ESPN to follow ‘The Last Dance’ with Tom Brady docuseries

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
1:57 | 05/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ESPN to follow ‘The Last Dance’ with Tom Brady docuseries
We'll get right to it and begin with "The last dance." So many of us tuned in to watch that docu-series is about Michael Jordan and the bulls in fact, it was the highest rated documentary ever on ESPN. So no surprise they want to do it again and this time they will focus on Mr. Tom Brady. ESPN releasing this trailer on take a look. So when I look at over 20 years, look at how far I've come but there's not one step that I took where I realized look how far I've come. But those series of steps that I put together, I go, wow, that's -- man, that's quite a journey. What a journey, indeed. The nine-episode series will be called "Man in the arena." It will offer his firsthand account of the biggest moments of his career including all nine super bowl appearances with the patriots. Look for "Man in the arena" on ESPN sometime next year. Very excited to see that. Also, popping this morning, a shoutout to the Pittsburgh aviation animal rescue team. The group has airlifted thousands of animals from kill shelters to loving homes over the years and during the quarantine, they have made it their mission to make sure no pet goes hungry. So far they have given away 130,000 pounds of pet food and today they are making sure both dogs and humans get enough to eat partnering with a local food bank for the first time ever, the group will give away both pet food and human food to anyone in need. The event is happening today at mckeesport high school in mckeesport, Pennsylvania. Jonathan, the co-founder says no one willing turned away. Wanted to give them a shoutout for their amazing generosity and hard work.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70827925","title":"ESPN to follow ‘The Last Dance’ with Tom Brady docuseries","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/espn-follow-dance-tom-brady-docuseries-70827925"}