Wendy Williams Gets The Last Laugh?

The talk show host prepares to take on critics in a new stand-up comedy routine.
11:31 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Wendy Williams Gets The Last Laugh?
-- -- only wind but my guess I'm no -- Courtney does have breast implants. I think -- like the Chloe was the one with no surgery at all until the new -- I don't just like -- even fat. -- That's a real -- out isn't it. That of course is Wendi Williams as always pull no punches from her purple chair and Wendy Williams show and now. She is set to make her debut in comedy. In -- Las Vegas show called lipstick. At the Venetian and we are glad to get snagged her off the plane quickly before you actually make your way to Vegas -- you do. But I am I'm feeling wonderful you know they were asking me what -- -- -- -- do before I turn fifty my fiftieth birthday is actually on July 18 right. And I said well three things I never -- karaoke. Sound however and you'll what you never -- tie -- uses cameras on karaoke. -- Likable out of -- disappointed but it's gonna be -- be writing in the journal and police. -- active -- earlier this morning right. On the Boston -- And then I'd never driven a monster truck I've always wanted to do it and I mean that monster truck what did she like big -- with. Because it was like the flames coming -- the -- -- just an -- fifteen school buses -- is good and bad for field that -- -- doing it next week after taking it to myself so we're gonna show that on the talk show what kind of insurance you have to pull up for something like. They didn't know what you know what I went over any trucks apartment that he wanted to -- and then took over I was very you know very thoughtful in my driving right of it. And then the and I want to do what -- been told that I was funny. Is relative you don't know what does that mean red so I sat rate well I would. -- -- an evening of stand up. -- be you know. You know we would get a little little place in Manhattan with their three professional comedians aren't in the fourth wanted to into the night when everybody's bombs everything -- back. -- -- -- But the that I -- called out in Vegas and he said. We've got a -- -- you know with the -- here with 750 seats and we've got -- minutes for you we want to kick off the line of the fourteen week run of. Lit match its -- shifts is something that -- featuring only female funny ladies on the only one that's funny without. Being formally called comedian the other ones include -- -- de Har. Of -- Lisa Lampanelli yes Caroline -- Lonnie love you know Rita -- -- read about her. You got some serious happens up there for seventy minutes you're gonna be up there you're not a comedian Al ready for this I'm ready and not a cocky way I'm ready away but -- -- I would have been working with -- comedian that I admire -- now OK and Ellis taught me through pacing. I'm might jokes coming from real life stories that now -- -- I'm able to find very humorous. And make fun of myself in a comical way. And so. I would be going there in over the -- that no we've never seen except for maybe people -- -- table. This was asking you about that because that's on YouTube clip talking there about the show this is going to be totally different than what your daytime shows about -- and this is everything and that's that is even included in the after show right. -- -- I -- means you're really -- and pulling out all the stops on -- well. I am very tortured childhood. My parents thank god there deep they've lived and they still -- to see me. Fulfill a lot of things that they wished for me like marriage child a great career losing some weight sitting on -- torture that -- that seeing me. I did all those things on my own terms. And now that my biggest fans so I can do no wrong. So -- wanted to about -- -- by wanna talk about. I'm the one finally answer the big question about the -- which people -- -- -- breast implants you know that -- but. Let a lot of people. I didn't say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It now while I answer you with -- -- straight that there are active if -- in. And Vegas if you if you read you've read those comments like pretty closely I'm getting taken to heart no I don't take them to heart but you know. I have. Over two million followers on in. FaceBook. Instead -- whatever it is you know I have but so. And I think that the comments are very important because those in my direct -- watchers and in with. Being mean some of -- they do say some very constructive things. You know one of the things that people -- election shows the fat that you really kind of you don't hold back on -- celebrities and some other BS all right. And you know -- A couple of targets over the years -- have been perennial favorites the -- -- -- the real housewives. -- blacklisted from any parties from any guest list from things like that because you know and I think about it though in the term of -- Kathy Griffin who is plagued -- -- -- -- she's out there what customer outside while trying to get names and things that. -- she's now -- obviously at the level you're at that level but. It's a social -- though that has been expanded -- the people that you're talking about that now might be cutting yourself off. You know -- love celebrity culture. But it's only been the last six well actually no I'm pretty good celebrated radio career but what I learned. Early on. What's getting the opportunity to meet celebrities is that when they invite you to stop. Don't -- you get it may be every fifteen depending on depending on the event and the celebrity is. Because it taints my hot topics -- interesting for me -- and personally. It taints my hot topics. It also. I guess taints my view of celebrity culture I enjoy meeting my celebrities when they come out on the couch I socialize with a lot of celebrities you know in the Katie -- -- -- the other girls and as and that's fine but I don't generally make that might rule I'd like to do -- -- here in Manhattan and go back to Jersey. And mind my own damn business. Because that keeps hot topics pure so I can become. Of the people if you know what insane. I mean is a stay of the -- -- -- -- I think I think that's what -- and I just think -- it's -- be incredibly difficult because it's a very tempting world to get sucked into it not. It's not -- anymore I didn't -- -- the popular girl of the popular cheerleader I've never been to a prom I didn't have. You don't -- -- boyfriend some used to being on this side of life. Now it's almost like a long long. I was the same -- that when I was 22 it was just I was too insecure to say sort of things I think -- now do you -- -- my friend because I advocate talks out. I I appreciate what you're saying but no I'm gonna go back home. This is like this is like it's going your high school reunion review really come back -- like after you've been -- exactly. You've gotten the surgeries done like you've got. -- resentful for -- I just see it for what it is and I and I find that. Now. Having a thirteen year old and -- would be raising him -- -- -- celebrity obsessed culture way he really does I have to say there's. -- set it off until he admires the way I handled celebrity -- and is that cause you know -- my husband -- worked right. You know he's one of the second produces on the -- -- my manager. -- he admires the way we handle it and there's nothing that. Makes us happier. Then you know a thirteen year old could they can be jerks and -- Right right and yet easily -- by that. I want to ask you gonna interview that she did with a celebrity newfound celebrity really from oranges the new black Laverne Cox was on your show -- And you were asking about. Laverne is transgender woman and you were asking about her transition and you're asking about some operations net. From that -- got some criticism from the transgender community about being insensitive to do you think that you were fairly criticized. I feel as though I was asking that question from a layman's perspective you know I'm not in the gay community. Although they've always embraced -- gay community. I've had. Very few conversations. With transgender you know -- -- spoken to Chad's. Chaz -- yes. -- Been in the club but -- -- slouching relocate here ask your questions. I thought she was respectful -- -- but you can't believe me from asking right now I'm Wendy. And an. I don't I'll let I'm not coming from Lincoln -- expect. A place of the same curiosity that movie -- of people. Wait isn't that we're not asking the right questions -- -- -- frees him in the right way are -- being insensitive to it what you think. He isn't honest and you're not the only -- I -- -- brought Katie Katie Couric the same way with Laverne Cox. Had also been criticized for some of the questions that she had asked as well. I know that me myself I mean I'm trying to trying to educate be very sensitive to the terminology that I -- -- right. But even on learning as well. -- remember the question I asked her I asked one question -- I know that because -- -- haul her saying. You know Wendy you know why don't want to talk about that that I can't find like getting better at that -- -- and ask. You know. Body you know -- my -- curious question what they say oh now I want to talk about that C. All of it would've pushed pushed us right -- -- me understand it's like the other day when. Amber -- on the -- right. And I got to -- thanks that we think about human -- and she's already I don't wanna talk about that. I said are you glad you escaped she said yes and I left it alone Iraq. -- you know so you can't you cannot Boleyn. Interviewers for asking questions that. Millions of people want -- now. What about the questions about your own gender or your own your own -- -- you get you get frustrated by -- now I do plan on addressing that as part of my jokes people think that I was born a man and the you know that is absolutely not I get a you know. I've got a strong face a strong body and five feet eleven -- we -- -- -- You know. -- the black that is also part of might comedy routine at the Venetian. What gets up with it now. Years ago when I first heard it might. But 25 years ago I believe I was -- -- started on the radio might say you know like I got the Mike open take a look at yourself from particular angles and. He's been a real conversation was my audience. And so. I do plan on addressing that I get that comes from what in my opinion. There's there's no Boris way to insult a woman than to say she looks like a man but -- a woman gets over the. There is no stronger woman that woman who who it rolls off -- back when you say that. Like there's nothing there's nothing you can call me at this particular point I've been dealing with this for decades. I I listen I icing of stronger woman a sitting across from me right now. And I really. I want to wish you the very happy is that birthdays we look forward to the show in Las Vegas obviously continued success in the -- let -- that Atlanta might thank you -- thank you.

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{"duration":"11:31","description":"The talk show host prepares to take on critics in a new stand-up comedy routine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"24466999","title":"Wendy Williams Gets The Last Laugh?","url":"/Entertainment/video/wendy-williams-interview-talk-show-host-laugh-24466999"}