Emily Blunt 'blown away' by husband in director role

Plus, the "A Quiet Place" star tells "GMA" about her childhood fear of Disneyland and what her kids think of her as Mary Poppins.
5:56 | 03/29/18

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Transcript for Emily Blunt 'blown away' by husband in director role
Of the week. Come on. Welcome our next guest. She stars in a brand-new very intense thriller called "A quiet place," Emily Blunt joins us now. Give her a big cheer. Hi. Thank you. Good to see you. How are you? How are you? Nice to see you. Good to see you. Have a seat. Is this me? That's you. That's you. Thank you. All over the place. All these chairs would get them in trouble in your new movie. It's painful living silently. It's so intense. Something else at the start, I hear you have an odd phobia. I have many. So I don't really though which one -- is this the disneyland. It is the disneyland cyst we are owned by Disney so be careful. I'm pretty much owned by Disney at this point. Well, as a child I was terrified of most things, Santa Claus, disneyland, like the depths of hell for me. Wow. Because who is in the surats? I want to know who is in those suits. Well, I don't like clowns. I don't need to see "It." That's not something I need to see. I don't need it in the memory bank. Good point. Your husband actually John Krasinski who everybody -- Yes. Gronkowski? He wants to be rob Gronkowski. Gronk. John Krasinski is in the movie with you. Does he scare easily too. He does actually. He startles quite easily, you know. But I like to kind of scare him sometimes. Is it scary being in a scary movie? Sfwli wouldn't say it's scary doing it because you're sort of using all your energy to portray fear as opposed to actually sort of feel it. This is the first time that you all have really worked together and I understand that you actually wanted a friend at first to play your role. I did. I mean that was before I read the script and I just had our second baby and I was about to do "Mary Poppins" so irwasn't in the mind-set of doing another film and he pitched me the idea and you know who would be great is so and so and I read the script and I said, you need to fire her. Because John is directing. Yes. How is it having hubby as boss man? Oh, I'm always the boss. No, I'm not. You're not really joking. Yes. He was a fantastic boss, I have to say, because very collaborative, really exciting. I mean I was sort of blown away by him. When an actor is a director they bring a different perspective. They do and knows when to step back and give you that space and not sort of overorchestrate things. You know, he was really awesome to work with. You guys are Eddie to see some of it. Yes. Ooh. Feel like we should have read that for everybody. Those children are spectacular. They're amazing, aren't they? I know. We lucked out. We really did. They're such deep souls. They're awesome. They are. Funny watching the clip how we were all like -- The silence makes it that much more intense. It's also the only pleasant scene in the film so it's nice that you -- It is morning television. You know what's really pleasant you and your husband are a part of a very great cause. Yeah. People can auction to go on a date with you guys. I think they just found the winner actually. They did? It was for the Malala fund. It was for the Malala fund who John and I are working with. We have two daughters. We believe in education for women around the world so I am a huge -- Yeah. Big day for Malala today. Her return to Pakistan. We covered it -- Oh, you did. That's awesome. So cool. That's so cool. Can you take us back to the beginning with John. What was your first date like? Oh, my god. I heard it was air really good story. We met at a restaurant and I was there with a mutual friend of ours and it was one of those -- you know, it's not even ray great story but she's like oh, my god, there's my friend John and he came over and. I love that. Luck lie it's a silent movie and I'm not speaking in it, yeah, so she brought him over and -- The rest is history. The rest is history. Two young daughters. Are your two daughters excited to see mommy as Mary Poppins. It's funny because I think it would be exciting for all of their friends but I think it's a disconcerting thing for your own kid to see you as somebody else. Especially at that age. Like my oldest one has seen one film I was in or a clip of it before she melted down and she was like, I don't want to see you in a movie. Like didn't want to see it at all. So also just -- That's my mom. Also creep fans of Julianne Drews so they'll probably reject my version. Altogether, you know. Well, you are an absolute delight. Oh. Absolute delight. And this movie, her wheelhouse. She loves it. So good. I do. "A quiet place" hits theaters next Friday, April 6th.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Plus, the \"A Quiet Place\" star tells \"GMA\" about her childhood fear of Disneyland and what her kids think of her as Mary Poppins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54084086","title":"Emily Blunt 'blown away' by husband in director role","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/emily-blunt-blown-husband-director-role-54084086"}