Yara Shahidi talks balancing teenage life and acting career and partnering with #LikeAGirl campaign.

'Black-ish' star talks upcoming season, new Always campaign and starring in a spin-off.
23:52 | 08/16/17

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Transcript for Yara Shahidi talks balancing teenage life and acting career and partnering with #LikeAGirl campaign.
Though I am Michael Rothman and I'm pleased to welcome in very talented young may. You Norris an actress on black issues he's soon to be a student at Harvard. And a lot lot more. Camp with your seventeen it's crazy. You are should he think you for joining us coolers and Weaver just having a fantastic fashion about fish. Turtles and animal. Welcome to look at him that later on I guess that's. They socialist thought talked here about you have so much going on in the spin off show groans coming very exciting. And I look as connect with her seventeen when icu act or speak January's so mature it's crazy thinking. And you heard a talk about new programs. Like a girl I tell our viewers more about that what part. There is always at the lake girl campaign which has been going on for awhile now and I've always been. An admirer of the campaign and our goal to just really. Support girls' confidence especially around me ages in which hit puberty and they've done studies that show that. That drastic increase in confidence really does affect. The challenges that we choose to take on and what we do with our lives at that plea and and I really appreciate the fact that always has invested a lot of time in girls education of confidence and so that's why we partnered up. I think it's really cool because it's really about creating programming and just creating awareness that this idea that we have to. Because I think for so many people it's a really it's a big stopping place sandwich then from that plane on the decide next take on certain challenges and especially in this day and age that. Rents a lot of opportunity. And I mean I was in an actress. You've been acting for the heroic seven years old and yes I thought I was that was the first and it reverently the first commercialized. Two. And then you remember that I don't OK I think I remember but it's worth the higher Barbara by proxy pay little or no use. I think I don't know what that yesterday but I think you've had no clue it this way Iran. What do you is there a story of that you have that kind of taught you something that you learned along the way on obviously being. An actress you've had a very successful maker but is there anything that stuck with you. I mean. Quote if you I think high school is a big deal mean. Just because Al is inherently academically. Astute and I think those first tied that you that it didn't do something perfectly the first time around. And it seems like a miniscule thing I remember even getting antsy on an accurate for English and it seemed like just got. Another daily occurrence but for me is the biggest deal I remember connecting to the fact that I was never going to study history at wasn't going into the didn't and schools known as you know like me you're gonna know I was gonna have this thing on my English paper you're very unlikable if he had just this the only English as a but I really have allowed it. Fine he and I know going into high school it was a mentality that I district myself that has. It is a period of trial monitor from aptly joint speech and debate I'd so many new things. That like having them mentality of allowing how well I did the first round of mine just really messed up. And so. It was interesting to trying to learn that I yet that one of course my goals to be perfect anymore Herrick. And fugitive I'm sad that. It's important to celebrate the small improvements I think it has a very hard ourselves like what they do this perfectly the first time around or. My goal is to just absolutely it's do everything that I do rather than. Celebrating its ideas to improved in any sort of way and appreciate the fact that we don't have all that Linear fashion. Yeah but the journey. Yes assembly equipment now instituted but it's true. And I love casting the wasted human but the casting. A black it was a look at apple thing without an interesting process I remember the day before. It was I had done two others diamond director section forest so. It's me casting directors the director can bears the creator of the show with a lot of people this very small room. And it is like over arguably can be intimidating process what I appreciated. Is that. From the get go from entering their investment by people that wanna succeed. And that's that's another big thing you. Overarching Manhattan and support network in what you duke I think. Even means that. Kind of intimidating director section easier and what I do it's called the network test when you lock and you screen with a person to working the Anthony Anderson and that day he said none of the words on the page. And that all living and I was. Freaking out. I mean internally three I don't know what did you I'd memorize this but so much touted that option. Really thought long and hard at everything from outfit choice haired. And a look. Ever being in this audition and there's Anthony's saying that it lives. And then there's that there are one of the people in the room in the back to shaking her head. I think this vision is so clear to me is Ed's entire this is shaking it said. And what I realize that line. At a later matching my head because of me with attention two there it was a revolving line at the other thing happening in the background. His budget just passed away the thing that probably but. It also just another example how to go with the flow I think if anything that's what is taught me. But as a regular averaging schedule will get to set the script is changing one's hair. And it isn't. Working with people who aren't big losers in this industry will be in the comedy world for years. And also being around people what they're doing it could be a teenager just figuring out. Ken like habits later in the nation and an atomic. Do what I'm gonna do it like my choice now change that choice but what's the worth kidnapped him. The knees again so we'll send aid and could fit better than. My pleasure. The food. And you your problem going up on the show which is really amazing what's that like to do that and you doesn't. Really done an amazing job of tackling tough issues. And it really decked a couple phone manner. We had an and here we talked about the police brutality of this I really loved his his monologue and the trumpet this in the board room to be another perspective. Yeah I mean I think black action is done really well is. Addressed issues from the small podcasted point of not telling people rightly I think you know about issues there's never one side to it. If anything by the ending episode you've gotten ten different opinions from. Each character. About how review of certain topic like Zoe is interesting but she's different from each is very political she thinks. It's very much like development associate with speech about just wanting to love this idea of having its core values and that's very valuable point of view but. Nevertheless it isn't my point of view lot of times we have very different points of view it how we handle a situation. And so it's an interesting growing up because you know management it's very relevant almost like you're developing two opinions at the same time so not only am I figuring out how are reacting to something and figuring out how my character reacts because it's so different from light area. And with episodes at tackle something that would literally happened maybe a week or two ago. That you're actually like going through the process of figuring out how you feel while you're on sat. And if anything I think it's giving me the privilege of trying to understand other people batter but as when your forced to place some units are naturally not. Then it makes you have to basically and is in the process how people develop their opinions and how what environments big role. And how we grow up. But to justice concept of having constructive conversations I think that at the core of black issues. Tree's ability hear any of the character's ability to communicate how they feel other people share this opinion. Let's check here yes. Young young woman is well yeah and topic that you won. Tackle for any doesn't mean covered that they can eat yet I mean I think what that's what's exciting grown inches at its very specifically focused on. The Jens. College campuses are highly politicized yet. And to be unit and an environment especially way is that we for the most part has grown up in her perfect little socioeconomic liberal bubble. And has her values those kind of going to be chatter just to figure out which is in the larger context of the world around just went and her family and so. It is really exciting I think even this simple things if you like and not not a big it would have. A bullet which is always actually I'm sure of herself. Is really big because only is this company character while every other character as a she's the one person that could either. Like is just ripping Coleman seems there's just as every things together. And could care less about why everyone else it's that thing out so have those moments in which we get to appreciate her own personal growth. And to appreciate the fact that she doesn't have it all together and she isn't this person that's just like I'm confident in all situations. And I mean it's it's exciting should expect from getting in trouble and college obviously that's what happened and really. I've been talking to the writers and it's funny that's like I both extremely excited as though is growth because it's not just. Political move plot along like so many teenagers are used in shadows but to really have a conversation about what it means to grow up with in this context of 2017. And at the same direction like her grandmother because that might she have thought and we it. Yes. What this character lock them instead. And I Dervis it and bring up it's funny if you're here to talk about mentoring and young women and then also blackest tackles is incidents. And I saw you you had some very poignant things to say about Charles those weekend at the teen choice awards. How what do you say to young women and an evenly the audience when. We have this big gap that is feels like it's widening socially. I mean I think. What is interest being a history injured I think the one thing that I have. And I am very fortunate force context. Had so I think Charlottesville while it is terrifying and horrific and saddening it's not surprising. Especially when you look at the history of our country but what I do appreciate I think why even me being here war. Like a girl is such ridiculous because we really do laps investment in this generation. And creating change makers and I think a big part of it where I if you look at at a great privilege. Is of not having those barriers that are stopping me from learning about my country stopping me from asking certain questions. But has ultimately act like activism that mr. this idea that I I feel safe. In MySpace and I feel safe and up to and allow of these other ventures. And it's important for my other appears to have the same opportunities especially because we have the ability to be so active at a young age to fuel that you prevented by societal merrier personal barrier. It's just extremely excruciating especially since we're living in which we need our places especially with what's happening at Charlottesville. I mean it's really a lot of of the students. Were protesting and I think it's important for other girls have. The ability and confidence in this space and support network to be able to do something similar. Keeping social media plays and I just as the parking garages and that's off the conflict is seen easily could be a really great. Accident but the same time maybe now hasn't double edged sword at Philips socially yes fantastic because I mean. This isn't good example because it is social media campaign for the most part like a girl. And it isn't the way what I've connect and so many of my friends that are in the after the space and how we share information how. We let people know about a certain message that you're passionate about at the same time there are these moments and what you CDs difference these standards of living. Our standard whatever it may be whether to standard of beauty your standards expectation of what you like supposed to be like because. Social media isn't always the most honest telling art lie in. He's of our allies but so often you don't CB other bad side of it or the pointed what you like. I don't feel too great today and I don't post those like now I was just crying for two hours of life is great Hayden and U. I had I think it's important to make sure that what you at context and the awareness to say that. Okay this is that company's actual reality it's a piece of their reality. But it's also appreciate social media for the tools of creating communities I think that's what a privilege that our generation has is that we're no longer you graphically. How good bye who was around us rather we can form communities and world. That we can form communities of people really touched people that are so filings not figuring out how to utilize that tool. And the forever in a special guest yes are you ready is a simple question are you ready. Two you've grown up and high school black children grow up at the same time in college while being on growers mr. Tinsley such the to challenge president that you can definitely handle I'm. I'm excited and personally taking a gap yours I've grown shall be nice because it's my taste of college before Collins. A revealing. Super plan and perhaps I think what's really cool is that we've been getting to like so much trouble that I will be for tomorrow will be prepped for everything if there for every situation. You have looked the most low key freshman year at everything yet again trouble in Italy I'm not gonna do that now now now and yet that didn't like my trial there the main thing. So we haven't a huge fan Cassidy is gonna come on right now. You play a little game how grew and as are you Kenneth I don't know how bearish. A huge fan and I'll be starting high school and he used kind of like how so he's gonna start college. And this summer kind of had the chance to. Live on my own accidentally camp I had filling cut my own. To ground lines. Like stuff like that and that. Kind of learn how to not forgotten to supplement mom not. That was really a test to see how truly ready am. So I came up with a few questions you. See how you handle being here around. Good. Your parents gave you permit your friends ask you to go out to receive and stay in or go out no matter what happens or does it depend on where it is. Did OK well just I think and the kids have always that they've really Goldberg who like. I have ten dollars and it costs one cent do you. I don't think stuff up. Again. That's kind of the complete opposite when he that this thing I have literally spend money on books and if the two things that will be looking like spend my money. So in our preference are going to eat option. I. You're pregnant jammed with paper with the dignity been working on for weeks classmates and ten minutes. Do you find another printer and resting partly explain to the professor and ask for an extension are submit. A cat action in this situation in the top warrior. Which my project. With the project. Printed a week ago. And so I think two things I think it yet email and Virginia on the printer and outlook with me but I have full explanation of a lot. So it's I know that the very relatable look at I think the one thing I really didn't think this idea that he Britain's. I think in public is printed in. Bigger what the printer jammed and wait for school it was injured and it moments. So here if you are fish over a long weekend that. Little of the Atlanta. Tell her replace the fish are acts of president died. OK well more of me I'd have to say hate your fears and it goes. I don't know if it. Depends what had me is said it is. I would like to thing that I I would tellers immediately. And I'd like to think that I wouldn't forget to feeder fish from in the first place. Ten minutes ago what you suddenly realize this is your class he stayed to the end I believe is responsible. Eileen as discreetly as possible. Think. I know that moment in which your action news one. Multiple lines. But. I realize that it's harder to get into the real explain as to why weren't in the class to begin Lance. If you wait the end of the period and if you just leave and in the rug and less forgiving you'd expect. Always raise issues by the door and you triple that you pick them up and tell her what yours is there but he's not. As somebody. Might daily. We leave the Hughes there probably put my issues there you. And just it will consequence. Your dorms. Feverishly skating in the state do you find something else we're annually wash. I have to find something else at Washington and is doing the most at a luxury next week and so I hope I have. I mean my my go to and others. As a account you're starting do you order peeps are bikers. I don't isn't buying grocery. Outlet to intolerant. Of people a great option for me. I also have more option. But urged news. Yeah corrections definitely make this record Q. You know it acts. Richard Hughes a silent room roomy you know our freshman. Hi first I don't know action would like him need be. Summer of sophomore here. And I've gotten not knowing anybody and it was actually. Experience but. People. And it really put myself out on a limb hair. And it. I know what it roommate pilot talking. Yeah and I know I really Bennett that actually put an alarm I felt. Certainly at some point. Issue all of my conversations with any change things for the likes of rain and philosophical. Issue. Parents and friends and unfair critics did. Answer that Indian okay. So I have to say it like my Brothers expansion plan. My parents elements. About it and amendment's reference to. Imus all of the lump. But I have to choose. A site YouTube it's fitting colleges quietly yes. Another thing. Parents and remembrances can I wouldn't put them in the same category yes and still am yes. Family definitely because I I harassed my Brothers I think M. And it doesn't matter by getting at midnight or something I hop and others McCain with me here. Jack I'm sleeping and have to get up at six but you don't have time for conversation just a birthdays. College in your luggage is act passed me what you leave behind your favorite pillow your favorite issues like. Alleged OK well. The issue here is that I'm going into cold environment here air drying would take forever. Crow currently issue this. And humans I couldn't behind me. I think. I have to bring rebel attack but that's a few gray hair because otherwise I would get sick because my hair will be wet. And soaking the entire U Sunday. I just thought about this way over. It. And we've Hughes yet. Dorm room decor. Can. Duke or how. I think and consider Ehrlich said. Things you yet not me just decoration. OK well I have to say they're a couple of things of course betting that with James Baldwin hello that I really appreciate and that to me. It gets really essential because it just set the tone for my door every time anybody Watson that Ike. She backer about it right yes I am James Baldwin fan but. I'd have to say that also contractor because I love my podcasts but nobody's business. Like honestly I like you listen to podcasts and my that I can't do that. A lesson is that area I couldn't that's very. So either one. Okay here over. Or is it possible if you claim. It. Isn't a bad example place. Hey I slept in the first day of future president watching right now ignored this question. We enter this up this way but. I'd have to say. I'd like to think at this. And I'd probably late in the time change. I happened. OK last. Start in new carpet heartily. And based on right back and advances its involvement and because I have that it literally looks like. Like how people may have boy bands on there all that's me with James Baldwin. I have a James Baldwin pillow. I James Baldwin at two years old teachers to James Weldon candles to send copies at that time. Everything's. Obsession Israel plunging problems for their parents got me a gift because it was just a national holiday. Yeah you think you'd have a lot of people. I I'm convert people act right all of my friends now. All read James Baldwin and I'd like to take full credit for it but nothing new I think just mentioning so often inspired at least you. Thank you for asking questions you doesn't it question class. I didn't think about like who when it's. I have no amused everything scheduled call time and when working on lions what happens when I had scheduled. Yeah that's. Arson attacks the central crisis live on the air thing you have to kind of well. Yeah yeah up an inning. Jesse think he's so much you're amazing. Our I think he's so much. Alan think everybody at home for joining us and the many.

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{"id":49255045,"title":"Yara Shahidi talks balancing teenage life and acting career and partnering with #LikeAGirl campaign.","duration":"23:52","description":"'Black-ish' star talks upcoming season, new Always campaign and starring in a spin-off.","url":"/Entertainment/video/yara-shahidi-talks-balancing-teenage-life-acting-careerdel-49255045","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}