After The View: September 20th, 2016

"The View" co-hosts discuss Angelina Jolie filing for divorce from Brad Pitt and the interesting people celebrities follow on Instagram.
17:33 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for After The View: September 20th, 2016
As you can see we are live streaming after the view on FaceBook so post your comments and questions now and leave we'll read them way to pay me. We always say that but we got its so sometimes they don't want occasion I only a day and get ready we didn't it was sometime right okay. I don't talk a little bit more about Brad and Angelina only because I feel less like making fun of it I stop. I feel sorry for people get divorced because I'm divorce that was hideous trust me. It's just feels awful to be the boys to get divorced. But there was an affordable shock in the audience and also backstage and we heard this morning it came in on somebody's apple watch. And the next thing and a little like watts. So really why lower my guess they screen when he heard it eat it did shocking I feel like there's I like to believe couples are gonna make it was one that with their endeavors as we talk right out and and the kids I think we need choose to. What do you have children or adopt children I think it's such a serious commitment that you really think they're like okay we're doing this for sure. Let's make a family in him that more kids they up the more you just thought that was. I don't know if there was something more permanent and know how Walton that. The kids notes absences to the brands take the brand is thinking. And how the 41. She's forty inch Ide and leisure as he makes approximately a few years old there are any good they eat treacherous years. Between. 2550. Exactly calling. Yeah I got divorced I believe it's like 1981 until then that was the highest divorce here on record. Yale was like to think your original and then everybody feel. Re just keeping up with the Jones yeah he I mean everybody was getting divorced I don't I don't know why can't we were with an eleven children of the sixties. We thought we could be you know. Like everybody else and I guess we couldn't. He's a kidney to she's 41. Sit chasing him again before anyone he's an 8 PM in the singles while she's one well the what that'll be jumping all over Iraq. She's old yes no whining that she's got oldest kids it's going to be a lot of from our precious children. It's for of those hits six kids divorce is so proud. All you hear so many stories in your own life he talked to friends and family that we M when you see. A couple like Exxon on the show you feel like you know them and you and they have so much in common and and it looks like a couple that why haven't the government fumbled they have a shot you know out there in Hollywood it's it's top but they have a shot and they don't make it. And it just seems like divorces it's too prevalent I want people making I want. I want people elect stick together and somehow get through it because it gives me belief and something bigger and society I don't know why and and I think it's just when you feel like you know it's like to comment like if they can't make it. On what I didn't do you know who think oh it's it's scary. Movie stars they have been more the chance of getting divorced because of all the high life that people live you think about the stresses at what marriage and parenting. What the stresses are in a way when you think of you know better wealthier and me have more acts as a resource is a part of me thinks media that often that offset some of the Staten baby. Now it might be painless captivity temptations out there. I think in that Angelina Jolie. Set had just released. Angelina Jolie Pitt has filed for dissolution of the marriage the decision was made for the health of the family she will not be commenting at this time at that the family. Be given their privacy during this difficult time. She's asking the judge should give Pitt visitation she does not want Brett joint physical custody only joint legal constant. Yeah that's nice. Why. Yeah yeah that's that's. I feel bad for them. Is that you can't help but they'll back any time even Molina about a couple it's not that you guys to clarify really put a that was part of the statement that was just something. That we heard PL appointee and that is separate from can't see TSA to play at their what was right TMs they aren't that they a lot of guidance. Not in just before though the temptation and Hollywood. But I feel so much temptation everywhere now even McDougall glad in Manhattan and you. You know people of these work happy hours now and and I never really in loans but you know but I am dating it does is work happy hour this. I went to friends give a damn what the market this is really you have to have so much trust in the person your with that I wanna be with someone I can send them anywhere. And say you know what I don't have to worry about it out and starting to feel like that's less and less realistic because with the technology in the ends to grab in the basement. Everyone has access to every once all the time. So it's like what used to be like a Hollywood thing isn't real like they now with temptation is a battle and it. I guess the key is to just sit find someone that you really trust and hope for the best and do your back even bigger faster than mean you're gonna you're gonna make it in now to look at it IR Johnson's. My thought she didn't know what was going on with him all that time for him to come at HIV right. You think you know somebody from. Allen and but the but it is what's hot I was working with a guy who look it was a really sexy kind of cute guy. Wednesday he shows up with the French beret and a significant somebody and then they show up for the why wearing different from its limit limit and you're there read instead of just. Well as many years ago. Our history I'm not. Clear that visit the website refinery 29 looked at the unlikely people all of that celebrities apartment on ads to Graham like Taylor slipped. Follows Ina Garten of Food Network. Lady you know she is right eye that she follows our public follow I would outline I didn't minus breasted. These are to die. Love apparently liked it but I like an act commercial during this show again look it to weigh what she's checking. Is cooking block it cooking I was checking cooking light out of New York Times has recipes every dead that they sent me. It is sent out to people now we'll be having hot hot hot conversation any posed commercial. And Mike own thinking she's looking something up percentage casino was not like but yeah. She did so excited I'm always looking for recipes you know because I like temp company and then I make me look I'm not a tyrant I don't know promised us all and. And my mama Leone yeah. I felt my okay so I follow this guy. His name is John Luke and blocked he. I instant. He had worked seven million followers he and I believe I why. They are so all. And its TT and I Kenya and I'm bounce. They we have the video but. And you are. Well I'm no. The lights are out. So happy I just watched. And durable don't want email you are you followed this course mingle with. Yeah I know you were friends with and I think we you know this I don't know him back Laurie Lott was following him. And I know they make me so happy I want to. Well he's an Italian entrepreneur humor and Miller in a millionaire and I'll give them and they are immediate and number I didn't think they'll stay married Larry say hand. I. Thought no. This is Giuliani face and ran out the ten biggest selling all of them Allen. They're so cute than any old Q may I don't count on anybody who had a do you want to help out some people are really. I don't want I feel follow. Fox News are like. Pass on nutrition like our finally James Dobson and our pastor deadly wreck the part Arab pastor James McDonald yeah I can't figure deadly. All of that lineup and follow everyone I'm proud that can't lose a multi multi multimillionaire what's his hand. The oil has that they have pillows Jolo semi finalists and other pastors who. Every faith and I don't know why someone once followed hash tag for two Wallace they think they're so you. And I found this random a talent and east of lake. I liked all her photos sort of following her and it showing how things and you don't present now. They had a kidney totally reasonable in Britain because date they now only just post its image while would get no love so I. So deep into neat town to get my old photos. With my comment nice and I'm so sorry lake I just really loved to wallet like April. Had to think it was a freak she never wrote back. I couldn't make. The pockets of thinking you. I want an idea let's alabaster. And Howard Stern's wife who is amazing and they rescue unhappy that island opt out. They rescue animals and Mike cure for everything is kittens but the bad news that I go to a kitten. And can't meet until outage she and her daughter and I like dogs my house I have what it really soft spot are really tiny kitten now I swear it's like I can. I'll. The Gramm all you see it's getting so no matter what kind of day your having. If you go to her in the grand IC kittens play is really aren't I mean he can cry like. Yeah you know this girl has domesticated Howard Stern I think he. Yeah and yet I not I bought yesterday. Check think she's an implements I gotta. Yeah and that cameras have been terrific into the air like so I did the bat as hot as one of the best ones he'd get up out of it he does that you would. Everett talents and then you're like allowing just like a giant is clearly the dirty version I you can do that very nice like you get. So how does not tell me stop you know categories aggression indigo in the audience has a question on this stuff issue. I how do you ever zoned out during an interview and then copped. A home. Oh. I and now I I I deal almost every day what I now have you know district is not trying to I was doing an interview without the chino recently I was interviewing him at a casino somewhere right. And and Robin one of the produced who works here was. I said to her if you can think of something. Text me. To ask him so in comes this and it starts buzzing and I just look at my watch because I have the apple watch. He's like what's not what are you telling you got like I I was it like the movie like you know with a shot father again. Like say they are you sort of what I had to I. I don't know not not not not no outs OK so that was once. I attended that night but not not zoned out like space stop I didn't like trying to look herb. Figure out what's next year sentence you have to go somewhere they're aiming bristling gets in your parents say you've got to cut back cut and then you come back and really haven't heard anything any near lake. I had yeah. Don't ask don't realize that sowed terror yeah talking to lessen our ears asking people don't realize that so sometimes. I know there have been times where. I'd been responding to someone in my ear but on can't write you with think I'm responding to the conversation I had nodding Arnott and but it's like. This secret Colin of the people in here and it's we heard but. Of course you nights watching would just think that we're spacing out would be ridiculous but that's not the case it's hard. To juggle and have a conversation. With some light you're all arrogant and hear something and you're here. And have something flashed on the cameras in the monitors and telling Estes to say those words but you're listening to this question and you know white easily read that thing I don't do it anymore except on Friday but I'm moderate course. My hearing is going in this year because at bats I. They opened to twenty years on this shall wants a mosque. In the yelling. Solid sidewalks. And you eat I'm. Do you have for function like they actually do tell you things but I enjoy when you have a night at the ending of somewhere with a really good sense of humor on the other action the president can't find good morning Eric on the weekend showed they can hear your and they see some pretty hilarious things yes lake. They should do that on they have a show dole hotline it is. What is buttons though paramedics suggestion told you the other end of my IFB can someone be funny there. It yeah I didn't know what it's who has a question which is a usual rich at where you mentioned Richard what you say. To know what gets you up in the morning. And what motivates you what's Morton Michelle and I can't. Very responsive enjoy. But lets you adding bed and makes you want to go through the day you mean along the east and what gets it went out of eight. Bent. For premium I mean my man gets out. Mike I. And I know I'm might Bursa de. I. Joanna my food and get nothing I immediately what I wake up something you relative to keep I don't know how does that landed kids really tasty like a bombed out meetings that day. And I've I'm ready for that day but he he wakes me. If he what I want I wouldn't have a guy when he couldn't. Let I've made it's really flooding cough. Here really a big noted Peter Blake I do look forward to it like it can't wait to get for that coffee. NATO bomb went into food but a cop he'll do it washes it down a cup of coffee over and over watch full lineup and there's a lot of every day. Apple awful aren't the pancake here at sits on me. Ney is now getting getting a check and gets Iraq. And those figures prominently in which is why don't people want to work construct. We at a time what. Something profound something he got out. I'm sharing things and you know talking to America now what gets you up Bryant he's so pro and let's let's say you try to get and I just what she meant to this he did what they get out of the house it is not edited and yeah. This whole you never locked to his wife watches the show I yet texts and do I know how quiet. You know they tell me they tell you that sometimes they catch me on camera looking up I want to have to stop that. I know people at the hunting and it's like the North Atlantic race. I want to ask why the right Rick I'm doing Rick. He's been here how long have you been here Rick. We get a shot of Rick that the Laura let's get us out of there. It's not safe is Clinton people not off orphan see the people behind the scenes. These two they terrible at their job don't get. Getting that wonderful at their jobs and Manning are. Other coming to an end here is there anything in one cent before we go. Now okay thanks indirect. I think she's hungry this what I would. You gotta do them well I have I am a fitting for my Christmas movie that I'm. Starting on trial. Candace Thompson his show that she leaves and has a big a courier and it comes back on the show right. She does well. The chill that god for a little while but she'll be back a few weeks and then at that I'll be tomorrow will be him but then a few weeks and I'll be back we're event in my back Alley on healing permanently shut my you know when you leave right now. Google eat more what do you company given. You today. That has nothing like as skinny bitch who eats constantly. Have my kids Saro what do you do I I'm eating I haven't eye candy with Brian. You have a David Brian Natalie worked there. I kind of taking heard aren't place I'm betraying can't get. I would like to allow some luncheon is that he has little or no carrier out of though are you feeling now we ideally going well when told he couldn't Leila what eighty's or ninety's sitcom can we talk about that most inherited me young he is fidelity doesn't give you navigate even eighties pop culture genius. Okay I am not fighting crime. All the conservative comes last I think out and again I'm Aaron we got a guy you know I'm gonna pick this one she does she eats them. Friends appellate homeless Farris is a novel when she but I'll denying all. Featuring right around this table and you have went quiet you can't eat that much you start to get faxed. Hi Steve like that when I was in my twenties then I had a baby Evan all bets are on hand picked. Why I'm not a might want humble put it all goes all right spots on I don't know that I can play but I. You know what I hate about Michael if you have it sucked out here it could come help me get a good. Mike yeah. Like how fat the fat goes has to go somewhere it did taken out of here. And then you gain weight it can't go there any law so it had to go here. Boy he. I never returned to their diet doesn't return to that spot need to think about this yet don't do it don't do it. Okay but boy that I can't navigate the pound don't forget to hit us up on Twitter and FaceBook and will be back tomorrow. I don't.

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