'The View' on Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Outfits

Co-hosts discuss their own packing habits after actress posts "90 days and 270 looks" picture.
2:45 | 05/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' on Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Outfits
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in a race to make it to her court ordered sentence. In a rehabilitation. Facility and now this is the sixth time that she's going to be -- and that it's too bad that sat next up. But here's the kick that -- to -- -- to go to a new episodes look no smoking policy. -- she made a last minute change she. Took out on playing to a California facility. And somehow we have she had time to parents of I can't imagine this -- trip 270. Different out front. -- making advances America's Next Top Model and get it times ten -- she has to complete yeah. That's the bottom -- I don't get me on your own rehab facility I don't know anything about the but I -- know you've got to admit -- yeah plus -- -- -- -- -- you know you have cash you can you can -- I'm -- relaxed but I'm think I'm saying this -- it was reported her company that's -- I think that it's a little -- so why not gonna -- -- on the show how to pack because I'm going to France we have a break this year I'm gonna go to France and I'm gonna take one carry on -- Days everything but you can't -- -- area on the Franzen got -- -- one tell what they tell them what you went off for the week it not to take what if outfits what about -- that one day. What it got my feet hurt not -- -- Wear heels of that I gotta bring flats what if I'm feeling I just got a lot so glad I'm so glad gather house I have one packed ready to go up my family is even known here. But what I like. And to work for justice what you get. Subjects like this does not have -- you know what I -- range and I need -- -- the right -- -- the play. -- -- -- -- -- -- with my federal parent camera summit -- have been doing a lot of things that the incumbent that I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Troops shouldn't be your priority if you're going to rehab I would assume that they have a closet for you show you bring you. I did you support because they're gonna have to do patted down and they aren't yeah. I don't -- I've got a -- but I have just terrible my act as I talked to the control around and I did that Lindsay tweeted that she's taking 270 -- -- -- The problem here -- Lindsay is tweeting that she's taken 270 outfits she's in talks to blog. About her experience I just go you know I don't know how this is going to inspire somebody to not -- down the path that she's going acting she needs a go to rehab. Disappear for a minute yeah focus ought to be -- and get healthy that's what I -- this time yeah I can't imagine she should stay -- California I live in California and when she's doing it it shuts the on the freeways. And it's just a --

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Co-hosts discuss their own packing habits after actress posts \"90 days and 270 looks\" picture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19092588","title":"'The View' on Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Outfits","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-lindsay-lohans-rehab-outfits-19092588"}