Elizabeth Banks shares her son's thoughts on her 'The Lego Movie 2' character

The star of the new film reveals why she recorded her part in the animated movie barefoot.
6:46 | 01/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elizabeth Banks shares her son's thoughts on her 'The Lego Movie 2' character
We're excited about that and excited for our next guest and we've got our Lego desk out for a reason. For our next guest who is an actress, producer and director. You know her from "Pitch perfect" to "The hunger games" back in Lego form in "The Lego movie 2," please welcome Elizabeth banks. ?????? Hi. Nice to see you. Hi. Hello. Hello. So nice to see you. Look at this. What service, thank hi. Welcome. You look -- I love that outfit. I know, I feel like I was born in the wrong decade or something. Very '50s. Feeling fancy but sexy boots. Sexy boot. Speaking of decades and time, everybody has been having fun with this ten-year challenge. Oh, yes. You actually had some fun with it as well. I had a little fun. Look at that. I was a brunette for a minute, yep. You have not changed so other than your looks, what else hasn't changed about you in ten years? What has not changed in ten years? I'm still afraid to come out on "Good morning America." No. I always get nervous. What else hasn't changed? I've been with my husband this entire time. And a lot longer. You do not really get nervous to come on "Gma." 16 years. A little bit, I do. Yeah, you guys are so fancy. So fancy. You got two son. Two little ones. 6 and 7 years old. Almost 8. What do they think about the movie? They love legos. We actually were just in --% Everyone loves a Legg Goh. We went to Germany -- we had to shoot. I just shot the next Charlie's angels movie in Germany and were living there and came home and seven of the ten boxes that we shipped are just filled with legos. Super fans. All they wanted to do while we were in Germany. Lucy your character their favorite or are they allowed to have -- Not their favorite. I they really love the Lego movie and ninjago and Batman and mail with anything and doing the thing which I love now which is instead of just building the thing that's in the box, they'll take it apart and build something new with it or combine things. Creative. They get creative with it which is really fun. I like that. Have you stepped on any yet? That's always fun. I found a Lego in my bed so I was like princess and the pea in the bed sleeping like what is this thing? Couldn't figure it out. Covers back and it's just a little tiny Lego piece and thought how did this get in here? Kid. You shared a photo. Want to show it to everybody. Oh, yeah, uh-huh. What is it with the feet? Barefoot every time. I just always record barefoot whenever I do any of the voiceover like, I like to feel rooted to the ground, also it's very physical. We do a lot -- it's an action movie, Lego and I'm a master builder fighter obviously. So we do a lot of fighting and you really have to -- I find it that you have to be physical to do that well anyway and so I just do everything barefoot. Makes sense. This movie bricksburg is under attack. You're trying to avoid getting brainwashed. Want to see it? Yes. ??? ??? ??? this song is going to get stuck inside your head ??? You got to be kidding me. Oh. ??? Going to get stuck inside your this song is going to get stuck ??? Unikitty. Ah. Let's get out of here. Wild style, it's fun. Sing along. My leg is a piano. This song is stuck in my head. And my head loves it. What's wrong with you. Now it's stuck in our heads. It's hard not to get that stuck in your head. They went right at it that time. I don't know if it seemed obvious but wanted the song to get stuck inside your head. That's the new everything is awesome essentially which now that will be stuck inside your head. ??? Everything is awesome ??? You know what is awesome. You said we finished filming the new Charlie's acheles movie overseas. You're actually directing the new Charlie's angels movie, as well. Yes. You're directing and you're actually playing the role of Bosley. Yes, I play the first female Bosley in the -- Any inspiration from some of the past bosleys. Bill Murray is one of my all-time favorites ever and, you know, I love that Bosley was always a little comic relief in the franchise whether it was the old TV shows and the films and so I just -- I love that it was the way for me to sort of have a nice fun light vibe on set in a big fancy action movie. We hear that you are a big fantasy football fan and I'm the serious football expert at this table. This week is the week we'll find out -- That was -- Tell Michael this, this is the week, the super bowl week. How is your -- He's out of the loop. How is your team? Well, the patriots, so we're getting -- we're doing just fine. I actually -- Whoa. I get it. I get it. We win a lot. Oh! Except for when you play the giants, oh! It's always for me, I live in L.A. And these two little boys and my husband loves football and trying to make them rams fans so we're just sort of all in on rams for the -- I mean I'm going to stick with my hometown but the rams are also up so it's going to be an interesting weekend and it's going to be an m??, viv hopefully you get a 50% chance of being happy because one of those could win and the afc and the NFC so your kids could be rams fans and patriots fans and get away with it both. We're big fans of yours. We love it when you're here. You might get nervous coming out. We get excited when you come out. In "The Lego movie 2: The second part," yes, that is the name, hits theaters Friday, February the 8th. Make sure you go check it out. Next week we'll have Elizabeth's co-star Will Arnett here as well.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"The star of the new film reveals why she recorded her part in the animated movie barefoot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60467137","title":"Elizabeth Banks shares her son's thoughts on her 'The Lego Movie 2' character","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/elizabeth-banks-dishes-lego-movie-60467137"}