Take it from Debra Messing: 'You are perfect the way you are.'

Debra Messing looks back at her most iconic moments on and off screen.
4:53 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for Take it from Debra Messing: 'You are perfect the way you are.'
Yeah. That is it's got one of them. Just wonderful moments for failing grades he sold outtakes I mean I I think it might treat because it was funny. As an episode where grace was going out date hadn't been in a long time she was behind bill. Telling racists need them moves and it. The more. Laurie. And so I washed out and and Karen that. And alerted us to them the. The lesson at the and the episode was. And you have heard from the way while her case was flat chested they make fun of and she was mine the choice this time. Well we'll. I like it. I like it I liked the fact that this little girl is like I'm hot come and comfortable. Not self conscious I mean look at my mom and my mom is looking into. We went to you Six Flags Ingrid Smith it was. Excruciatingly. Hot which is why I pulled at my shirt pan am I remember feeling. Look sexy. I think she's on the right track and whatever makes you happy. That's the fat and happy should follow. Did not appalled at. And so tragic. That was my first bad job on television. And I remember feeling silenced. I was new and I was the girl. And I was working when a famous guys. Who was established and I remember trying to give ideas about what I think would make something funny and I remember being looked at like. Why is she contributing when you're starting out you're always apologizing for not being whenever the perfect idea. You know a leading lady is the advice that I wish that I had been given Pakistan. Has. The voice has. You should. I said. All you have. I won and that the best actress I was the last of the four of us tonight women. Erica the third one he won for the hour long episode the flashback. From win mean what are engaged in conference. And I remember feeling like if there's ever an episode that I would win point would be this she could just one. Team of complications. Actually got some PG AI. I'm hungry flat. I I'm okay. And he won for it and I didn't and that after that I was like OK it's just it's not gonna happen. And so when it did I was. It's done. One thing that made it extra sweet. Was that I was nine weeks pregnant and nobody knew I got up there and Alice think. You know he's from. And feelings that. My skin. And that is well then when he was that your old and that was on the senate will and grace I came back to work when his three months old. And he was with me every single day I. Was a very privileged mother. Because I had in me a lot of mothers working. I think we just happens to not think that in all passed to us and we. Just take some time to really. Think as a news. She is. 650 and fiery. I just turned fifty. So. I'm feeling myself I see what he. I think it's pretty hot I see a woman who. Feels very bless. And with where she is right now in her life it took me a really long time I think it's really important learn how to say no without feeling kept. You can't be everything to everyone. And they're always going to disappoint. Just try to structure your life. In a way that you think supports himself.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Debra Messing looks back at her most iconic moments on and off screen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59669402","title":"Take it from Debra Messing: 'You are perfect the way you are.'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/debra-messing-perfect-59669402"}