Actor Michael K. Williams leads a powerful discussion on changing communities

Crew Count is an organization that teaches young people the importance of voting and how to vote.
27:08 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Actor Michael K. Williams leads a powerful discussion on changing communities
You do me. I think it. Wrong. Lynn dean in and he knob of the job Lou we want all of us got together will be you know we've you'll taught me. About. Operation. Who could cuts. Red Hook told me that. This is just that this this just program was implicated Bloomberg administration. How would expand it to gang database to 40000. Names. Unbeknownst to us will be hunted innocence he built last night but when you are educated me about operation could count. It's as if you know if you can vigil grandmother as she that the mob build it and I was going to feel the you don't know me. You don't know that lived in the building you and the them going affiliated and he stopped and first few which would be highly probable cause you look us a female of color. What they've stopped what it was that transaction happens that gives them permission to put your name when his gang database unbeknownst to you in the neck is that the mission. To so vague. What the victory just kind of fall it was difficult. One that the police can be watching a race like this is it. He's holding the dual what one could it was hold both. Go look invoke equipment that. Now plugged in around hugging and we did do was come. In and that's even if you do it is an Carlo. Will be witnessing somebody would be no all. Things like and that assays comic scene that's complicate these days Ngo that obscure but think that's that's about 58 so. If he wasn't going well I think as an enabled work with us and things like him and he. Will probably be they would as a bride just because that's just couldn't attack to let things like that so let me ask it known. And it's me. Oh. The movement as we know. And the way every coup that ended may not know how we do this so immediate relatives of spending and local local Little League. As got back from my any. A big. No before work pro Iraq. We should this season to that market and the black market you know useless to the one. Less than we do this season to end zone. The episode that it meets the Miami was. The that's the scams that missiles something happened that was talking to a gentleman who was we live in the parts. Now. He he heat a deliciously break the rule and I jumped. Right it is likeable it was like yo U broad Goodyear's. And it will be okayed you know is this is that that what town. Is that there and twenty minutes later on the flow because it would pump about Obama would like right under the window. Well known it was though it was frightening have been that close to gunfire. Very long time and it was it was it was extremely frightening. And is weird because. You know the that the basement parties. That was created when she when I was you guys his age he created based upon rugged that kind of thing. And don't act had been around gunfire that close. You know every minute with it was it will look what's wrong. With like. C north you know we all know by Epstein. In my ideas and. Wasn't asked if he did bodies. Friends of mine were diverted from the news was. It is we'll be back so pleased that forgotten about and made me feel alone. Vulnerable if the right word. But alone. You know alone. I guess and brother who I was in the viewing. You know if it was so beautiful about him the news. While all of us what on the float ducking bullets. He picked up his gun and stood up and went to the window to protect us and own. That was really like pro found me at its to be night I was like wow this dude is pleased to put his life on the line. Us strangers in his wrong in this hotel room. And zone he looked at me he was like them Somalia had to go for the day. At this but that was so admirable of him to say. You know what all. He ate you know it just it just reinforced. In me. Alexion and and Saucony and can happen to cancel all he took of this is is math and I got to see this beautiful bubble. You know I mean light. Obviously he shall be his character and I found that to be beautiful things actually look stick Lee people involved. I was like man you know I just the one that's it was a see this man that they had this something happens in my I don't wanna see it you know images reinforce the need. How important it is for me to tell them myself to my community today to go all you'll you'll give me my hope and inspiration. To get one time I was on I was being in Indian and African with the question was about. But the answer. For me was. How come I have to always. A combined had to get out my community. Knight idea on notice that. Everything that we a trained and conditioned to do. And education get a good job whatever it is it is done with the notion. Close to get on out we'll hood. Some equipment but what about the need to community that may be why. And what lessons of absentee all it was should we just certain tax bracket you you have to of the yourself from the hood from among the able lot of community. As look atlas is really what. Have you come home to a made you'll be excited to see me if I'm excited to steal it makes you feel good as what that's like. I'm the day. I need to know that you know. You'll know what and not for what I do my job. Who might keys. You know saying and the CI it is that this now. I want this rule is like hot with a fat destination I got out that I don't waste your time on he lamented that most of measles. As the save them in them lots of me. But home home. And. You know there's been a lot in the week the Olympic to a lot. Go with the to a Latin you know enough evil and out of blue eagle. Car rolled. And everything is shut down and people go crazy and you know picking up to close it and killing each other. What you all did what we do is come together and make a positive of the negative. You'll realize that maybe we have made a positive the negatively create a movement right now and let. How you'll feel. To me is like some town got to a and I not anything in the about how indictment has to be done we'll got to be coming out that we that the Plano community we've been noted how those men and about it. An apartment. And so I think it's so much. Is that wells and that is it to do huge who sent us that come from England. I think that painfully so for me not having enough film couldn't elaborate means more like these got to be done that a change and that change this is my job. I was part of that problem Sonia fixed until a solution this potters loose delay we'll talk about is ourselves it is. You know me personally. You know I was down the in my and he would it affect you Rick Ross is all I could do. Was talked to him about it all. There is part of this there is oil that was that was talking about this dog that we got and we need to cool count your holidays we felt. He advocates and on the country. Umps. Sale is but do you know people would build and hit this is this is going to be this model that we we built I was gonna be it's going to be monumental. Is going to be legacy. Legacy what it was toward him. The this. As. Hit. As. If and cut them. Up. And should that. Would think that you. Com dismal results of engine light is as though actively solicit an appetite that's a lot of community vehicles and an average nickel and tonight is an old. I needed help seeing payments on him and that everything when he hole and neglect they chat. Stuff like that's leaving officials come in. Mothers working two jobs and stuff like that to me is the right people who was watching the case. More opportunities. What is so that they should think that we can do one out home. Without waiting for them to put lose more Upton would listen that they that we can do enough for us those that create opportunities in the community. I mean at that neighbor McNamee white people old hat. Relation but they namely that they use that Putin's soul is like an aide to the street view but you'll see these people every day so late. It's an old the community is not commuting no more cut out I came in so now is light. OK I don't know you but live in a billion Selassie recently yep strange. Seoul is an old relationships it now community toddler in the community. You know we call that I was growing up we caught that village. It takes it as the old saying what would always say it's if there's to raise one shot with some of the nation with a significant. Now community. For me I think within our community something out of it see changes on the unity and unification you know because we always talk about crabs and about movement in this we were put being and he always. You can that we like to blame everything on my name is over try to wait for Dan Wheldon. Put everything you know problems and access them but really well part of the system the system right in being is since it was. And his bill flies not to ocelot and keep victims of the weeks ago things against other ways to go around some communities as we'll look. Finally come together and they can actually have them come together when somebody's got by police when it's. Gang violence. This like us is definitely stepped up Allen stepped in upland is. The opposition movement about understand that offers up positions us with enough command. So that's the death the money right here. They god is doing and they thought that was I thought. That was but that's that's that passes through both the middle passes it you know which is who would pass this happened but mostly we just. We still. We still we do it. My assistance from slavery let them how our inability to come to communicate with each. To agree to disagree. Good heavens let's. That that ability. To love each question. From us it wants to control plus you do those things make me I was didn't give that is cool says. Which means to sample quantities eighties and this is that it that it will get nothing but they just told us this somebody. As we've won it all of this fight in the ghetto people have not make some money forces soon as one of one of us. Up ice and it was an. You don't jump Bob Patten went on the back and put them back we grow old Ingraham couldn't open it we was all put it when not if so why do something for obvious that. Instead of let's break it apart praise from food to decide action. That's what goes on you know me you just taught me and I've heard was long enough heard where the plot that never. Actually really knew would admit it teaches taught me that thank you for that thank you for that but you know you also spoke about the system. Right assistant you know I just when it was it would do the neighborhood we wish you did when they see is and woodland press would. Her even do beneath is something that was it blew my mind she said system. He's not broke. It's working perfectly fine finally that he lives with his assets and I don't know it and I think uncles asking. We're got so me. Tell me how you think. Operation. Could count. What would delay the commutes on I think the death will help. Com. Well it ovule first civil. Cool how cruel can help me. Local Caracol me because it right evenly over them honest surname. Knight being any. I didn't fully known to employees of fully. Are losing really cool with him police offices. I didn't mean the gold to certain neighborhoods. That. I would immunity. Wouldn't partly. So crude count actually helped me expand ma rise meaning to do things we normally do. Right. They'll block Activision did it and I would never want to do anything FEMA. You know. But I black activation it was something was positive something dolphin communities and you strategy did not name. Of the community and agreeing to peace back to block. So just doing knives live iPhone. Comfortable enough so actually old news. We have the people I know I've never seen floating in the sea meaningful. Rain and was so good image in the hood so. And if it were you. You've seen huge Jeremiah. When you when you lift. It out. My little brother. AJ when you get to them up man and gave him up like that you don't know what that if my heart. I look at my Brothers yellow deal with you would give him any support each other. And lifted him up and talking about the importance of home Fulton and learning how to belatedly just important to vote right we got no audible how to use double. How to Harden and you see. If educated about applicable age in different additions that you pay. Global like different elected. Officials do so I added notable with their. Jobs in the opposite elected councilman that he is aptly added no legal and an Atlantic coast only. If we learned about lightly global political and civil and played it light light roll and odd act every day in the cool count. A exists hopefully an ally in Kabul that the community get bet that it community knowing what it. Roll out a gun and packed a community out. Hey that is duties if you think gold bull. So that. It. Is C. Burial election in the Borough president's life. Don't need over boo when but can also. Quote. This poses the election goes and humidity count and actually. Hope change and things you. All that. I think OK that's me advocacy. They would vote rate. You know with the policy. Would cook it would widgets to cook. And yet. He cut me. Oh. Bob us. No people that's not if so it is. It's this of aliases. Since. Now he's gone by the police had recently known now more and this is. Day. Internal function that. Fulton most outspoken quote it's on its side. To me could mean picks he's kept us so he's in he's been lead heading Camille Little old Iowa PD MVP and Latin. Give me is when you control so now that big in the big Buford. It will look much this is give people. And political crisis we can officials and changed to work for the week we need to work Clinton wrote but that's what happens said that. We got it it. Now is that it is not about us warming a gains the police department and is not about really. The word abolishing is is a strong word that's dad's dad's day. It's about a reconstruction. Because we need good police and guess what we know who we all know the depth of the police officers on this port in New York City south the only. Derby right at me cash. Ed with Edwin Ramon. Calf lieutenant Everett Raymond captain. Beating the good is that what bothers me is buckled you know but they try to get those but. Is outdated and equipment. Forced you get a view of letters. But we. Didn't lose this makes it. And came. You can't. Let it notes. That. When we Republicans since. It was started hundreds of is it going get a little on the face legal asleep and they've sold but that think about what one child would have wouldn't. It was possible what was almost a little would you like to let religion that suits and now we got people can now be dat. Basically making. It bounced up outlook for the that old QB get. Before we. Went. Back odds these people. What with its I would be the full law reallocate. Fonds. These dramatic putt but this week we need to put it will be nice to put Mir in plea. Will pit a fair. Injustice. Police commissioner it would be nice to see him put some of that what eight billion dollars a year budget. Put someone that age from these sources like visible light light all on life can't believe it's right. People like that who couldn't. Yeah it didn't think them on schools was that would I think that could you don't believe I'm not sane that we don't need go police that we neagle. That's that's elements. We don't eat good policing. Like Eden. It became me couldn't. My what is an enemy. So we should not. Whatever that. Ended the week the political and they're adding what is one this. Because. The tendency not to seize. I think this thing couple pieces with people with the problem with the people. You can. Police. Police will be dealing with the accountants. Specifics. In this thing that we can give it public. 88. And bad. And award date I. Mostly in. The police department be call for hollow meant to help crisis that we them. And this is what resources though police don't have that they plotted a problem in the active trading they lacked the training and they pulled bullets they didn't would be it makes it. Com and saying and that's the problem when one Applebee's company cannot solve my promise you add that we solicit the help he thinks if. If by calling them an electrician what you plumbing problem with the other before the mall and some one scenario is now one. Call at all with its message now we want this backs think it's only. EE and that's the problem here in Texas. Not headed towards probably call you hated it now with them out of Toledo with I don't know man yesterday at a separate and it entity wit and when the core of committed you call if we typically those from the get court for the penalties. I'll wait if you call it put the you know we can have people those close to be allocated to the proper channels that designed its rate to handle that situation output because in the you know we didn't wait. Most popular but it was hit an ounce on the back of a bit eat it could be half. Active probable within the Fed up with the demand that the deal yet and Bob put all this responsibility inevitably we definitely look to fail. If the set up. That's what I was told them out with now. Particularly. The old east lucky. Goal. We had that we don't know pledged that's one thing that we wanted to see change frequently so we made a pledge hood in the Euro candidate that's when. Mayo will reduce that we try to meet with that we get. This and quote accountable for like that that it taking wild and hopeful. While they're wonderful office and before the offer is made a pledge of things that we can hold them confident we can actually. And that was good things moving. 01. Then countless at them from him. Home also likeness of monthly gain that means like hype of the attic like why this whole thing really study it cut operation cool kind. Still basically we basically paid. Heard the gain database. Because it's so many people look at that and I actually came in is that Agilent because that was all it color is that they will be able woody specialty is still whistle and that's another thing at all in the leg. To change that because that's the whole problem idea while my B and contact database mile lap associate Michael Wayne. Mobile police indeed individuals would these non Nina and I give put my opinion on a database on an all out. And this is allowed Mfume. Cool count because some parents basically us taught to not like countless other. How much people involved but still that we can't let me come we come like no matter what I try to do that we he would. The future of that young kids that you the taking an ordinance like enough is enough. We know releasing Renault was Bono and she was going. And hit in the kitchen accident amusement from companies need to show wind is due to issue. People an elderly woman's that's how the bowl at who has been hidden from us. Good luck to you that they try to whitewash why should we must we hear him Great Lakes we couldn't change in our community. No the most about who kind of is that. We have going into the seeing communities. Have been all the police and we are reaching out to the same people. Seem young people that are being put on his game databases. We educating them and yet being activated. One of them. Most beautiful things I've seen us do. Without without operation build block. Please inform me felons. That big juveniles. You guys that that make me at that it involves heart soul so. Don't tell me I would get what bill that is next school we build up. And I sold. The next says he'd taken in as full count we let us also let out who Powell mentioned baseball in the we've built the blog battle let's say. With. Okay pun. Okay. Two I got and food. Yes column you'll also we also teach a curriculum. You. Long about eligible well aptly. A man. We also like at the nation's and create and petitions and create a change and I neighborhoods and stuff like that light. We finally taken the scenes of the resources and create petitions about what we wanna community what once looked like Anthony and blocks and change in a banning. Blocks dissect news he's a teacher understandable. Odd moments that they. Ask me this would. It's actually let actually register like the idea of making things like that lasts colon and split into two groups of petition and got. Activation so woes excited about me one bit about a condition called for the petition. Petition will be as the final policy so that they want to change them implement any. To a petition. Active but activation. The evening and two days. You know. This had done little obedient to the petition. That's mostly I think the last that seems to think. Oh it was yeah. I have a lot more. Little. It was that was had to look at it actually got a and I must leave no Muslim people and questions to people on the. It's like about what that thing that's and it asked if he was an excellent mutuality that night although most of these includes book them. It hadn't status now ought to be a huge quantity not detonation button. Geek who was investigating a local matter how we stay in them somewhere. We'll. Quote you know cinema city that he. You about it. And crude account. Each group counts yeah. Well we didn't do the group.

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