'The View' Exclusive: Christian Rocker Trey Pearson on Coming Out, New Relationship With Religion

The religious singer spoke to the women of "The View" about his sexuality.
7:12 | 06/03/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Exclusive: Christian Rocker Trey Pearson on Coming Out, New Relationship With Religion
Out at you live a lie to be true to your fate chart topping Christian singer tray Pearson struggled with his question for two decades trying to convince himself. He was not gay. Even marrying a one and having children but just days ago he embraced who he really was public late. By coming out and starting a whole new conversation Christian community please welcome straight here's. I just wanna say welcome to the community thank you so you're gonna. On Tuesday he came out of the world and beautiful letter that I read it was absolutely heartfelt touching. Why did you decide to do it right now. I. Slowly been coming out to friends and family throughout last six months. Little over six months ago I was able to finally. Except to I was in the it would and it's myself that I was gay and as are really long difficult journey to be able to get to that point. Well I I'm very thankful for her for being able to get there as he said I was married and I have two beautiful children. And this is one of those things that. I knew. How important it was what I've gone through in the differ Cody I don't feel to be it would how that transparency to tell other people and hopefully help other. Why do you think it was hard Freel was it because of your faith or was supposedly your brain upbringing kinds. EAS so I grew up in any. Christian home that. And church where I was taught that god hated homosexuality. I can choose to be straight and I strive for a long time and I don't think. I was ever trying to lies anyone I think I was trying to convince myself that I could be something that I wasn't and so I put all my faith and to that end I think you know it's scary because. A lot of the church continues to teach that this is a choice they don't realize how damaging. It can be in people's lives and how it can affect people's families and just like pat it has me has something that I've grown very passionate. About seeing that change in the church and we've had to go through a lot of things is a society as a church. And this is something. That I think. You know is a story like this moves millions of people and people talking about it all over the world a story of hope the story of restoration a story of truth. Scary when you're going three itself it is but when when it connects with so many people there's still people they're teaching these hurtful things. And they are the ones that get scared when millions of people connect with it because and they want to start say that. Your the false teacher well they never start to think maybe it's they're false teaching that causes the things like this to happen in the first place. Trey interesting evening at my brother's game when he came out it was really hard for my parents and dealing with their face. Here and looking back my brother says you know there's not a moment where you just billiard gate takes awhile because I don't think using that word in his own mind was okay camera wasn't OK with that swinging traced back don't know weighing. Maybe they're something else here that I'm not honoring. I mean. I definitely know that have always had attractions. Four other guys since adolescence. But they were things and I always felt really horrible horrible about really guilty about and so I was just tried to push them down. And I always wants no it was like the fall in love and you. Grow up not knowing what it would be like as a straight person to fall in love you assume that he or experience is. What it should feel like and so you know. It's not I was I tried to you. Hope some miracle would happen by getting married are like somehow I would get changed I just. Put all my faith in the thinking that's how supposed to be. And that it would all work when I got married I could be the kind of man and husband my wife he would need to efficiently yeah appetite on that note I want to ask because you have two kids eat you got married. What your family's reaction all this. They've been unbelievably loving and supportive. My. My wife Lauren she. Has been honest journey with me for a long time where married seven and a half years together ten years and so by talking this point charity knew how difficult this whole thing and then in the first place and but how much they wouldn't tell myself and then tell her she is Huntley and cried and told me. How proud of me she was for being able to be honest with myself. And she's been my biggest supporter. My biggest advocate. Her worth my oldest sister and that. And even for my family where it's a thing obviously. They taught me what they've been taught and what they know where they also want to understand. Com. The day that my story came out my dad does that work and he read it and he showed up on my porch. While I was curled up comic talents not shared what people would think Lou who who would be talking about it. And he's just knock on the door not news companies is hugged me for like ten minutes and just told him. She loan that's really now that's very. So it is still consider yourself a Christian I used to lady had adding I feel like I'm. More in love with Jesus in the scriptures that matter and I as I've progressed to my faith. It eyes have experienced. This grace. This. Restoration this mom being able to embrace truth without being scared of what people that live in fear what about a church has the church reacted. There are all kinds of one of four people in the church is changing right now we had to go through a lot of things you know here's times are repetitive through a site for women's rights when it's been. Right like four black people's rights for minorities writes this happens if pressing issue of our time that's but it is changing and I want to see. I want to see our church change RC my denomination change I want to see people. To be willing to have the conversation. And open way that where they're willing to listen to people's stories. That's why I think it's so important it's hell because there are millions it's not just me there are millions of people. Going through I'm going through your indictment currently such and I question the use what does it look like now what you. Aiding with what's going on and now I'm not dating I decided I was gone through all of this. Two. Take at least a year just to get to know myself as a gay person to know. Good jobs new part of me. Now he's somebody else isn't and that's sort of way. Com. And I you know I have. My ex wife and my two beautiful kids that we we share every other week we hang out every week we have family. Dinner together as a family every weekend and I saw my focus is my focus is on. The and who I need to be for them being healthy for them and being healthy for myself that way I can be healthy for other. I just want to say I'm so proud yeah yeah I am so proud of you I felt. Come out. My family emitted as well I understand the struggle and stick together LG BT community will Wragge.

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{"id":39590939,"title":"'The View' Exclusive: Christian Rocker Trey Pearson on Coming Out, New Relationship With Religion ","duration":"7:12","description":"The religious singer spoke to the women of \"The View\" about his sexuality. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-exclusive-christian-rocker-trey-pearson-coming-relationship-39590939","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}