Giancarlo Esposito talks ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Godfather of Harlem’ and ‘Mandalorian’

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his latest roles in three popular series.
21:55 | 05/17/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giancarlo Esposito talks ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Godfather of Harlem’ and ‘Mandalorian’
Hi everybody and computer Trevor. Gordon we tell you what and in the culture. And my guest today besides being one of the best actors on the panic. Which is something you you've watched him through the years you just don't go. I'm. He's so good no matter what I mean you could be. Gus reading in breaking bad and better call saw you can be marked an end in them and Laura. You can beast and anger in the ball is. You're not you want to ask you to do this. And ask you to say exactly what your name is. And my name it. Got. There. So this. He. I can do all the middle names but ES most. Is something I think god is pronounced through the years. As Uga and I guess. People that didn't what's wrong. Well I think it. Don't be Soviets. Where equivalent to expose child. In June Italian. Esposito. Spanish little or so. Ago legendary but me. And Esposito. Priest who was we have an orphanage and gave every. In the orphanage his last name that they could be legitimized it would be illegitimate child and the old culture but Esposito. It's likes it in America. There are many many. Heat and humidity. To pronounce it correctly trained by bill SO rocky air back. And that's how we announce it when you're in America you'll walk aren't walls and answered it was as Euro that we ought to. And more yeah. You're born and kogan. That's correct. Yes. There were just baker at the time doing a soccer. Having come off. Many years sing opera where she barbaric law. Elon and also they travel together. To boot Naples. And San Carlo. So come by. And she was and our eyes she was performing or just be baker that's where I came back. That's right. So multi cultural and always African American mother Italian father employed in Copenhagen and you're just this is in the world. I certainly feel that way as the day went all of our technology is a lot of it across ocean. Beyond mountains while we're becoming a world knows a lot about. Other be our telephones and our social media also blew the world that are happening once again in our world. I can't imagine there was a time in your life where in this pandemic you do. More. What you're doing when there was no work. You know you make that those Ers all the count it all along and I lad. As the big family and candidate lived in different locations. And the year response kids' college. Kid on our own other -- owner. All right that was Ers on after. The rectory or you go few months ago. I went out and I echo. Extending. The creative ideas that I holding within. Warning. And Britain's recent persona long. And so pandemic what I'm me to slow down and refocus. Well my vision my creativity is outside of just being an act or harder. So you may Norman director is also producer. And I want to tell stories and a certain way that our. Have an uplifting quality. About them or at least equality allows equal to cedar through on their life is or what beer they wished their life could. During crackdown it. Say quickly that I developed a podcast. Where Joseph. Just getting around. Now purchase and get out that it's all the raptors got their. Oh talking to other actors about there's a came up surround any bad guys. Many people look at me in exactly why did you do at various or characters a and so I thought it would be great to get insight. Actor who does that I do it as well but of course people voted for breaking bad which was a guy who really controlling most of the elements were part of this story. And stand Edgar whose company. Mentioned on the war but I had a chance to question its big guys. People. Extend the podcasts or what it takes to be an actor. And how to doled out you're ready to be you. And then I want to also stories that. Day so pandemic was busy me and I feel blessed that. When you were planning and at Eden when you please nobody backed you always do it and you're headed you gave them a sense that they were real people's hadn't hit his missed them. Monster it's impossible and it I think it's not a big play just somebody who is one thing. And you never Taylor. Trial look at liberals and their way because I think it. Human beings have the ability. To beat both light and are the characters who seem to be an agenda and whether it be money your read more revenge. Were once people. That's like. Oh yeah. Specifically especially would pretty bad because to plate was operating. I want it they are playing a guy who little bit different just the eventual hated guy. Who it is a bad. Person who really has traced the saudis are due. But before when I was introducing you. But the characters you play. Sometimes. You cross that people would she you on the street or in a restaurant and say god you know or. Or other characters she plays because any tax counsel us to these characters created. It is the true I get stuff. Oh you know because. Or all are your back Edgar. You know runs bought. They stop many of spike Lee's movie school days the right is well. And I can't wait yeah yeah and Ian. Gordon calls that's exactly right. And then lately it's quite a bit of stopping you idiot Delorean. Which is a huge and largely successful show around the world. Police roadshow. Arnold we're wonderfully bad. In it is or or bigger at a junior. Who actually live it was our first African American State's. First governor congressman Harlem preacher as well as incredibly. Wonderful library Smart lawyer Cheney at the eyes and broke part of the Civil Rights Act which means that many people so I had real lasting way. This particular character because he's gone on and also very. Witty. But someone who exactly change in our lives. And that's electrical names of people. The responsibility to portray it way that we really look at this go an amazing big. I know. Isn't that fun being an actor it's really fun you can. Search engine inside the head and sometimes the heart soul the character that you're paying. That's it seems to be challenged end. Probably the most rewarding aspect. Be it truly is because either Robert. HIR. Eight luckily. Had been exposed at a power junior. Genre Abyssinian church not happened I was able to hear C reached and he was meant to Mari in my view Ross Perot because he had very straight years to life and he backed Starr asked or year adds. White person collar yeah well so show. Who is in his life and so we gave you're very different you saw. Who was supporting that only African Americans are. But also Jews who supports peace. Movement. Very very significantly. But also went to agent. So good that harbors while some intriguing it's meant that is the news of I learned from it is now and absentee. Is aren't doing weren't doing it you wonder like. United still too. Incipient wonder about it expectation. Luxury to be in treaty and to be honest and true. And so aren't realized weren't chosen right. Do what you love and you'll networking Daniel. It's it's it's register. Burke's room about what it is. But you've also got to mix it up with some who really actor in your other actors. You know Bryan Cranston when you were doing breaking bad that your acting with baby don't you know it's the child. It's headed shower stood do I cut the theater. I remember. Older actors and actress tell me you know you never act. With her child or an animal. Because they're gonna steal received you show it was wonderful. It may they be Yoder. Clayton. I don't know Randall Laurie and I. Or these or. Any site in the ask our orbit baby yoga and add source and of course. It would end and I realize the debate nature. Oh this. Mechanical. Childs really real way it moves away at. Weren't particularly like is it logical consequence that comes from the baby delegates aren't. Realize. Our I think the analogy that is edits aren't to read so let me add that example. Getting in touch with our own inner. Powers spirit to stay strong during this time. Of transition in our world that baby is ever. It scooby oh. You may your character is somebody who we think he's up to no good with this that the state. You leave open the possibility that may be eased. Maybe he's got solid motives that aren't so negative BR. This is what's intriguing about playing a character where. Degrees and complexity which he seemed always dinner. Maybe it's a little complex myself and I refuse to be totally dark. Because that is the choice. But I also understand that it's sometimes typical always be in the light and one of the things my youngest ordered left early always busted beyond years ago where what you her teasing. They laughed. She would say cutout that. You know just be yourself is that while it BI you know I'm a little edgy wanted to win this. Sort of saying is that you know we know what is right to do that it is. It's on charitable. Towards Ryan's. Whether we know we're. Right. Learning environments where is it that. It. If you ask yourself right question so the guy relief you know. Is eight full human being and that's compressed if the complexity I like to bring air because in our human world that state Powell was a minister he was a lawyer he was a preacher. He loves running. Any love jazz music cerebral. You know when he scraped and listen to jazz music and young also is no different title that he is a person no. Not Smith was cool person is like the way euros to write try to bring characters some poll well. It. Which is a great unions. Among your many fans IQ four but unlike records may your daughter about PPG eight. You have all our daughter's right. Do or daughters still calling them Howard today as critics have your work. It did you see mild disorder seen. Any of my work and acted the right thing. It was or. Her. Pseudo filled glass eyes. She came out that it's sad. When I was shooting breaking bad for sir. Where do something very reprehensible. And I had turned her she was fourteen now he or she says I sit at her remember what you're seeing. Is. Ask you stop. That's character it's not your. And and so it ended and she watched. On him that. She turned to me she said. Good kill. Said. Cards and Martin were. 888. There Barry because they know. When you have them remembered urge you and who doesn't always actually how great you are. Doubts I'll be sure. Your Oregon carry it. Be honest it. It is. It's silly it's always Rio. But I can always tell will performances they've really they've really. Respond to. While the ones staying they responded to the malls. Why did it should be last year. Albuquerque called pregnant which immediately after a soul. I. That and the jets watches because the girls work it. Trip to see it is the women it has to do with that the right your body what portion of the storyline that movie's great. Friendship. And I played guy and they're good guy that girls their journey to get illegal or should where she couldn't get state and I sort of political it was personal and and I played a guy who won his entire staff person when we're. RB a brilliant choice that I it will be here as well in our calls star girl which is a wonderful book by Jerry's finale which they had no rent. So the ones that they call Moore is creep back they. Are with me. And I knew my girls who had read all children read all six well and so. That was specific. Is because my daughters went to new story. And the they always been here. And they were just because that they could relate suit and it was young adult title. Why do it specifically especially where bath and all the other young adults are there world so that was a great experience. Because it's it's a multitude of people. And is is there a terror terror you can tell me that he played at any of them that's most like you and a character who is most not. Wow at such a great question I'd say the character that most resembles. It's pure to sprinkle it a little bit a little cell. It below the top bit or would be a it would be Eric. In a way someone who want it is privacy interest there are soon. A small camp who know where where he taught young people what it meant two learn about paleontology. And so that was existing labs science. Teaching an additional way. I think that was most like me the most different from the I would say would be to stop both curry and lost. The other guy who bit better it'll radio. Well you guys though in that she show. A stolen in a weigh in and stay well. And I'm talking to you and I see somebody that and it needed. Kirk you know somebody who relates to things that are around them and death got. Everything inside in which is scared weekend. If it absolutely can be part of what. I realize that we don't recent days as well as weak probably could do is we the abilities of relentless. I'm really listening. Not racing Graham shearing. And that's aches or concentration. So what Gustavo. I just slowed everything down. To release year to really low end to release are so when you're doing different focus for and it's not just. Existing. Light or. So bad. Something happened. In the timing I want that space the guts. You know he's not only here but he's ridiculous. He's not only looking but he's looking route. So we can see. All. Or how all year armed troops. Are now equal uncomfortable. You know it's the first time you've been on a mutt show so I'm excited that you Lar but. We always end with a little snippet of song and I'm just wondering if there's a little snippet of the new year. Bet you can close this show. Oh. What kind of song normality. Junior RE opera. May be brought let me hop eighties rock I don't know what it and I'd look just hear a little snippet from. I. All. Two good. Dialog oh. Yeah. Top. It's a song a whole. I'm goes down new days on weary. People appear. Happiness in his new year. I don't remember all were song that beckons everyday with a new. And light seen all over the world what we see what we look at we create what choices we make ourselves. Are buried or. And it becomes hat and Columbia revisiting whole life. On right now. And I think that I ain't curry. The world will always be a wrote all being. Creature of circumstance. Or whatever your circumstances are and our estate. I'd like this I would like to see it is. This were a room used word. I'm. It's. You know who can be the master gardener ship. Hold the world senior. Allow your mind your heart and gather any heat don't dig what you do when your life or what eight or eight. Some sort here why you or your. I am I can't believe it happened. War. You happened at an anti war let's make sure that we connect. Every Tuesday you know. It is post pandemic oral if we ever again you know I hope it won't be in person and I hate for my heart thank you so much.

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{"duration":"21:55","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about his latest roles in three popular series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77736382","title":"Giancarlo Esposito talks ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Godfather of Harlem’ and ‘Mandalorian’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/giancarlo-esposito-talks-call-saul-godfather-harlem-mandalorian-77736382"}