrong but if he had why don't you want to menace that he it is all what did you think he's gonna change all that I. And I. I have his supporters said it you know he's pandering to a group killed will be different that's not in. I also hope I'm wrong I I highly doubt alumni that I when he went after Rosie O'Donnell he was missions to have this test. OK yeah that is true idiots don't be mistaken. Return over a new leaf now example now on it I mean it is not anybody can do it if he's putting out this message of unity. Then he needs to I think what do you write Heatley to sit everybody down who works for him and say this is my message my messages one of unity because one person strains. That marginalize as Lindsey Graham supporters and as we know that Republican Party is in shambles right now haven't you have one. Think they're yeah I know that Panetta just about the Ku klux client when he expected to look natural he disavowed this. Obama who. Who you know Hillary and for at Clinton at President Obama went head to head into voted out. He made her his secretary of state Lincoln did the same thing he had his council of people that disagreed with him I hope. That unlike what we're hearing in the press that we're gonna see Giuliani as attorney general Chris Christie. Or bank park that our security yeah I really hope that he is willing to consider having people that oppose it having people like a Bernie Sanders having people like Hillary Clinton after having access. Fashion I don't know that that's gonna happen is already talking about Newt Gingrich being his secretary of state. I did talk about an old face we've seen this man yeah things give him. Second pill because if he's Smart and he wants to leave the country as a whole. Then there are people in this country who voted for Hillary Clinton and voted for Bernie Sanders and anyone with common sense knows they deserve a voice acted table to. And I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt today. To recognize that those people deserve a black now and doesn't fulfill. The first one to say it to hold him accountable for that. But and what poll you look Lindsey Graham I don't agree with Lindsey Graham on everything Lindsey Graham does represented establishment you. But he too has an opinion he has done a lot of public service and he deserves a blaze at the tables and I was gonna leave this country knows. Everybody. Deserves a boy's body and admitted to an ailing he wanted to CN NL president because no one can lead effectively unless they. They give a little and they know that those people probably still adding I am. Intel is an edited I don't know I'll grant is one of the few who stuck by what he said in the first place unlike all the high end and all the rest of these hit the cracks. Lindsey Graham I salute you for that he said yeah like. Fifth tour he said he was grabbing some woman's but private partly eager born. Before that right up to he's at that Mexicans were rapists Lindsey Lindsey Graham stuck by what now. Analysts and that was on yeah you know why it also be on the list. Just another that's not him saying it Ellen I don't know what kind of community has never gets hot I don't know how she's communicating with him how organized they ought but he is getting together. Because you're right somebody reads that and sees that that's a surrogate that is now represented at odds. Well remember he he's supposedly hired her to do the outreach to black Lowery well that's I don't ascent when so that is why I don't that's why he. And it will associate. Her with him speak and forget so you know listen there's a lot listen I'm learned this is that I guess the best thing about all of this he's wanna learn really quickly. How this actually works that no president. Governor's point his or her own amp are. And so. We know is wrong the stuff that says that you have the right to tell me what to do what my body. And you knock on a pay. You're not gonna increase in my my money to take care my family and I talk about me specifically when I say me I mean. But a lot of bucks now you know you're not gonna pay me to help do what I need to do have my family so get out of mind body it's not your decision.

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{"id":43447323,"title":"Trump Surrogate Omarosa Says Campaign Is Keeping a List of Enemies","duration":"5:56","description":"The ladies at \"The View\" discuss the shocking comment made by a Trump surrogate.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-surrogate-omarosa-campaign-keeping-list-enemies-43447323","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}