Carrie Underwood reveals baby's sex at CMAs

Underwood, who co-hosted the show again with Brad Paisley, revealed she is having a boy in a night that saw country music's biggest stars gather in Nashville.
2:52 | 11/15/18

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Transcript for Carrie Underwood reveals baby's sex at CMAs
Now to country music's big night delivering big performances from the top stars and some surprises including a baby gender announcement. Well, Lara was there for it all and you had a chance to do a big job. You got to present on stage. Reporter: I did, I did, Michael. What an honor it was for me to present the award for male vocalist of the year and speaking of vocals, the cmas this year packed with performances that were big, they were bright and the star power even brighter. On country music's biggest night, Luke Bryan got the crowd going with the opening number. ??? One nation country ??? Reporter: The song, "What makes you country." Accompanied by some special friends like Luke combs who took home new artist of the year, Brad paisley and Carrie Underwood back for the 11th straight year quickly turning all the fun paying tribute to one of the year's biggest movies. ??? Carrie, look, a star is born ??? Reporter: The crowd loved their spoof on "A star is born." Keith just nodded off on Nicole's shoulder ??? Reporter: Underwood even revealing she's carrying a boy. No. Come on. We all want to know. No. Oh, my gosh, Willie. It's a Willie. ??? We won't always see eye to eye ??? Reporter: The most nominated artist Chris Stapleton cleaned up winning single of the year and male volk ago it of the year. I want to thank my kids who put up with me not getting to be as good of a dad as I would always like to be. Reporter: When it came time for album of the year -- ??? it'll be all right ??? Reporter: Kacey Musgraves shut out the male dominated field. Country music is full of historically like great women. Reporter: Garth brooks who called for a moment of silence earlier for the borderline shooting victims performed "Stronger than me" a tribute to his wife Trisha Yearwood which left her in tears and Nicole kidman visibly emotional after her husband Keith urban brought home entertainer of the year. Everybody who voted for this, thank you so much. I just feel very, very blessed, very grateful that I get to do what I do and god bless country music. God bless you all. Thank you. Reporter: So the theme of family, omnipresent at the show. Whether it was the feeling of love for fellow country artists who have become family or the real deal like with Kacey Musgraves, she even brought her Nana along as her date, her grandmother insisting on driving all the way from Texas to be there to watch her little girl and later she told me it was well worth it to watch Kacey beat all those boys for album of the year. Guys, back to you from Nashville. I can just hear her grandmaasaiing that. You were fantastic last night. Thank you, Lara. Back to rob with more on the

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Underwood, who co-hosted the show again with Brad Paisley, revealed she is having a boy in a night that saw country music's biggest stars gather in Nashville.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59213354","title":"Carrie Underwood reveals baby's sex at CMAs","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/carrie-underwood-reveals-babys-sex-cmas-59213354"}