2018 CMA Awards nominees for entertainer of the year and more

Sugarland and Dan +Shay announce the nominees for single of the year, new artist of the year, male vocalist of the year and entertainer of the year from Nashville.
6:24 | 08/28/18

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Transcript for 2018 CMA Awards nominees for entertainer of the year and more
We are backow with thecma nominati we'll gok to pauisho is in two the biggest groups in crymuc, sugarland and Dan + shay. Hey, everyday. Hi therichael. Up H with sugarland and Dan + shay, congratulations, you both foundut were nominated for icular categories and now both be annou nominees F four huge categories so start W Jennifer. First up single of year is award actlly goes the artist, producer and engineer, the nee for cma sing of the bro halos, ipchris Stapleton. Drinkin' problem, Midland, producers Dann huff, Shane canally, Josh Osborne. "Drownshe whiskey." Jason aldea featuring Miranda lambert. Aad. Produchaknox mix en bra T to B Bebe rexha and orida Georgia line, produrs willshire, mixhenea. "Tequila." For single of thar. Christian. All right. Let's see, let's turn this the right way. The nomi fcma new artist of Y are laureai Luke combs. Chris Janson. Midland.anung.or new artt of the year. Awesomend congratuons. Dan + shay on nation. Ave two more categories to you to unveil. Take itaway. The nominees fore vocalist of yr are Dier bey. Luke combs. Th Rhett. Chris Stapleton. Keith nominees for TCM male year Tt's right. All right.hee goo finally this is a bigne rig here man, th nominees fortainerf the Y are, Jason aldean. Televisi superstar M Bryan. We also have Kenny Chesney. Yep. Chst and Mr. Keith urban. [ Rs and applause ar. Luke, con up here,uk ngratulations, you guys. I got to get an instagr account now for under that handle. Television superstar. Let's -- It start right here. We started it right here. W soarland land, Jennifer an stian, coratulations. You've already won this categorfive times but now you're back on tour for the first time in six years. Is it different this time around? Sense that we'vome back and feel fresh and our cups are filled mas this nomination obviously even that much sweeter too so, yeah, it's nice. Good to be ck My ks are finallyed at this what I do for a living Exactly. Dan + shay, congratulations to you,adour nom going into today but now you have youen't won so I know you have the speech wh the first person you thank if Y N? Dan -- he's the prepared one so -- You don't want to it. You can't prep it in advance. Luke sincee is a television would absolely huge age look U to wonderful people like sugnd andmany talented artists that before U likeelevision superstar Luke Bryan. Nev living this down. Neveris . But it really is. Incredible sh- it's an hono be just - I same convtis you guys and so many talentedple yeah, like Luke. INT bar. I tried to get the other night. First and lastime I think we'lver get invited. Michael, you H question F our television super. I have a question for Luke. D, Luke, you've beenominated for entertainer of . This woue your first win in is cateow are you feelin you know, being nominated again for being a television juive it tous. Getting -- any time you're named for entertaer it's so reward youo share it, a, with obviously your fans, T, you know, all the people out on the ad that mak the shows happen I Mey the timeet on stage, so mu W has been done, much preparation and look at your bus drivers, your tru driver, bandbe and I'm- evenses can tell you, I'm just of the guy theren the spotlight T to have fun for a living. So'mproud for people around me and it's a big thing. We put O emphasis on trying a great show out there for T fans every year and when you nominations -- its it all worilnd that's what you -- YOUTO go to awards show with T - to have a nomination is always fun to be there. Eel thelove,michael. Let's send things bk too in the studio. Appciate itnd thank you, thank you to everybo F helping us out with the CM nominationsnnouncement and thank you ry much, P Faris for that. You can wat the cmas live wedny, November 14th right here O ABC.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Sugarland and Dan +Shay announce the nominees for single of the year, new artist of the year, male vocalist of the year and entertainer of the year from Nashville. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57447414","title":"2018 CMA Awards nominees for entertainer of the year and more","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/2018-cma-awards-nominees-entertainer-year-57447414"}