One-on-one with Doris Day: Dec. 2, 2011

Day spoke to Robin Roberts in a rare telephone interview on "GMA."
6:01 | 05/13/19

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Transcript for One-on-one with Doris Day: Dec. 2, 2011
She was one of Hollywood's biggest legends were talking about Doris Day America's original sweetheart. No she turned back on Hollywood three decades ago and has rarely been seen or heard from since then tell now. This day is releasing her first album of new material and almost twenty years it's called my heart and that's exactly what she opened up to. All of us in an exclusive enter. Hot and. Sony. She was a young girl from Cleveland Ohio who became one of the most successful stars in Hollywood history. Appearing with some of the biggest names of the days immediately justices to chris' song I try reading when. You can Jay walking. You know you're the perfect drug to be standing on the curb yes mr. Nextel Cup mr. Ramsey here because religious folk 20 Nikki how could you. Doris Day refers not to go on camera anymore but she allowed us the honor of a rare and special phone interview. The occasion her first album in seventeen years called my heart. Dave Fuller a day Mangini knew. How exciting is this for you. So wonderful. I can't believe it really. If you but it no deterrent. Her fans had never stopped enjoying days music. She released more than three dozen albums over her career. We're here classics like came so Iran Serwer you online and all it to its list this day. I think it's because. And the children won't get here. And I think build a parent. Would sing it to them. Kiss fan. Ban on. Why. And well being. But it was on the silver screen where she had her biggest success. The original girl next door. I never thought that. Who is going to be in mode and movies when I was little I was I had my life plans I was going to marry a very nice command. And have to baby. And learn to cook and nothing like that happen. Instead Hollywood came calling and. 39 films at all miss tomorrow why are you so fascinated with my personal effects I'm not fascinated mr. Allen. Three vaulted you know who and Rock Hudson told talk was was some time ago but people just. They think this hang onto that this day. From the first day we laugh. And I think. I think this very funny. Really a funny guy. And and or not became. Very very good friend of mine he and his funny thing he called me unit. Keeps it yelling it gives people named in and he can into the makeup department in the morning united here. Yeah. But but but didn't topic. I'm here with one or some other leading men some other actors that you work with that you really appreciated. Clark gave an honest marquis who's gonna. Let you. And less so that's pretty hard to put into words. Rock Hudson Jimmy garner Clark Gable. Cary grant's. Wow I'm Kerry returned here he really learn is imminently I'm glad I almost ran you down this morning. I am can't. And and produce good you know we're pretty good actor it's gotta be hard to pick a favorite but what what movies are about to you that you really enjoyed. All. That's what you all of because I had such a good times. I really did I loved it. I loved it I'm methods and my time in Hollywood we've. Beautiful. More than thirty years ago Doris Day left Hollywood far behind. And has since spent her days living in Carmel California and dedicating herself to animal rights and her foundation. I became very. Involved with animal work and the minute I got here that's when I started doing and and I love that feeling. Her last movie was with six you get a girl released in 1968. But for those who think her star power may have faded just look at what happened when we introduced her to a member of our own GMA family. Grayson this is list. I. Didn't think his crew she's so happy. It alone strengthening yes I don't want to tell you how much I appreciate. I appreciate everything he's done I have. Grown up with all your television show everything since I was kid so. I went oh my god yeah I have million. It hand while Traci dried her tears I asked the question on so many minds would you ever consider. Doing another movie would you ever consider going back to Hollywood. Chile and other CNN expecting. You never know. Well what what they at the next day period you know you never know what you're going to do. She's a high. 87 years young and I hope to meter in person one day we read chatted. Let's listen to me they see if I'll I I give us. Just in and this is Ohio. This is about her new. Spitting image what it looks at some houses. Yeah. It has been out of the UK since. Home and topped the charts she's the oldest person to have new music on the top of the charts there rocket immediate yeah. In today's announcement and it's dedicated to her beloved son Terry who as a producer. Of that album and he died in 2004. From melanoma so she talked lovingly about her son and she's thinking of him. But thank you missed day that I would like this that afternoon Tracy still crying. For.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"Day spoke to Robin Roberts in a rare telephone interview on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63007586","title":"One-on-one with Doris Day: Dec. 2, 2011","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/doris-day-dec-2011-63007586"}