Eva Longoria dishes on her new series 'Grand Hotel'

The executive producer and star of the new drama opens up about what fans can expect, live on "GMA."
3:40 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Eva Longoria dishes on her new series 'Grand Hotel'
My favorite people on people on this planet did you do. Desperate Housewives and it makes perfect sense because Eva Longoria is in the drivers he's the chief executive produces direct. And acts and now he's here alive I'm. Okay. It's. You have this show it in CU BN in a position EP and all he doesn't ask. In nine of the eleven. Actors are people of color yeah half. Are people of color or women of the writers. So how important it and then you have to have that diversity. On the ship Almonte actually was what you know is organic to the process it you know our show is based in Miami he can't show Miami without seeing let penal. And so we were just authentic to the world an art casting and then. Once we started to hire directors I knew I wanted FEMA director so we gave all the slots to women first. Which is now. He could do you know we. And then and people of color and and it's great as we know we want. That lends in which the show is shot to be. Com from different story tellers and different perspectives and so it was important in the US of a female DP Alison Kelly who is amazingly just very rare. And then it just trickles down when you when you have. When you operate from not conscious bias yeah we're mostly operate from an unconscious by its ally hired Tom and Dick and Harry and he was don't even think of women make it kinda is not yet been on the record the speed of direct beauty so much to Michelle I think he's peak actor director and a top that your mom the avenue mom my new my. Now when I was direct well first we shot the pilot when he was my valley. I was like 88 months pregnant shooting and then that was me directing and he was and he was two months three months old yet there was little known little baby boy Santiago if not saying yes sign me. In his where his first birthday and on Wednesday. I'm sorry but lately is have a I'm sure. He thought rebuild red carpet for the grand hotel premier yeah do you have a big plans for a blow out birthday party well when you're in his baptism at the same time Amos I was swore it was going to be that mom that does the big birthday party and his version and then again not having an arm hammer at about 250. People and Seattle 150 feet it's bigger than our wedding like. I think it didn't have a keeping isn't his baptism. Not the birthday so we're doing it together we didn't mess among he feels loved that's automatic pick. If it we all of you forgot how wide the corners. In the EU SU called the shield premiere a master class in how to create want to TV show that means that about desperate housewife did you take any of the inspiration from that on launch in the ship. I am in now I just you know I was on set for ten you mean that's masters was a decade of my life and so I used it as my film school I went pay attention to where the cameras when I talked every director right I loved. Seen on the set so I learned a lot behind me television from just outside the need to be on a show over ten years and you're not paying attention and here you're not learning how yet committed to trivia and it would have been with you because just ahead you know you're gonna come back we'll get more grand hotel yeah. Where droplets loudly. OK. Millions. Did master. That make up my Mario he's gonna spill from the car dashing in. Glam scene. Let it all out this afternoon.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The executive producer and star of the new drama opens up about what fans can expect, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63759305","title":"Eva Longoria dishes on her new series 'Grand Hotel' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/eva-longoria-dishes-series-grand-hotel-63759305"}