Ben Aaron dishes on National Geographic's 'Science of Stupid'

The host of the new show, and ABC News' Ginger Zee's husband, joins "GMA" to discuss "Science of Stupid."
3:17 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for Ben Aaron dishes on National Geographic's 'Science of Stupid'
reporter and talk show host, not to mention he's a member of the "Gma" family as the husband of our very own ginger zee and now he's a host of the "National geographic" show, science of stupid, breaking down the science behind some of the most hilarious internet fails. Take a look. Reporter: To help them keep control, kite surfers are taught to launch their kite at the edge of the wind window where they won't be hit with an overload of power. Sounds simple enough but it takes quite a lot of practice. This young scientist is learning kite control on the edge of the power zone. Learning, not learned. All right. That's quite an introduction, Ben, good morning. Look, you're all set up. With the graphics department. I know, it's very intense. Ben, you're joining us from home. We know that everything ginger does, she does it amazingly, even being your producer. How is she behind the camera? Amazing, she's doing great. Look at her go. She's got the dog. It's insane. She's giving me cues. She's telling me -- I don't know what that means. It means wrap it up. I'm a tornado. Three tornados. Yeah. Charades. So let's talk about this new show that you have, the science of stupid, you explain the science behind funny bloopers of every day people trying crazy stunts from kite surfing, which we just saw, to snow mobiling, to high wire walking. Is there an activity you still want to try? Good question. I'm a huge wuss. I leave all the crazy extreme stuff to ginger. I was thinking, the activity I would like to try that I haven't done in years is sleeping for eight hours straight or going to the bathroom without being interrupted by one of my kids, either one I'm take. I'm not picky. You might be asking for a lot on that one there, Ben. You're not just a host but a comedian as well. And you have been known to pull some of your own stunts often in very tight clothing. What's your most embarrassing moment and can you explain the science behind it? Yes. Hold on. I'm sorry, guys. I don't want to break script right now, I just feel like this is great, but I feel like since we're home, maybe switch in to something a little more comfortable. Do we have another option for this background? There we go, much better. I'm so sorry. Your most embarrassing moment. And now your wife's. I once, oh, god, this is on my ceiling, by the way, in our bedroom. The most embarrassing moment, I broke my wrist on a pogo stick during a segment. I was trying to do a trick on a pogo stick. I broke my wrist and I had to lie for the next three months, I was in a bar fight, playing football with my friend. Who would want to admit they broke their wrist on a pogo stick? I bet everyone believed the bar fight one. I'm impressed that you're good at a pogo stick. Honey, you didn't see it, look, it's you. I'm sure she's thrilled with that. I look much better now. Love the cameo, ginger, Ben, thank you so much for joining us. Weekend ginger. And you can catch Ben Aaron in science of stupid during mind blowing Mondays on "National geographic" beginning at 8/7 central. That was a lot of fun. We love them both. Coming up here, we are

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The host of the new show, and ABC News' Ginger Zee's husband, joins \"GMA\" to discuss \"Science of Stupid.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73260409","title":"Ben Aaron dishes on National Geographic's 'Science of Stupid'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ben-aaron-dishes-national-geographics-science-stupid-73260409"}