Casey Affleck breaks silence on sexual harassment allegations

The Oscar winner is apologizing for what he calls "unprofessional" behavior and he credits the #MeToo movement with helping him change.
3:11 | 08/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Casey Affleck breaks silence on sexual harassment allegations
Nowo act Casey aleck breaking his silence about the sexual harassment allegations made against hnd cre the me movement for helping change Johnson is he with thatto us. Good morning, whit. Rrobin, goo rning. For the first time Casey Affleck iscly S sry and addrse sexment allegations again him a he's been liste to the national conversation own behavior. Casey fleck emerngo the eye with a revealing made againsim in the we O T me toomoveme. He bk had stop with me as being of the purches D I have to accept responsibility for that T waa mistake and I conuted I leat kind of behavior from people and I wish th hadn't. And I rr Reporte 42-year-old actor,ir androther of Hollywood sstar Affleck apologizing for the ae on the set 2010's"I still here" which heected and D in alongside Joa Phoenix. Two women who worked on theilm an uncomfortab here on set filed civil lawsuits, onlso sue for Al harassntthe matter settled out of court. Thatas ever involved in an a lauit is something T ly regret. I ha NER had any complaints that mad AUT me in my and is -- it was reallyarrassingnd I didn't know how to Han it and I didn't agree within that was -ay that I was being described but iantedo to make it right and so W made I righthe way that was asked at the tiut it behind us and move on with our ves. Reporter: Affleck won best Acton 201 for for by the sea" buted O es at the oscars this year. I think was the rightdo. Just gent going on in our culrethe Mont. T think T just bigger pie th, you know, and in this business wom have underrepresented and underpaid in a bazilli ways and just generally had aountain of grief thrown at them. Reporter: Affle with a teblemoment. Ave two boys sant to be -- iant too in a grown world where men model comss and decency and contrition when it's Cal and I certainly te T Ownes whenhey makethem. Repor and affle has a new film coming out this fall. Old mnd the " he admitinhe contributed to Ang unofessionalnvn set and has learned a lot a want avoidhe same stakes in the future. Hopefully he has learned. He a the. He has kids. He wts a newexample. All right, thank you very ch for th whit.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The Oscar winner is apologizing for what he calls \"unprofessional\" behavior and he credits the #MeToo movement with helping him change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57131092","title":"Casey Affleck breaks silence on sexual harassment allegations","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/casey-affleck-breaks-silence-metoo-allegations-57131092"}