Demi Moore opens up about her marriages to Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher: Part 2/3

The “Inside Out” author and mother of three gets candid about the highs and lows of her marriages in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.
8:02 | 09/24/19

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Transcript for Demi Moore opens up about her marriages to Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher: Part 2/3
This week give me more is on GMA she's telling us about her life like we've never heard of before. Today she talked to Diane about her marriages to Bruce Willis and action culture and how the old fears for her turbulent childhood caught her by surprise. But we start with a photo session. That created a sensation. In 1991 a Hollywood star decides to take a wrecking ball to the old convention that pregnant women. Have to be momentous. Or so today when you look at it. I'm not that. I'd limit that there's no way they would ever do it and not because I thought it was. Trust and red scare shocking I just was so fascinated with why isn't being seen as like pop scene. And it matched photo Demi Moore has. Started of revolution. In her new memoir she writes about having children and marriage. And the high octane charmer Bruce Willis we think are offered few. They meet marry get pregnant in just four months. And in the next ten years together a blur of rearing three daughters making 33 movies. And drifting toward divorce. Determined to put their children first. I think that we'd care and. The magnificent job. Making sure that our children knew they were lobbed. She even walked away from Hollywood at the height of her career to stay home with her kids at the family house in Idaho. And then fun years later she is ready to come back its 2003. The new Charlie's Angels movie and a part has been written for her fellow angels her bravado. Hurd became so. She is forty years old. And does at this point one night she goes to a dinner a meet Sidney young actor and entrepreneur. Named Ashton Kutcher. Or. Some sort of 25 years only she writes about the ease the electricity. And after all fears of fighting her way out of that childhood into the top of her career. He is ready to take a chance. I was a forty year old to handle big life and pashtuns adult life was just beginning. I didn't see all that because I was and signs are that I just felt like a fifteen year old girl. Hoping somebody liked me. That's all true. I think that I had been used responsible for. So much of my life. And all of a sudden this window opened up where. I eighth. It was safe I had money he he. Loved my children. It was is and he feared he seemed to be comfortable with. Enormity of the ex husband I mean you know I felt like I was not coming with baggage I had Tron. She pointed out that even though she is fifteen years older than ashen her ex husband Bruce Willis will marry someone 23. Years younger. And no one says a work. Think this culture is still. So shocked unnerved unsettled by a woman. Who is fifteen years older. Cash I hate. I don't now it's so silly I think part of it is no. We've been conditions aside it lead to. Look at the value of a woman and being tied to her fertility. What would an older woman have to offer. And then two years and I heard you've relationship. At 42. You were pregnant then and. Six months you're going protect capped at almost six months. And you said you will never forget the look on the doctor's sentence you could see. Combination of he is. Dread and it shifting then immediately in two. Matter a fact practical. Information. Because it was unquestionable. Because there is no heartbeat. And you tried again. You had an in vitro. Quite a few times like can't even really beret who fully. Two words. How oh. We've lost and key desperate. And confused. I really lost sight of everything that was right in front of me. Which is the family I haven't. And and and I think the weight that it put on and. Ashton. And it's kind of natural thing to pull back when somebody's. You know clinging to tight. Clean she says because she had begun falling back into her old childhood fear of not being wanted of losing everything. And after twenty years of sobriety. She starts drinking again. And more. And then entered typewritten. Twelve pills Danny yeah we definitely got up there. After she and Ashton creature had been together for eight years she's celebrating a film she's directed. Because of Google alert he acts. She called him. What did you say to him. I ask if that is true. And he admitted it. Right away. And I think my response was. And me. Put about where did. And I think I would felt like I could barely me take a breath but she has to walk the red carpet and you she is at that moment. Thousand light bulbs flashing. I really know that. There are part. Of what occurred when this relationship ending. That we're a level of devastating for me that wasn't really just about that relationship. It is really about my home life. Was about being the two year old who wasn't safe that this. We're really represented that I am not lovable. That I and I'm not deserve it. And. That's not about him I thought just about me. We reached out to Ashton Kutcher and his representatives say they are not commenting on the book scene. And tomorrow. She will tell us the lesson she learned that brought back her work her family and the life she loves. Thanks for the magic and into the Google look like that and having to go and face the cameras. As she did her book insight yet very strong woman. For book inside out is available today and as Diane said we're gonna have. The final part of her interview with dimming tomorrow where she talks about the night her daughter called 911 to save her life remember that. And the turning point that brings her back to the work the family and the life that she lives.

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"The “Inside Out” author and mother of three gets candid about the highs and lows of her marriages in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65817922","title":"Demi Moore opens up about her marriages to Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher: Part 2/3","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/demi-moore-opens-marriages-bruce-willis-ashton-kutcher-65817922"}