Take it from author Jodi Picoult: ‘Don’t worry about what you should be, just be’

The award-winning author says that aspiring writers don’t need a degree, they just need to sit down and write.
7:10 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for Take it from author Jodi Picoult: ‘Don’t worry about what you should be, just be’
This is live excellent thing and it was the first night of my book tour for more. As part of my PC and we all its efforts to always hanging out like they're it's not. I'm needing is because they get in the way and it. Some have people who are writers you know don't really get it all artists is it I'm screen and create something. It's never easy people always wonder what looks can read about me an itch thing is that it almost nothing that. In next thing you do you degree you do need to read anything telling you had to do it. What you need to do is practice it over and over until you learn who works for yourself. I think it's really important if you want to beat writer to stop worrying about how have you. And she just do you line instead. If you truly are right and then you can't not right I don't keep writing if nobody is reading anything it. That's home you know that you are right there if you can't say that yourself that you owe it to yourself to put Cuba and it can't does that. And yeah this is really am blind year Ol. And it was my grandmother who may hate me that outfit. My grandmother died in his country life is huge influence in my life. I always wanted to be a writer even when I was very angry young. Obviously 304 years old pasting code through school and my grandmother ran nursery school. We went past three as he drew. And sneak up stories happening in the streets. So it would Haiti India and looking at myself out and makes me think about how key from the very young Angel is busted my painted. I was very fortunate I had him memories who really hot me from an early age said. Presenting your dreams is something he'll do you know do we Cuba and the money. And a lot of young people. Don't hear that. From here he for the people who support so I I know I was really really must have that much. The picture. But first gotten to college Imus. Extended heat your soul. At Princeton university. And it really Princeton credited with what her hands. Actually started as collect. Which I think it's really interesting in retrospect but they started peeking through it increases with Mary Lawrence birthday and harbors. Mary. Hackneyed sit down while people basically told his ninth grade persons here's the her up this isn't what she and she said because he did because he can take. And I was so angry at some time I didn't get that story and and it ended until finally she said when he should send it somewhere. She told descendants of seventeenth. And several months later Collins and we would like to pay you for your story. Became efforts peas and publisher. The best piece of advice she gave me as you can't write about business hours until it becomes like. Please sounds very strange thing but what she really meant is that. Already tapped in Q feelings and questions that lie on the surface. You can't really do something justice if you're living through it. I think it's been easy ratings to write about me is the most painful Hugh. But sometimes you need to have the perspective to sit back and not be in the center situation. To do nothing to. CA and played exactly how man I am. Twenty. Six years old and I am with my son. You know honestly I wish I could find were about when I'm easement on young men. I mean there was does your season total blur it you know I believe that isn't my. And I even more muted than I was ready anomaly here. They had those kids honestly it was because they do not investment. He used to come muffled in order. He would take the kids at 6 o'clock. I would go into a room break in snow you know you're risking nothing happened there the end. We get up and start all over the next day and think you're incorrect you know there was a point where. I was being asked to do more for my accountant more and to go to different countries are hosting me. And we eat my husband had a very frank discussion about how to beat the civil war and he choice to stay home package they work. Yeah me. She Middle East. And he used in death threats of cool. Nobody gets when they are. Fill every successful man. Has a wife who was probably counting in that moment on his. He could go up and do everything. It completely legitimate freedom isn't money. Also it's. You don't have demanded. Get it because you deserved. This is me in Egypt a couple of years ago. This kind of accurately and human is which is called welcome to me is part of the research that he did for his book one is going. Q a Egypt the book of two ways. Is actually the story remaining time. Who is the book open on the. You don't just like everyone. Like flashes flick your eyes will see him he's your life flash before her head when she doesn't let that happen he actually I just don't trust them. Cast deciding whether he wants a glimpse of the vehicle emissions country accurate to us and everyone. Has a lot of film line. Where is something. Left left something behind it always makes is under. What I have done this month. No we wouldn't be right now we're and I might be and I want to write about that I wanted to write about what we need choices that would actually Disney cost. But the book is asking is for all of us to pay and pay for it how you your life. If you don't tomorrow. Would you feel he. Know. How you can change the so in a way this look I think it immediately you know. Launching point for readers who explores. The path that they did not immediately they.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"The award-winning author says that aspiring writers don’t need a degree, they just need to sit down and write. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73324189","title":"Take it from author Jodi Picoult: ‘Don’t worry about what you should be, just be’ ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/author-jodi-picoult-dont-worry-73324189"}