Fiji water girl steals the spotlight on Golden Globes red carpet

Model Kelleth Cuthbert reacts to the viral memes and tweets that emerged after she photobombed countless stars on the red carpet.
4:07 | 01/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fiji water girl steals the spotlight on Golden Globes red carpet
Okay, there, "Pop news," Lara. In my mind. I love Good morning, you guys. Good morning to you. So yesterday you may remember in "Pop news" we showed you the Fiji water girl and globes red carpet. She went viral. Supposed to be in the background. You couldn't miss her. She photobombed her way into our hearts. Kelleth Cuthbert has gained more than 100,000 new Instagram followers the last 24 hours who love her chutzpah and take a look at these memes people have created. Here she is serving space and water on the moon and at the royal wedding. She even looks good hanging out with the "Gma" crew. Hey. There she is. Getting in on the action. Right now though her first ever interview with kelleth who says her motto is always play your "A" game. I think you have to be prepared whoever is taking your feet to. A bunch of the memes are all hilarious. I haven't had time to sort through all the ones people have been sending me but everything I've seen is hilarious. I love it. You're looking at like famous in the making. Kelleth Cuthbert. Kelleth Cuthbert. Say that three times fast. Where does kelleth go from here? Fiji water may want to lock her in. Colbert gave Fiji the equivalent -- did I say fuji? I meant Fiji where I should probably go on vacation. You just got off vacation. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. Anyway she gave them a lot of free advertising because of people like us who love her, love her chutzpah so we shall see. Kelleth, thanks for talking to "Gma." You know what -- She said -- I saw her and she said she knew she made it big. She called her mom and her mom immediately started laughing and she said if her mother knew about her, she's big. I think that is. That is sort of the bar, our moms. Now the one and only Meryl Streep also in "Pop news," this is your first look at the Oscar winner in "Big little lies." HBO just releasing a tiny tease of their highly anticipated second season. Take a look. I want to know what happened that night. Yeah, that's it and, Meryl, we want to know too. That's it? Sometimes I don't exaggerate. Tiny. I should have said teeny tiny. According to HBO season two explores the malignancies of lie, durability of friendship and fragility of marriage. Reese posting this image late Monday. That checks a lot of boxes that is captioned it's all happening and fans will notice the gals in the picture still wearing their Audrey hepburn-inspired costumes from the party that ended season one, looks like they have some explaining to do. The new season of "Big little lies" debuts sometime this year. Sometime. I know. It's like that when -- Exactly. Finally, is there anything more adorable than a new puppy playing in the yard except that sometimes it can go horribly wrong. Take a look at rose. This little bulldog discovered her favorite spot happened to be a small but mighty pile of mud. She will not get out of that pile. Her new owner thinks it's really funny at first and she encourages rose to get ready for her bath. Rose being a good girl listens, maybe a little too well. Listen up. We're going to go take a bath. Oh, my heavens. Look.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Model Kelleth Cuthbert reacts to the viral memes and tweets that emerged after she photobombed countless stars on the red carpet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60227308","title":"Fiji water girl steals the spotlight on Golden Globes red carpet","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/fiji-water-girl-steals-spotlight-golden-globes-red-60227308"}