'Bachelorette' Becca and Garrett on their engagement

The newly-engaged couple visited "GMA" to discuss the final rose and what their future holds.
6:43 | 08/07/18

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Transcript for 'Bachelorette' Becca and Garrett on their engagement
And no to "Gma" cover St thexplosive bacrette finale. Becca thought sheounde love on "The bachelor" but instead I O "The orette" and here with her newiance gtt andade a lo of headlines. Talk about them in just a moment. Look-alike Her look-alike E reshef ha lookk at their romance. Becca, will you Marr me? Yes, yes, yes. Rter: 28 M battled I out B's heart. T in T E it was Garrett, who put a ring it. My, god. I love you. Reporter:tingutblake, garrett,he last manstanding, until H got down on Engaged. We just gotengaged. Reporter: Becca calling it E decision O life. I kno this M doesn't see it coming. It makes me feel so Ible. Reporter: While Blake was read to proposhe bachelorette had other plans. I think that T's just a bettit for us. I madmi Reporter: A heching good-bye. I love bye. .New it. Or wks fiance garndad that instant connection. Snagged T F impression Roso, ett, W you accept rose I will accept that ro Reporte but amera'irst impression of becca's favit suitor hting a bump in the road amidocedia controversy. Garrett admitting to liking post tt mockedumented immigrants, the tra communi and feminists his old Instagram account a ognd hing viewers would be able getono the man heay he really is. Garrett, will youccept this final rose?s. Reporter: Once aachelornd a bachelorette, these two official off the mket. Sorrs, she he's off the market. She's almine. Reporter: Monday night the twoally Makin their pubc but as a couple.th beaming a dishing about their plans for the future. Andere they ar the happy couple, becca on outyou two. he lookyour eyes haute hey baby I think I wanna marry ??? Hello, hello,lo. Mwah. Rr a seat,av seat. [ Applau have a seat.okay. The cat is out the D knows so how are you eling. So good. Great to be inpublic. It's wrd because I freak out when I say Hise we had cam before and I'm likegaan I say it in public Ws the codename? She'svincent. A she's Veronica. Been a rolleroaster seas for you guysow was it to watch the back? Know, for me, it was more fun than nerve-rackg, I WOU say, just because the guys we amazing, I fmed friendships. He formed a lot iendships too so there are times where, you kn you GE or it's strgebviously having him watch some O it but overl N a crazy, fun journe Yeah. But the been some ntroversy. I knowarly T some offensive social media you liked and you tried to go of your way I gue T back theust ofecca and also of peerica, O the country, everybody who has seen this show. Hoou do that and what're you G? Supply made a public apology O my stagram. I'm really sorry. Didn't mea to offenddy but now ino the weightha a like holds on instagr a things like that so we just ad her and I, I know she knows through the show aetting to define who as and we're move F and trying to grow, be people and I' T T makehose same mistakes again. When Y sawt how I affect your relationship? I yeah, it was -- conversations we've hadince the very beginning, you , onceotaged we had those couple months together and right away, it was a conversation. It was an issueo me but he has been very throughout the entire thing and H never held anything back and he understas that it was offensive but he took fullive right after that came out to apogize and at he- like he said he didn't want offende so it hasn't been the easier but E gotten through and honestly I THIT's mads strongernong run. Now ye an engcouple yeah. The ring is on thehand. Show F Garrett, hav there any surprising things that've learneout bea? Yeah, when she getsred, starts to say thingslly off topi so I know WHE on the phone and talking at night and shes something completely off the wall I sai od night, love you,l talk to you in the Mo Smart M, get off E phone. H a bachelorette super fan. Her name isauren a she has question for you . Hi, becca,hi, Garrett. . So, at the end of the last nig you H that you were soxcited toohi together. What have you been D the last few Ms that you've been so excited to do a what're going to do now your finally out in pu but the past two months woo I'vead Tay in hidingo we've -- we'll see eacherry couple wksook and play games and have fun but I'm jus excited to go to Costco cited to te a walk with him down the street. We to the art yes because it was our first flight together a I'm this fiance. What did I just get myself into? On.yare not going anywhere. We'll play the nearly ywed

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"The newly-engaged couple visited \"GMA\" to discuss the final rose and what their future holds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57077817","title":"'Bachelorette' Becca and Garrett on their engagement ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bachelorette-becca-garrett-engagement-57077817"}