Whoopi Goldberg to Present at 2016 Oscars

The Oscar winner and View co-host is set to present at the 88th Academy Awards.
3:02 | 01/29/16

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg to Present at 2016 Oscars
The other guy that's the Oscars announced the names of the names of some people will be presenting and guess who's going to be present day would be called her and deserves it. And the Sherry but you as a black actress yes or should I not Wainwright allowed the number one movie and it makes it. Yeah on this problem with the lack of diversity at damaging. It's really Jada Pinkett absent in not only you know variety even put out the cover of their magazine if you can see it it's a shame on us that's all white Oscar. I fell as like black actress I think that we do need diversity in the 6000 members that are voting. Because if you got 79% are white the average age of 63 like Michael Cain said. He didn't even know if aegis Alpa have been nominated so chances are. He didn't watch straight out of Compton. And let me tell you why straight out of Compton why you need diversity because there was that there was a part in straight out of Compton for those who sought or O'Shea Jackson who played ice cube. He was explaining apology a mighty. Why the police messed with young black man so much it was then they went outside. And sit to show what happened the police came knocked them all on the ground but mom on the ground and not just cut taker our drink out of his hand. Thin ice cube O'Shea Jackson junior win an inmate after police and it was such a brilliant powerful moment it and then a lot of questions. Michael McCain was the average age is sixty drama gonna add single out mr. Kaye. But average age 63 older white men they wanted the significance of why that was such a powerful moment in straight out of Compton. What younger Mitt from Michael B Jordan sales Shea did. Dennis saying everybody's you old enough to night saying you have to diversify. Because that's knew when you didn't have it on it clear we're not at an earlier. Islands in an out of it we mentioned what the academy is gonna do it again in the rules and regulations even Woolsey says that that's not enough but he's not changing its all about the cast the minutes about the studio English may how to write a boy I agree with that I would look we kind of a yeah I was there I look the look of. Boycotting the outlet when the elderly has been big mid sort of meat but there's nobody that has reached the pinnacle of what will be is down to appease you know career she's good eke out a winner so nobody has reached what he's done so it's not the norm so I think that you know there are a lot of movies belt. Dealt you don't there's a lot of we believe that you bet people. Where that the film resonates with a but I also want to say people keep saying you know the start our own things start on think this what the Oscars best for a woman like me when Octavia Spencer won Octavia Spencer won the Oscar so they keep initiative right roles for her she gets to do whatever she wants which busy all the time. So when she can't duel movie. Like Jane of the joneses which is a dramatic leap they said well what about Sherri shepherd Sherri shepherd just did a dramatic lead in a movie because back taking a Spencer was busy so can we get the benefit the yeah. Sloppy seconds any day.

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{"id":36602319,"title":"Whoopi Goldberg to Present at 2016 Oscars","duration":"3:02","description":"The Oscar winner and View co-host is set to present at the 88th Academy Awards.","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldberg-present-2016-oscars-36602319","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}