Drew Barrymore reveals which of her movies her daughters love the most

The star of "Santa Clarita Diet' talks about her over 40 years in the movie biz and what fans can expect from the new season of her outrageous comedy, live on "GMA."
9:20 | 04/01/19

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Transcript for Drew Barrymore reveals which of her movies her daughters love the most
We is a great guest to our week as well. She's been in the business almost her entire life. Starring in "E.T.," "Charlie's angels." Please welcome the one, the only drew barrymore. Thank you for having me. Hi, guys. I know. Hi. Thank you. Hi. Hi, everybody. Hi. Feel the love. I do. I feel like we have the same color vibe this morning. The lip. Beauty. We have something to talk to you about. I watch to talk about something you posted online. Request W your kids. #Spring break with kids. #Four states in ten days. And that's the picture you posted. So, how was spring break? That was me on Saturday morning. Feeling ill from all the travel and all the work and being exhausted parent and all of it. I was like, this is exactly how I feel. So, it's nice when cow can capture exactly how you feel. I'll make a reference I'm not sure how many people will get. I look like Marty Feldman in that picture, which, to me srgs a good thing. But, yeah. It's like, life is so busy and crazy sometimes. Then you have really -- You did ten days in a car with a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old? Whoa. Norgs we wept to Mexico. We did spird monkey sanctuaries. And swam through mangroves. And zip-lined. It was action-paged. But that's what you do. You kill spripg braeg. With a 6 and a 4-year-old. You're so preeshs. Frankie will be 5 in like two weeks. They grow up so fast. The 22nd. I know they're on set with you a lot. Yeah. This latest. The third season. Congratulations for that. Thank you very much. I'm so excited. It's a bit of a dark comedy. I can't see the girls watching what have they seen? Olive was there on this season. And the cop stabs me with a fork in my hand to test me. Olive was there that day. She didn't like that. I was like, no, look, it's fake. It's paying the. What have they seen you in? They love "Ever after." "50 first dates." If anyone comes over and my movie is playing, I'm like, I swear to god I'm not that ego jerk, here, kids. We're watching. They call it a mom movie. They enjoy watching it. I'm proud of who I am and what I have done. Especially the messages, you know, E made them exactly for what young girls and boys feel. We're all just trying to find love, be kind, and like, kick some ass here and there. Have they seen "E.T. "? They have. In olive hasn't gravitated towards it as much as I would have thought. So far. But, I think she'll get back like she love "The goonies." Yeah. Does she want to follow Lowe in your footsteps? Yesterday, we were making cup cakes. The best cupcakes we have ever our game is get something good. A muxer going. She was working the speeds. I was like, yeah. We were doing this race car it was ridiculous. My -- I always have turner classic movies on in the background of the kitchen. My grandfather came on, I was like, olive, there he is. Your great-grandfather. That's my grandfather. I talk about John, Lionel, Ethel. She's lying, every in our family is's actor. And I said, we must feel that I just said, you know, you get to do whatever you want to do. She said, I want to be an actress. But I also need to be a policewoman. Works. And I said -- That works. That works. I was like, I love you so much. That's wonderful. We want to talk about your show. "Santa Clarita diet." It's a marriage between a wife turned zombie and still human husband. This is your first TV series. It is. Why this? You know, timing is everything. I had a -- you know, sort of derailment of my own personal life plans. And this show came along. And it was a wonderful opportunity to -- it had kids. I was getting divorced. What is my life? I had stopped acting for awhile to raise them. There comes those moments where you're like, who am I? As a parent, you're like, you have this expectation. I'm supposed to get back to me. I will never be the same after having kids. What am I trying to get back to? It's only looking forward, the rearview mirror is like a ridiculous metaphor gnat no longer applies. Your life plans change. That is difficult to navigate. The show came along. I saw this opportunity in the first episode for a woman to find her empowerment again. And she had lived this life. Where she was sort of stuck in a rut. And -- I just thought, you know, I'm 20 pounds overweight. My life is totally not where I thought it would be. I want to put all of this into this character. I asked the show runner, can I do that? I think in society today, we're so far out there and it's so crazy this world that if you don't have a show with a little spine and a little grit, it almost feels like "Leave it to beaver." It doesn't work anymore. So - then, I liked the sort of tone of the marriage that though mine wasn't working, I like to see things that are about a good we're all going to try and practice that in our life. And whatever unconventional forms that is. Love is love. And, I hate seeing people fight and Victor said, I will never have this couple fight. And I said, then I'm in. I saw enough of that in my real life. I don't want to hear that. That is the best reason I ever heard someone give. That is my reason. Year after year, we grew and grew. This is our best and strongest season. If you say till death do us part and there's though death and it's forever. And the other person wants you to join them, what is that going to be like? Really good question. You know. Let's take a look. We want everybody. Here's a little bit. Why are you smiling, pretty lady. I just realized why you came over here. It's flattering. You're threatened by us. Oh, yes, your monkey bread smells of fear. We didn't want you to get crushed by us. Maybe you should sell the home that you're more familiar with. We're not going to get crushed. We're going the drag the corn flake back to the colony. Stage it. And sell it for 10% above asking. I think that Joel and Sheila Hammond are just this great team. And I like seeing all the best stuff I have ever done in my life has been through partnerships. And I think the show is just fun. It helps to escape the news cycle and the dramas of our lives. Yet it has heart and is about a family. Whatever form it takes. And so we enjoy -- I think I learned that from "E.T." If it's in suburbia or your backyard, you can do anywhere in the world. I think I would suck at acting in a film in space. I would be like, I don't know space. I never lived here. I don't know how to behave. It's like acting to a tennis ball. All those things. I love humanity. And I love humor. To me, laughter is my highest priority you know. Even when it comes to my children. Keeping them safe and happy. But laughing with them. Again, I was doing all these dances yesterday. I was like, I know, olive. I'm weird. She goes, you're not weird. I like you. I was like, good. Good. We're good. We love that you love those things. We love you. You're fantastic. I'm very happy to be on your show. You came and visited our set. This is full circle. I know you're having Tim on the show. And, we're excited that you're having a Santa Clarita moment here on "Good morning America." Really cool. And even at home, have your moment, too. Season three is streaming now. Check out drew barrymore, Coming up, Issa ray and

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{"duration":"9:20","description":"The star of \"Santa Clarita Diet' talks about her over 40 years in the movie biz and what fans can expect from the new season of her outrageous comedy, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62085558","title":"Drew Barrymore reveals which of her movies her daughters love the most","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/drew-barrymore-dishes-season-santa-clarita-diet-62085558"}