The best moments from last night's 'American Idol'

As the competition starts to heat up, catch all the highlights from the second episode of the hit show that returned to TV last Sunday.
6:54 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for The best moments from last night's 'American Idol'
It was a big night on American Idol Jesse American Idol last night at. Getting the judges on their feet and another bringing them to tears and they got those golden tickets to Hollywood. You're going to Hollywood there handing out those tricks of a lifetime. That talent on American Idol quickly impressing the judges yeah. I'm home yeah some singers even getting them a dance. And you. Yeah. Yeah the competition's youngest stars showing that each is just a number. Ladies and Don and June and that's still be here. One goes out in that resume mail. Alienating. In and you. A true paying beauty fill our passion of pay to cover charge and stories like David Francisco's journey from a devastating car crash here. To the idol auditions moving Katie did tears come along way them. That graduation honored to be here you brisk let's say you're saying. See it. Is she. And is C mini me. That's fine men. I'm just watching her and let the good I think it's how proud she edits. Listen yes. Now the panels already making some bold early predictions. In half plan. And. Was unknown where. I think he's the best male singer we've seen so far and I think he stopped send them. Vaughan and her name on them. Lou they have. Know about it. Ten I'll. Weighing love playing. I think you viewing careful you not win American around. Today. I'm going. And. Michael Ritchie factor in this my name my fan girl is coming out I can't get over and it is upsetting news to see all that young talent getting his chance yeah and it and then the little love. Episode. Look at this Trevor Holmes it was flirting with Katie there in the girlfriend was listening on the outside. Well what she was front and back. But I think the thing about this show is that you have these kid who have a dream and misses an opportunity for them who. He'd get a chance to lecture we won their talent and hopefully it depreciate hopefully they get that golden ticket to Hollywood doesn't guarantee that would be a star. But Lisa gives us some confidence and learn as an art. They really have plus final rich. You must lot of yeah. And I left percent of American Idol Sunday night at 8 eastern right here on EDC. Are right now I got a question for everybody here who we remember the ice bucket calendar for years ago. Millions failed as resurgent out of the new talent that's. Heating up the Internet that's a little clue it's called the AL left pepper challenged. Celebrities like Jimmy Campbell Shaquille O'Neal Kelly Clarkson she did it bear by Stephanopoulos raised over fifty half a million dollars already. And of course is still counting more people are participating. Nightline due to changing threw down a gauntlet to the team here at GMA. After taking the challenge herself when he does he braving due to peppers right there are we can give a colleague Ron Claiborn Ron did it. But by drew and holy rob wow. A man brave you know I I actually did it myself how I've city yesterday well you would think they're look. Thing you do accept challenges he regale. Okay. Three different cut the pepper that they weren't that hot at first but then I think I hit a scene. About that little arrogant cocky. I can't ranking blue that I don't like spicy foods I'd give you look too much for me but I have scared I asked to leave. You're that you like hot hot food you say yes I said yes flat why because that would let me have my dad my of the Canadian. Meetings that you and I and I got something for you enjoyed what you participation and intelligent vote that will yeah. Okay. It you know they you don't need to be I have. Had milk. Which didn't really help much but I would give you got from yogurt I don't know I don't need that. You don't Barak. Do what's good time. Yeah our act Burke now about getting a bit ago. Three good Cohen's of that okay try the other wouldn't I was never like this and other. Three Georgia going more. Cause. We're not every anything after this rep today. The letter read it but do you guys get participate. Read you hate that much. Wow yeah. How you feeling. Great. He Goldman Webber's. Love how you get a building okay through Google. Yeah I mean he's he's got to look all cool. Blurted out command Ayman. You take the whole police Philly that I'll give what. Whether it's. Fighting. Aero auto and home please you know what you can donate or you can pick that's talent you can talent someone. I'm hot days LS peppered targeted tell if someone else. If taken as well over half a million have been raised so far but hopefully that is the low on what is going to be raised and continue to give Pacific gray called helpful many people. So continue. To do that.

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{"id":53699710,"title":"The best moments from last night's 'American Idol' ","duration":"6:54","description":"As the competition starts to heat up, catch all the highlights from the second episode of the hit show that returned to TV last Sunday. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/best-moments-nights-american-idol-53699710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}